Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Fight!

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The young woman standing at the door was Zhu Hongyun, Tong Sanlang’s second sister-in-law, whose parents were from the same village as Zhu Cuiying’s parents.

Because of this relationship, Zhu Cuiying often visited the Tong family, on one hand to build relationships, on the other hand to gather information about Tong Sanlang.

Now she was facing the danger of being beaten, in her panic, she saw Zhu Hongyun as a lifesaver, “Hongyun, you should reason with Uncle Tong…” “Enough! Don’t exploit your connections. If you can’t provide any evidence, 1 am commanding that you be beaten!” Tong Tiehu interrupted her with an icy glare.

Zhu Hongyun was originally eating dinner, only attracted by Zhu Cuiying’s loud voice, she grabbed a few pieces of meat with her steamed bun and ran to the door to watch the commotion.

She received a desperate pleading look from Zhu Cuiying, and was just about to speak up, but was taken aback by the harshness of Tong Tiehu.

She bowed her head, focusing on her steamed bun.

Seeing her in this state, Zhu Cuiying was completely desolate.

Initially, her task was merely to collect the monthly remembrance money for the Sun Family, then she happened to see Qiao Xiaomai’s basket, and thought about extorting some silver while finding out how to earn money. But how did she end up being sentenced to be beaten just after a few words?!

That damn Qiao Xiaomai, when did she become so cunning?

Where did that stupid girl who couldn’t even fart with multiple beatings disappear off to?

She muttered a string of obscenities in her head, but under the threat of being beaten, Zhu Cuiying’s brain worked at unprecedented speed and made a quick decision.

She took a deep breath, looked at Tong Sanlang and asked, “You said this wretch went to the Jiwei House to sell her produce. What produce is she selling?!”

Even if she couldn’t avoid being beaten, forcing out the produce information might still be beneficial.

“She signed a confidentiality agreement with the shopkeeper, she can’t tell anyone.” Tong Sanlang replied.

Zhu Cuiying’s beady eyes widened to their maximum, “Sanlang, you’re defending this wretch so eagerly, you couldn’t have really taken a liking to her, could you? Her and her coquettish mother are birds of a feather, don’t be fooled by her!”

Tong Sanlang furrowed his eyebrows while Tong Tiehu glared, “Stop your nonsense!”

He pointed to a few onlooking women, “Detain her, and beat her!”

The pointed at women passed their food bowls to a passerby and rolled up their sleeves, marched toward Zhu Cuiying.

Zhu Cuiying panicked, disregarding her accusations at Tong Sanlang, she threw a fearful look at Qiao Xiaomai, “You ungrateful girl, I am your elder and you plan to have them hit me, you are being unfilial!”

Qiao Xiaomai,”…”

Although she did indeed have such thought, those were clearly orders given by Tong Tiehu!

“The ‘Daqi Laws’ define filial piety as confined to grandparents and parents. You are just her aunt, even if you are her elder, you are not entitled to oppress her with the charge of ‘unfilial piety.” Tong Sanlang said in a low voice.

In the scenario of the niece and aunt relationship between Qiao Xiaomai and Zhu Cuiying, the ‘Daqi Laws’ didn’t explicitly stipulate, thus it could only be restrained by moral or ancestral ethics.

Yet, in a place like Anping Village which is mixed with various surnames, ancestral constraints do not exist.

As for morals, Zhu Cuiying’s false accusation comes first, so she would not have the upper hand. Hence her accusations against Qiao Xiaomai are utterly absurd.

Tong Tiehu became impatient listening to Zhu Cuiying’s nonsense, his face dark, he urged, “Get on with it!”

At his command, the women who were pointed at earlier immediately seized Zhu Cuiying.

Seeing this, Tong Sanlang returned home. After a while, he came back holding a long bench in one hand, and a stick used for carrying loads in the other.

Upon seeing this, the women immediately pushed Zhu Cuiying face down onto the long bench, buttocks upward, the strongest looking woman holding the stick, aiming it at Zhu Cuiying’s buttocks..

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