Chapter 219: Nanke’s Crazy Yearning (2)

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Bai Xianyu’s face was red. “Husband, this is the kitchen. Let go of me first. What if the servants see us?”

“I don’t want to let you go.”

Bai Xianyu was shocked, and her voice was extremely soft. “But…”

“Do you like me?” Xie Xingyun suddenly asked.

“I…” Bai Xianyu’s face turned red. “Husband, why are you suddenly asking this?”

He kissed her neck and whispered, “Tell me.”

“I… I love you.” Bai Xianyu’s voice was firm and shy, and her fair face was like the most delicate Chinese rose.

Hearing her answer, Xie Xingyun’s eyes instantly turned sore. “You love me, right?”

“I take delight in you. I only take delight in you.”

Xie Xingyun’s hands on her stomach gradually tightened, as if he wanted to fuse her entire body into his bones.

After a long while, he said slowly, “I take delight in you too.”

Bai Xianyu’s heart felt as sweet as honey.

Xie Xingyun said that he took delight in her.

She seemed to have… waited till he liked her.

Bai Xianyu turned around in his arms, her eyes sparkling. “I’m so happy.”

Xie Xingyun’s eyes were bloodshot. “I’ll make you happy.”

In this life, he would protect his Little Yu with his life.

Bai Xianyu nodded and smiled. “I believe you.”

The two of them hugged each other quietly for a while before Bai Xianyu suddenly felt a burning sensation.

She widened her eyes in disbelief.

Then, in the next second, everything on the chopping board was swept away. The crisp sound of clay pots falling to the ground seemed to knock in Bai Xianyu’s mind.

“Hus… Husband.”

The dress fell off, and her socks fell to the side of the handsome man’s legs.

Xie Xingyun took off her hairpin and her black hair cascaded down, covering her fair and smooth back.

Bai Xianyu sat on the table and hugged the man’s neck at a loss.

“Let’s go back to the room, okay?” Her tone was trembling.

In broad daylight, one could even hear the footsteps of the guards outside. The kitchen window was open all year round, and they were facing the door.

She did not know that this was Xie Xingyun’s dream.

In Xie Xingyun’s dream, these guards would never discover them.

Xie Xingyun kissed her calf and pulled her over. “Don’t be nervous.”

After waking up, Xie Xingyun took another bath.

The faint fragrance in his nose reminded him that he had returned to reality. He closed his eyes.

The once beautiful and happy memories seemed to be the most ordinary at the time, but now things had changed.

It was normal for Little Yu to be afraid of him. What one could not obtain, one had to accept it. Even though he could see her at any time, he still missed her so much that he was about to fall sick.

He desperately wanted her to love him.

Trapping her by his side at all costs became an idea that he had to try his best to restrain every night. It was like a crazy vine that wrapped around his entire body and pierced into his bones and blood.

Lu Xi walked on the street with a heavy heart. The maidservant beside her held the lamp for her. When she passed by a teahouse, a woman’s envious voice came from inside.

“If only I were Bai Xianyu, Young Marquis would be furious for me!”

“… Are you serious? I’ve heard many people talking about it.”

“It must be true. You didn’t see it, but I saw it clearly. That’s clearly the Young Marquis of the Northern Garrison Marquis Manor!”

Lu Xi stopped in her tracks and said in surprise, “Go and find out what they’re talking about.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The maidservant walked in and asked the two of them something. The two of them even glanced at Lu Xi and said something to the maidservant.

The maidservant’s eyes widened as she ran over to report, “Miss, they’re talking about Young Marquis and Bai Xianyu of the Bai family.”

Lu Xi recalled the glimpse she had at the fabric workshop that day and a sense of crisis instantly surfaced in her heart. “What was said?”

The maidservant briefly recounted what she had heard from the two of them.

Although Lu Xi was prepared, she still could not help but take a step back when she heard it.

“Miss!” The maidservant hurriedly supported her.

Lu Xi thought of the conversation between Eldest Princess Jing An and Xie Xingyun on the pleasure boat today. They were talking about Bai Xianyu!

She finally remembered the thought that flashed across her mind.

She had heard from her sister who was born from a concubine that Bai Xianyu was destined to be alone and would have no children!

It was even said that the capital was already abuzz with rumors.

At that time, she only thought that it was nonsense, but now that she thought about it, it might be true!

The Eldest Princess’s words could prove it!

After Lu Xi figured this out, she regained her original expression.

If that was the case, then Bai Xianyu would definitely not be able to marry into the Marquis Mansion. She still had hope..

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