Chapter 206: School Uniform?

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After the hot and humid weather of summer passed, autumn finally arrived. The weather was refreshing, and it was very suitable to go out.

Huo Zheng had been working overtime for a week, and he finally had time to go out with Lin Xiaowan today. They were not going to buy wedding shoes today. Instead, they were going to visit traditional jewelry shops in Shengjing and look at gold jewelry. After deciding on the designs they liked, they would then visit the wedding photography team. They did not want to shoot the wedding photos only in Shengjing. They also wanted to shoot in other cities.

Huo Zheng had been working overtime previously so he could spend more time with Lin Xiaowan in the future. This would give him time to relax when they left to take wedding photos. In fact, after getting together, they did not go on holiday much. The biggest reason was that Huo Zheng was too busy with work. After all, he was in charge of the Huo Corporation. He had to attend many meetings and deal with various projects. From time to time, he would have to go on business trips to other cities or countries. Due to his lack of time, Lin Xiaowan would go to the company to accompany him. Nonetheless, the couple was very happy.

The jewelry shop that Huo Zheng and Lin Xiaowan visited was in a very small courtyard with a pond. It was surrounded by three huge buildings on the sides. It was not a chain store, and it was the only one in Shengjing. It specialized in making gold and silver jewelry for newlyweds. There were a few designs to choose from, and it could be seen that the designs had been around for a long time.

After choosing the design and paying the deposit, the couple finally left.

Lin Xiaowan tugged at Huo Zheng’s sleeve and asked, “So all we need to do now is wait?”

Huo Zheng nodded.

“Then, how is he going to contact you when it’s done?” Lin Xiaowan asked, puzzled. She did not see Huo Zheng leaving his contact information behind at all. Not only that, but he was also not as fussy as he was when choosing the jewelry. It seemed like he was very confident in the craftsmanship of the shop. Not only that, but it seemed like he had a lot of trust in the shop as well. They had brought gold bars of their own to be forged into jewelry. After weighing them, the other party estimated the price. Huo Zheng did not even ask any questions before he agreed.

Huo Zheng held her hand and reminded her to pay attention to the steps under her feet before he said, “They have our address. They’ll send it to the house when it’s done.”

Then, after a brief pause, Huo Zheng asked, “Qingqing, should we buy a wedding house? Do you have any idea about what kind of house you like?”

Then, he added hesitantly, “But with all the construction and renovation, I’m afraid we won’t have enough time…”

Lin Xiaowan was puzzled. “Why do we need to buy a new house?”

Huo Zheng did not say anything else. As such, Lin Xiaowan took it that Huo Zheng had mentioned it on a whim and did not take it to heart.

The wedding photoshoot was scheduled for October, and there were still two weeks left.

They had a total of seven sets of clothes for the photoshoot. Three sets would be shot at Shengjing while the other four would be shot in famous tourist cities in the south. The photoshoot would all be done outdoors. There was a black gauze dress that Lin Xiaowan would wear during a night shoot in Shengjing, and there was a traditional Shangxia dress that she would wear when shooting in a garden. There was also a white dress with a long train that she would wear on the beach, a red dress, a green dress, a blue dress, and another black dress.

Lin Xiaowan had selected all the clothes for the photoshoot. After learning about the wedding photoshoot, she had been asking for advice from Qiao You’an and Gu Yuwu in their group chat. She would send them all kinds of photos of the clothes and ask for their opinions.

Huo Zheng did not express any opinions. He only smiled as he watched her choose the dresses. His clothes were much easier to choose compared to those of Lin Xiaowan. Apart from the traditional attire, he could simply wear his own clothes. They were not out of place at all.

Huo Zheng sat on the couch, occasionally sipping black tea and reminding Lin Xiaowan to drink water. He was like a big boss who had come to inspect his employees.

After Lin Xiaowan was done talking with a member of the photography team, she turned around and saw Huo Zheng sitting on the couch. An idea appeared in her mind immediately. She turned to the staff member and asked, “Is there a limit to how many sets of clothes I can choose? Can I add more?”

In fact, seven sets of clothes were a lot. The studio was high-end and expensive. One of their photographers had even won numerous awards. For this reason, their prices were quite high. Many celebrities and important people were among the clients. Even then, they usually did not have so many changes of clothing.

“Yes, you can,” the staff member replied with a nod. Even if it was rare to have so many sets of clothing, as long the client had money, they naturally would not refuse. Let alone adding more clothing, even if the client wanted to buy all the clothes in the studio and stop others from using them, they would not refuse as long as they were compensated.

At this time, Huo Zheng looked at the time and said, “Qingqing, come over and drink some water before you continue looking.”

Lin Xiaowan walked over and drank a glass of water before she looked at Huo Zheng and said, “Look, I drank it all. Isn’t it great?”

Huo Zheng praised her out of habit. “Yes, yes. You can have one spicy stick as a reward this week.”

Lin Xiaowan was slightly speechless. Huo Zhen had been bribing her with small rewards recently, and she fell for it every single time. However, she did not want this kind of reward this time. She said, “I want to change the reward. It’s related to you. Promise me first.”

Huo Zheng raised an eyebrow. He did not know what she was thinking, but he still nodded indulgently. “Alright.”

Lin Xiaowan said, “Let’s take photos in school uniforms, okay?”

Huo Zheng was speechless. He was in his thirties, but she wanted him to wear a set of school uniforms for their wedding photoshoot.

Seeing that Huo Zheng did not reply, Lin Xiaowan pouted and shook his hand as she said, “Please? You just promised me earlier.”

However, Lin Xiaowan was not someone who would force others to do things they did not like. As such, after saying that, she was afraid that Huo Zheng would be troubled so she quickly added, “Well, think about it first before you reject me. We don’t have to do it if you really don’t want to.”

Huo Zheng stroked her head and said with a hint of helplessness, “I haven’t even rejected you, but you’re already saying this?”

Lin Xiaowan smiled foolishly and replied, “I was just worried you’d be troubled by this… I don’t want to put you in a difficult position.”

Huo Zheng chuckled and tapped her nose lightly. He always liked making little actions like that, and Lin Xiaowan had already gotten used to it.

On the other hand, the staff members exchanged a look after being blinded by the display of affection between the couple.

Huo Zheng said, “If you want to take photos in school uniforms, then let’s do it…”

Unfortunately, the studio did not have any school uniforms. It was not a very popular concept in the studio after all. With this, Lin Xiaowan could only give up on the idea. She felt a little regretful. Although she had bought Huo Zheng a few sets of casual clothes and sportswear, it would be different if he wore a set of school uniforms..

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