Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Bring out the evidence!

Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Bring out the evidence!

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“Well, auntie, when you’re trying to spin a lie, you should at least concoct the specific details as well. Can’t make it sound believable in front of all these people? How embarrassing.” Qiao Xiaomai coldly and mockingly popped out from behind Tong Tiehu.

Hearing this, Zhu Cuiying narrowed her eyes and shot back, “Nonsense! Who can’t give an answer? It was you who broke into my home and stole my silver last night, then went to town early this morning to spend it!”

“At night? When exactly? And how much was taken?” Tong Tiehu pressed for details.

“Just as it was getting dark, around dinnertime. The whole family was over at Cousin’s house, there was nobody at home. This damn girl took the opportunity to steal!” Zhu Cuiying explained, her hands on her hips and chin held high in certainty, “Little Xiaobao from Cousin’s house was ill, the whole family went to visit him, and there was nobody at our house!”

“Rubbish! 1 had just returned from town then, how could 1 be at your house? Who saw me going there? Where’s your witness?” Qiao Xiaomai countered, quite taken aback.

“No witnesses but you were just asking about looking through my money box. Why bring it up if you weren’t so sure of yourself? You clearly did go through my money box!”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Xiaomai rolled her eyes. But before she could respond, the so far reticent Tong Sanlang spoke up, “Xiaomai and I returned from town together yesterday evening. Uncle Changsun and Dami were waiting for her by the entrance to the village when we arrived. She couldn’t have gone to your house to steal.”

These words struck Zhu Cuiying and she stared incredulously at Tong Sanlang, “You went to town with this wretch?”

God, could her longstanding worries be coming true?

When did this damn girl get in with Tong Sanlang?

“We didn’t go together. We just happened to run into each other in town yesterday. I was selling game, she was selling her recipes. The money she used to shop with, was earned by selling those recipes. If you don’t believe, you can ask the shopkeeper at Extreme Flavors Residence.”

Zhu Cuiying’s astonishment turned to rage. Tong Sanlang knew exactly what she was angry about.

But arguing with a shrew like this was just a waste of time for him.

He didn’t care for this kind of petty squabble.

He preferred to solve problems the simple, crude way.

“You say Xiaomai stole your silver, present the evidence. All these people are watching, the elder will handle it impartially. If you’re just making unfounded accusations…” He paused and turned his jet black eyes to Tong Tiehu who stood next to him.

Tong Tiehu, his face stern, grunted, “False accusations will be punished with a beating.”

The village chief of Daqi was essentially a minor official at the grassroots level, elected by the villagers to handle simple disputes among them in line with the “Daqi Law”.

But as Tong Sanlang had previously pointed out, for serious matters such as human trafficking and property usurpation, the village chief had no authority; these had to be reported to the government office.

However, in the case of Zhu Cuiying and Qiao Xiaomai, it was a minor issue. When Tong Tiehu said that she would be beaten for her false accusations, he indeed had the authority to do so.

Zhu Cuiying, of course, was aware of this. She trembled slightly, just as she was about to speak, Tong Tiehu grunted dismissively, “Enough of your nonsense, everyone is busy eating and doesn’t have time to listen to your blabber. Make another baseless accusation without evidence, and that is a false charge.”

Zhu Cuiying, who had been preoccupied with Qiao Xiaomai’s recipes, was now thoroughly flustered.

It was indeed a false accusation. How could she provide any evidence?

Her gaze quickly shifted to a beautiful young woman who was standing next to Tong family’s iron gate.. Seeing her, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she called out instantly, “Hongyun!”

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