Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 27 - Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Qiao Fox is the Village Belle

Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Qiao Fox is the Village Belle

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As Zhu Cuiying finished her sentences, Qiao Xiaomai, standing behind Tong Tiehu, quickly retorted, “You say 1 stole money, then bring forth the evidence, or 1 will accuse you of false charges!”

“And about pushing you, there’s not even a speck of dirt on you, I didn’t shove you to the ground at all, everybody saw it, you don’t have to be so ruthless in your accusations!”

This was also the main reason why Qiao Xiaomai insisted on coming to the Village Chief’s house.

To accuse Zhu Cuiying of slander, the best outcome would be to force Zhu Cuiying into submission, she needed peace to make money.

She did not know why Tong Sanlang had suddenly sided with her, but she had to seize this opportunity to discipline Zhu Cuiying more.

Upon hearing Qiao Xiaomai’s words, Tong Tiehu’s gaze swept over Zhu Cuiying. Her deep blue linen clothes indeed showed no spots of dirt. He immediately sternly said, “Changfu’s family, you’re her elder, and it’s not right to make baseless accusations against her. If you ruin her reputation, what good will you get?”

“Village Chief, if my reputation is ruined, I won’t be able to get married with Tong Sanlang. Then it will be her turn, her sister Qiao Ying. Remember, I’m Qiao Xiaomai.” Qiao Xiaomai spoke up before Zhu Cuiying could.

Qiao Xiaomai, another term could be the village belle.

The original belle was indeed Qiao Xiaomai, while Tong Sanlang could be considered the village bachelor. Although the two had never crossed paths, as long as Tong Sanlang remained unmarried, she had a chance with him.

Because of her appearance, the original belle was the public enemy of all unmarried women in Anping Village.

Zhu Cuiying and the Sun Family both had unmarried daughters, so of course, they saw Qiao Xiaomai as a threat.

Qiao Xiaomai’s words were shocking, but her face showed no signs of embarrassment, she was composed.

On the other hand, Tong Sanlang was somewhat surprised after hearing what she said, and gave her a puzzled look.

Qiao Xiaomai, unaware of Tong Sanlang’s gaze, continued from behind Tong Tiehu, “Slandering me for stealing silver is all for extorting every silver coin from my family. Then forcing my father to sell me, or sell the house to pay the tax.”

“Don’t underestimate my family because we’re poor, we have plenty that’s worth her scheming over!”

Zhu Cuiying’s mind was thoroughly guessed by Qiao Xiaomai, leaving her fuming. She bent down to pick up a tree branch, intending to beat Qiao Xiaomai. “Nonsense! You dare to make false accusations, I’ll tear your filthy mouth apart!”

Qiao Xiaomai dodged quickly, shouting, “You told grandma last time that 1 should be sold to the brothel, many people heard that, Tong Sanlang knows about it too!”

“You wanted Qiao Ying to marry Tong Sanlang, I overheard you and uncle talking! But you dare not offend my aunt and grandmother, so you didn’t say it openly!”

Zhu Cuiying has a fourteen-year-old daughter named Qiao Ying, who is ordinary-looking but has a melodious voice like her name suggests.

For the sake of Qiao Ying’s marriage, she had gone to great lengths. As Tong Sanlang was the most outstanding young man in the surrounding villages, naturally, he was on her list of potential suitors.

However, she had a younger sister-in-law named Qiao Meipan, who was seventeen this year, the younger daughter of Sunshi and Qiao Qinghe.

At seventeen and unmarried, she was truly an old maid. Sunshi was extremely worried about Qiao Meipan’s marriage.

Qiao Meipan had her eyes on Tong Sanlang, Sunshi had someone propose this to the Tong family, but Tong Sanlang did not agree.

But Qiao Meipan did not give up, so her marriage was postponed.

With Qiao Meipan in the way, Zhu Cuiying naturally couldn’t speak of Qiao Ying. She could only grumble to Qiao Changfu in private, but the original host had heard it.

All this was now revealed by Qiao Xiaomai in front of everyone.

Thinking of Qiao Meipan’s persistence and Sunshi’s ruthlessness, Zhu Cuiying’s heart trembled, glaring hatefully at Qiao Xiaomai, she snarled, “You little wretch, just like your lewd and lascivious mother, you…”

“Enough!” Seeing that Zhu Cuiying’s words were getting increasingly malicious, Tong Tiehu promptly interrupted her, “This is not a place for you to throw tantrums! Make a scene again, and go back home!”

Tong Tiehu, as the Village Chief of Anping Village, held great authority among the villagers. His stern words made Zhu Cuiying stand still on the spot.

However, she was still fuming and glaring at Qiao Xiaomai, her eyes bloodshot as if she couldn’t wait to pounce on and bite her..

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