Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2826 - Chapter 2826: Massacre

Chapter 2826: Massacre

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The King of the Blessed Heaven World had just removed his Blessed Heaven World Badge and runes gathered to condense into a whip when he realized that someone seemed to be missing from the altar.


“Why did that Yaksha Ghost disappear?”

The Blessed Heaven World King was slightly stunned as confusion flashed through his mind.


The back of his neck felt as though someone had blown a cold breath and he could not help but shiver.

At the same time, a sinister voice sounded in his ears. “Who do you want to kill?”

“This is bad!”

The Blessed Heaven World King was shocked and his expression changed!

The Yaksha King had already arrived behind him and the entire process was completely silent!

After cultivating to the Grotto-heaven realm, one would have an extremely sharp sense and towards the surrounding void.

Once someone released a teleportation secret skill, they would sense it immediately.

Furthermore, it was very easy to determine the landing spot of the other party after teleportation. As such, they would never allow the latter to take the initiative after teleportation.

However, he did not notice at all that the Yaksha was already beside him!

What kind of method was that?

Just as he was about to channel his Essence Spirit and release his

Grotto-heaven, he felt a sharp pain in his head. In the next moment, his consciousness sank into the abyss and he lost all senses.

Right in front of everyone, the Yaksha King did not give the Blessed Heaven World King a chance at all. He opened his bloodied mouth and bit off half his head!

Instantly, brain matter splattered and blood flowed!

The Essence Spirit of the Blessed Heaven World King was swallowed by the Yaksha King and he died on the spot.

A Grotto-heaven realm expert had all sorts of methods. However, he was bitten to death by the Yaksha behind him before he could release even half a move!

Everyone in the Blessed Heaven World had seen countless killing scenes, but they had never seen such a bloody and terrifying scene.

The Yaksha chewed on half of the head in large mouthfuls and his sharp fangs easily pierced and bit through the skull, emitting a terrifying crunch!

Scarlet blood flowed slowly from the corner of his mouth and through his teeth. The Yaksha seemed completely unaware of that and merely grinned sinisterly at them!

It was way too savage!

Everyone from the Rakshasa race exclaimed.

Rakshasas and Yakshas came from the same source and were all evil ghosts. They were ferocious and ate flesh.

However, the methods of the Yaksha race were even more ferocious and bloodthirsty than the Rakshasa race!

The Yaksha King was the Void Yaksha who had returned from the Ghost World with the Martial Dao Prime Body.

He had been imprisoned in Bitter Springs Hell for countless years and was tortured. The moment he escaped, he was suppressed by the Martial Dao Prime Body.

During his trip to the Netherworld and the Ghost World, the experts he encountered far surpassed him. He had never had the chance to vent the resentment and anger in his heart.

Right now, they had just arrived at the medium chiliocosm and the group of people opposite them did not know what was good for them and wanted to kill them. This was exactly what Yaksha King Fear wanted!

He was just worried that he would not have the chance to attack and vent his anger.

Furthermore, he had just followed his new master and could showcase his capabilities in front of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

The resentment and anger that he had suppressed for countless years erupted instantly. How could that Blessed Heaven World King have a good ending?

One death was not enough. He wanted to start a massacre!

“How dare you, Yaksha! How dare you be impudent in the Nine Nether Sin Ground!”

Another Blessed Heaven World King reacted immediately and removed the Blessed Heaven World Badge from his waist. He gathered runes and condensed them into a blinding whip that lashed out towards Yaksha King Fear!

The whip was extremely fast and arrived instantly.


Suddenly, Yaksha King Fear laughed strangely. His tall figure swayed slightly and suddenly split into two, pouncing towards the Blessed Heaven World King.

Twin Ghosts Door Slapping!

Although the Blessed Heaven World King whipped out of the phantoms into pieces, the other phantom seized the opportunity to charge forward.


The Grotto-heaven of the Blessed Heaven World King had just been released and was torn into two by the sharp ghost hand of Yaksha King Fear before it could take form!

A tiny figure that shone with a faint light wanted to escape.

However, Yaksha King Fear was even faster. He took a step forward and suddenly extended his scarlet tongue, curling it in midair.

Before the Essence Spirit of the Blessed Heaven World King could escape, it was swept into the stomach of Yaksha King Fear by his tongue and died!

In the blink of an eye, Yaksha King Fear killed two living beings of the Blessed Heaven World consecutively with a torrential might!

When they saw that, the remaining ten Blessed Heaven World Kings realized how terrifying this Yaksha King was.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ten Blessed Heaven World Kings condensed the Grotto-heavens without hesitation.

That way, they could at least ensure that they were fine and would not be killed instantly by the Yaksha King.

The old man of the Yin Moon race frowned slightly as well. He took a step forward and shielded the young man behind him.


Yaksha King Fear could tell that the old man of the Yin Moon race was not to be trifled with and did not take the initiative to provoke him. Instead, he changed his direction and targeted the weakest two of the ten Blessed Heaven World Kings!

The two Blessed Heaven World Kings had merely condensed minor

Grotto-heavens and could not defend against his attacks at all!

Yaksha King Fear also propped up a Grotto-heaven. It was pitch-black inside and was filled with Ghost Qi, emitting ghostly wails.

Immediately after, his figure flashed and he vanished on the spot.

When it appeared again, Yaksha King Fear had already arrived in front of the two ordinary kings!

“How is that possible?!”

When they saw that, the pupils of the Blessed Heaven World Kings constricted and their hearts skipped a beat.

Now that they were in the midst of a huge battle, the surrounding void had long been locked onto by their Grotto-heavens. It was impossible for anyone to teleport away.

That thought flashed through their minds.

The Blessed Heaven World Kings did not have time to think. They took out the Blessed Heaven World Badge in their hands and condensed it into whips that interweaved into an inescapable net that enveloped Yaksha King Fear.

If Yaksha King Fear wanted to avoid these rune whips, he could only give up on the two ordinary kings in front of him.

As for him, he had not seen blood for too many years and was already thirsty!

In a flash, a ferocious glint appeared in the eyes of Yaksha King Fear. He made up his mind and forced his perfected Grotto-heaven to attack domineeringly, shattering the minor Grotto-heavens of the two Blessed Heaven World Kings instantly!

The next moment, he took a step forward and extended his gigantic ghost hand, shattering the heads of the two ordinary kings!

At that moment, three rune whips landed on his perfected Grotto-heaven almost at the same time.


It was accompanied by a loud bang!

His perfected Grotto-heaven could not defend against them and collapsed with a bang, turning into countless fragments that dissipated into the world.

Without the protection of a perfected Grotto-heaven, the fourth rune whip whipped him.


Yaksha King Fear cried out with a pained and terrified expression.

The whip left a gigantic wound on his back that was so deep that his bones could be seen. It was a shocking sight and almost split his body into two!


Yaksha King Fear gasped and did not dare to be careless. The ferocious might from before instantly disappeared and he fled like a rat, narrowly avoiding the remaining whips in a sorry state.

“What whip is that? It’s so powerful!”

Yaksha King Fear cursed internally.

Under normal circumstances, given the combat strength of the few Blessed Heaven World Kings behind him, it would be difficult for them to threaten him even if they joined forces.

However, his perfected Grotto-heaven could not withstand three whip strikes and shattered on the spot!

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