Chapter 217: Discovered His Secret (3)

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Bai Xianyu,”…”

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. “Young Master, the hot water is ready.”

Xie Xingyun’s voice was calm. “Bring it in.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The servant put the bucket in the bathroom and went out.

When Bai Xianyu heard that there was no more movement on the other side, she said angrily, “Let go of me. I want to take a bath.”

Xie Xingyun let go of her and stood obediently at the side.

Bai Xianyu quickly walked to the bathroom and stopped for two seconds. “Get out.”

Xie Xingyun said innocently, “I won’t look.”

“I don’t believe it.” Bai Xianyu turned around and stared at him.

“Mm.” Xie Xingyun glanced at her fair feet. “The ground is cold. Go in quickly.”

Bai Xianyu watched him leave before stepping into the bathroom. The temperature of the water was just right, so she resisted the urge to think about what had just happened.

However, that painting seemed to have taken root in her mind and could not be forgotten!

It turned out that Xie Xingyun had even drawn a painting at that time. She always felt that Xie Xingyun might still be as pure-hearted as in her previous life. At that time, she was the one who took the initiative. Xie Xingyun seemed to be at his wits’ end from being pestered by her, so he satisfied her.

Although she had to pay a price every time… in her impression, Xie Xingyun should be a pure and beautiful person. Not to mention drawing it himself, even imagining him looking at the erotic painting was blasphemy.

But he had really drawn it.

The main characters of the painting were even him and her!

She felt embarrassed just thinking about it. How did Xie Xingyun do it? He was still calm and composed after painting it.

Bai Xianyu had thought about what it would be like for a person like Xie Xingyun to like someone.

Perhaps he was still calm and collected. Perhaps nothing would change.

Perhaps he was just saying lightly that he liked her.

But she never expected that when Xie Xingyun liked someone, he would…

Bai Xianyu could not think of a word to describe him. She could settle for the word ’shameless’ for the time being. She felt that the matter of Xie Xingyun liking her was getting more and more troublesome.

Xie Xingyun went to another room, which was also in his courtyard. When he carried Bai Xianyu back just now, he had changed her clothes here. Now, there was a set of her drenched clothes here.

It was also brought back by him personally.

There was no one beside him. A woman’s dress suddenly appeared. It was inconvenient to let the servant wash it. Fortunately, the dress was not very dirty.

Xie Xingyun had gone to wash Bai Xianyu’s dress just now.

Now, while she was bathing, he could dry her dress.

The first few pieces went smoothly, but when it came to the scarlet undergarment, Xie Xingyun hesitated for a moment, but he picked it up without hesitating for a few seconds.

The embroidery was exquisite and the material was soft. Xie Xingyun felt a little uncomfortable, especially when he thought about where this little garment had clung to.

He did not know how Little Yu had managed to wear it since it was so small.

Xie Xingyun’s fingers were covered in calluses. He rubbed it gently, closed his eyes, and abandoned all distracting thoughts. He focused on drying it for her.

Bai Xianyu came out of the bath feeling refreshed. Xie Xingyun had brought her clothes from the fabric workshop, which were exactly the same as the one she was wearing.

She took it off the shelf and rummaged through it. She successfully found a brand new undergarment.

By the way, she could do without her other dresses, but she had to get her undergarments back.

But how was she going to say it?

Bai Xianyu took a deep breath. “Let me put on my clothes first.”

After leaving the bathroom, Bai Xianyu was thinking about how to leave when Xie Xingyun knocked on the door.

She walked over and knocked on the door too.

Xie Xingyun pushed open the door and entered.

Bai Xianyu’s body was full of a fresh fragrance. Her skin was soft and fragrant, like a little wife waiting for her husband to come home.

It was as if she would hug him and call him in the next second.

[Hubby, are you tired?]

Xie Xingyun’s eyes instantly darkened.

Bai Xianyu deliberated and said, “Um, where did you put my undergarments?”

Xie Xingyun stared at her silently for a while. Then, he reached out and took out a ball of scarlet small garment from his… bosom.

Bai Xianyu,”…”

He actually carried her undergarment in his bosom!

Xie Xingyun thought for a while. “Do you still want it?”

Bai Xianyu said warily, “Yes.”

He can’t be thinking…

Xie Xingyun laughed and said, “What are you thinking about? I want to say that if you don’t want it, then burn it.”

“Oh… let’s burn it.” Bai Xianyu felt that it was not convenient to take it back. If it fell out, it would be troublesome.

She paused, then added with a blush, “And those paintings of yours. Burn them all.”

“Okay.” The current Xie Xingyun seemed to be easy to talk to. “Anything else?”

Bai Xianyu said, “Nothing more.”

Xie Xingyun stared into her eyes.. “Did I scare you today?”

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