Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 26 - Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Help! Someone is going to be killed!

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Help! Someone is going to be killed!

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Zhu Cuiying didn’t even wait until she was steady, she turned around and lunged at Qiao Xiaomai, her face a mask of ugliness.

Even Zhuang Luhe had never dared to touch her, but now Qiao Xiaomai almost made her fall on the ground like a dog.

This grievance, she must avenge.

“You brat! I’ll kill you!”

Qiao Xiaomai rolled her eyes and immediately ran towards the village chief’s house.

Perfect, it saves her the trouble of dragging Zhu Cuiying there.

As expected, Zhu Cuiying immediately started chasing her, cursing and swearing, “You little wretch, stop right there!”

Qiao Xiaomai had a basket on her back and kept running forward without a word.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Dami wanted to follow, but seeing Qiao Changshun limping, she had to suppress her urge and slowly walked towards the village chief’s house beside him.

“Little wretch, Stop! I swear I’ll kill you!” Unable to catch up, Zhu Cuiying began to pick up clods of soil from the roadside and throw them at Qiao Xiaomai.

Qiao Xiaomai had no choice but to run and dodge at the same time.

It was noon, and people in the village were all eating at home. However, the villagers liked to squat at the door when they ate, and thus the two of them attracted many glances.

Seeing this, Qiao Xiaomai’s eyes glittered, and she shouted, “Come and see! Aunt is accusing me of stealing her money. She’s hitting me because I won’t admit it. Everyone, come and judge!”

Despite yelling like this, she didn’t show any intention of stopping her run.

Zhu Cuiying was furious and cursed even harsher, “You wretch, just like your slutty mother, your mother seduces men, you steal money, there’s not a good one in your family! 1 swear I’ll kill you!”

With this conversation taking place, quite a few people followed, eager to see the commotion.

When Qiao Xiaomai ran to the Tong Family’s gate, there were dozens of curious people following her.

Seeing Zhu Cuiying was still ten meters or so away from her, Qiao Xiaomai hurriedly knocked on the Tongs’ heavy iron gate, “Village Chief, help me! Someone wants to kill me!”

She knocked hard, and the Tong Family’s iron gate immediately echoed with a loud clang.

Those of the Tong Family, who were eating in the hall, all looked towards the door.

Hearing Qiao Xiaomai’s voice, Tong Sanlang put down his chopsticks and steamed bun and stood up, “I’ll go and see.”

Tong Sanlang’s grandfather, Tong Tiehu, also stood up, “Let me see as well.”

As the grandfather and grandson walked towards the door, Zhu Cuiying had caught up. She held a dry tree branch she picked up somewhere and ran towards Qiao Xiaomai, cursing violently.

Seeing this, Qiao Xiaomai had to run in circles while still shouting, “Help, she wants to kill me!”

When Tong Sanlang and Tong Tiehu came out, they saw this scene: Qiao Xiaomai dodging left and right, Zhu Cuiying looking furious, with many surrounding villagers watching.

“Village Chief, help!” Seeing Tong Tiehu, Qiao Xiaomai quickly squeezed behind him.

“You brat, come out!” Zhu Cuiying, gasping for breath, pointed at Qiao Xiaomai with the tree branch in her hand.

However, because Tong Tiehu was standing in front of Qiao Xiaomai, she was essentially pointing at Tong Tiehu.

Immediately, Tong Tiehu’s face went cold, “Zhuang Changfu’s family, are you trying to beat this old man as well?”

At his words, Zhu Cuiying hurriedly threw the branch in her hand and dropped her fierce look, explaining, “Uncle Tong, I was just trying to discipline this brat. She not only stole my family’s silver but also pushed me just now, almost breaking my bones.”

“I have to teach this ungrateful wretch a lesson today!”

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