Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2827 - Chapter 2827: Information Exchange

Chapter 2827: Information Exchange

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The young man did not attack the entire time and had a relaxed expression, clearly intending to watch the show.

The old man of the Yin Moon race guarding in front of him stared at Yaksha King Fear and frowned slightly in deep thought.

Even if the two of them did not attack, the pressure on Yaksha King Fear was immense.

Although he had killed four Kings in succession, there were still eight Kings of the Blessed Heaven World left who wielded rune whips and condensed Grotto-heavens, forming an encirclement.

As the most special lineage in the Yaksha race, he was known as the Void Yaksha because he had extremely powerful talent and could travel through the void.

That was the reason why he could approach the Blessed Heaven World King he first killed without the latter noticing at all.

Even though the surroundings had already been sealed by the Grotto-heavens of the kings and he could not teleport, he could still escape as long as he summoned his Grotto-heaven.

But now, his perfected Grotto-heaven had been shattered and could not be condensed again for the time being.

Although he could travel through the void with his talent, he could not break free from the encirclement of eight Grotto-heavens!

Furthermore, there were eight blazing and terrifying rune whips that interweaved into an inescapable net in midair. Coupled with the eight powerful Grotto-heavens, there was practically no escape!

Yaksha King Fear could only circulate his blood qi and rely on the innate movement technique of the Void Yaksha lineage to dodge with all his might.

However, the eight Blessed Heaven World Kings had good chemistry and began to approach the middle continuously in unison.

As such, the space left for Yaksha King Fear to dodge became smaller and smaller!

The situation was getting more and more critical!

Right then, the old man of the Yin Moon race seemed to have thought of something and a look of realization flashed through his eyes. “I know. This Yaksha is a variant of the Yaksha Ghosts, the Void Yaksha!”

“It’s said that such Yakshas are rather rare and are born with divine strength. Furthermore, they can travel through the void and enter the Netherworld.”

“I see.”

The young man’s eyes darted around and he suddenly said, “Be gentle. Don’t kill him. Just subdue him.”

“I still lack a suitable servant by my side. This Void Yaksha is not bad.”


The eight Blessed Heaven World Kings replied one after another.

The light on the rune whips had indeed faded a lot, but their attacks were still sharp and continuously compressed the movement space of Yaksha King Fear.

Before long, Yaksha King Fear could no longer dodge. He growled at his surroundings and released his Bloodline Phenomenon with a ferocious expression.

However, the Bloodline Phenomenon could not defend against the impact of the rune whips and was shattered in the blink of an eye.


The rune whips landed on Yaksha King Fear’s body once more and his body split open, instantly leaving a bloodied mark.

The power of the whips were clearly lower.

However, even so, a sharp pain still came from the whips!

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Each time the rune whips lashed down on his face, there would be a large amount of blood splattered.

In the blink of an eye, Yaksha King Fear was already covered in injuries.

Even so, Yaksha King Fear did not say anything. He endured the pain and glared fiercely at the eight Blessed Heaven World Kings, wishing he could skin them alive!

The torture he suffered in the prison of Bitter Springs Hell was far greater than this.

As long as he could survive, this was nothing at all!

Among the eight rune whips, four of them bound the limbs of Yaksha King Fear, three strangled his waist and abdomen, and one locked his neck tightly!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The power of the mysterious runes was triggered continuously and tore through the flesh of Yaksha King Fear, leaving gigantic wounds on his body!

“Kneel and submit!”

A Blessed Heaven World King shouted and used his rune whip to tug at the neck of Yaksha King Fear, wanting to make the latter lower his head.

Yaksha King Fear was fearless. He stood with his head raised and a ferocious gaze. He ground his teeth and let out creaking sounds.

He had been imprisoned in the prison of Bitter Springs Hell for many years without submitting.

Even after being saved by the Martial Dao Prime Body and regaining his freedom, he did not submit.

Even though he was suppressed by the Martial Dao Prime Body domineeringly and was even beaten until he was convinced, he was unwilling to follow the Martial Dao Prime Body in the beginning. How could the few people before him do it?

Any one of the eight Blessed Heaven World Kings individually was not his match.

Even if they joined forces, they would definitely not be able to trap him.

The only reason why the eight Blessed Heaven World Kings could release such terrifying combat strength was because of the rune whips condensed by their Blessed Heaven World Badges.

The old man of the Yin Moon race had a dark gaze as he said slowly, “Void Yaksha, I advise you to behave yourself. Right now, we’re giving you a chance to live. Don’t be ungrateful!”


How could Yaksha King Fear tolerate hearing that? Wrath surged in his heart as he roared in the direction of the old man of the Yin Moon race.

The expression of the old man of the Yin Moon race darkened. He looked at the young man beside him and asked with a frown, “Young Master, look…”

The young man pondered in silence, as though he was hesitant.

Right then, the Martial Dao Prime Body who was on the sacrificial altar seemed to have snapped out of his stupor. Clarity returned to his eyes as he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had no intention of standing by idly.

However, the moment he descended here, he attempted to reestablish connection with the Green Lotus True Body.

At the same time, the Green Lotus True Body sensed something as well.

The two true bodies finally established a connection once more!

This also meant that the Martial Dao Prime Body had already returned to the medium chiliocosm.

The Green Lotus True Body quickly sent over information about everything that had happened, everything he had heard, some secrets, speculations and everything about the Blessed Heaven World over.

The Martial Dao Prime Body also sent back information about all the situations he encountered after entering the Ghost World.

Earlier on, he was in a trance because the two true bodies were communicating with each other.

“So, 2,000 years have passed…”

The Martial Dao Prime Body murmured softly.

He and Yaksha King Fear wandered in reincarnation and could not sense the passage of time. He could only vaguely guess that it seemed to have been one or two thousand years.

It was only when he established a connection with the Green Lotus True Body again that he was truly certain.

The exchange of information between the two true bodies was a huge gain for both of them!

Many doubts and secrets were gradually revealed in the exchange of information.

“The ten Sin Grounds of the Blessed Heaven World…”

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at his surroundings as though he had comprehended something.

The moment he descended, he felt that this place was a little special. Although it was part of the medium chiliocosm, it seemed to have formed a space of its own with unique law restrictions.

He was even more surprised when he saw the endless Rakshasas kneeling on the ground.

After obtaining information about the Blessed Heaven World from the Green Lotus True Body, he corresponded to the scene before him and gradually deduced the answer.

If he was not wrong, this world should be one of the ten Sin Grounds of the Blessed Heaven World!

The Grotto-heaven realm experts with the Blessed Heaven World Badges naturally came from the Blessed Heaven World.

The badges on the young man and old man’s waists were clearly different from those of the Blessed Heaven World. Furthermore, they seemed like they had higher statuses—where were they from?

Of course, the Martial Dao Prime Body still had many questions in his heart. Perhaps Rakshasa Yu beside him could give him an answer.

However, now was clearly not the time to ask..

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