Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: Chapter 31: It’s pointless to reason, you must fight

Chapter 31: Chapter 31: It’s pointless to reason, you must fight

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As the stick fell, Zhu Cuiying let out a shrill scream.

The robust woman was not really going hard, but being beaten in front of so many people, Zhu Cuiying felt the most painful part was not her buttocks, but her face.

In the fifty years since Anping Village was established, only a few idle rascals had been beaten.

She was the first woman to be beaten.

She couldn’t bear this unique honor.

Her buttocks burned, her face seared, Zhu Cuiying yelled, “Qiao Xiaomai, you base wench, just like your ungrateful mother who eloped with a strange man, you will face retribution. Heaven won’t let you get away with this! You deserve to be struck by lightning!”

At this curse, Qiao Xiaomai’s expression remained unchanged.

Vulgar insults were the acts of the weak. Those who were truly capable would not bother with such wasted words. Only the weak choose such an annoying way to vent their anger.

Qiao Xiaomai remained silent, but Tong Tiehu couldn’t help himself. His face grew even darker, and he sternly reprimanded, “If God really were to strike someone, it would certainly be you, rumormonger who likes to slander the younger generation!”

“Still in the mood to curse? It seems you haven’t learned your lesson. Continue the punishment!”

At the end of Tong Tiehu’s words, the robust woman immediately increased her strength.

Zhu Cuiying’s shrill cries grew louder, “Uncle Tong, I speak the truth! Zhuang Luhe is an ungrateful wretch, and because of her, Changsun broke his leg! Everyone in the village knows this!”

“Nonsense! Changsun and his wife are decent people! If you spread this baseless rumor again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” This matter reminded Tong Tiehu and made him more stern.

Zhu Cuiying screamed even louder, “Uncle Tong, every word 1 said is true! Everyone in the village knows! I tell the truth and get beaten for it. Uncle Tong, you can’t really see this dead girl as your granddaughter-in-law, can you?!”

Qiao Xiaomai”…”

Tong Sanlang”…”

This woman is desperate to marry her daughter to Tong Sanlang, every single sentence revolves around this!

Tong Tiehu’s beard stood on end with anger, “Gag her mouth! Give her another twenty strokes!”

At his words, a woman holding down Zhu Cuiying pulled a sweat towel from her bosom and stuffed it into Zhu Cuiying’s mouth.

An indescribable stench of sweat and sourness was immediately filled her mouth. Zhu Cuiying cursed inwardly and moved her tongue trying to spit the towel out.

The woman pressing her shoulders saw this and quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Zhu Cuiying tried to struggle, but no matter how strong she was, she could not break free from a few women’s hold.

So she endured dozens of strokes as they came.

After the beating, her face, now full of mumps, turning deathly pale, sweat beads appearing on her forehead, and her cloth clothes also stained with blood. Her vitriolic ranting stopped as well, and she only could groan in pain faintly.

She no longer had the strength to curse at Qiao Xiaomai.

Looking at Zhu Cuiying in this miserable state, Qiao Xiaomai finally felt vented.

There’s no use reasoning with people who like to create chaos, they just ought to be beaten.

Tong Tiehu snorted coldly, scanned the spectators, and then said, “The kind of people Changsun and his wife are is evident to all of you. Every family has its burdens; you should understand this couple’s circumstances.”

“If you can’t understand, and insist on prying, don’t let me hear it.”

“All of us villagers of Anping Village are kind-hearted folk.. If anyone wants to spread rumors and stain our village’s reputation, then the Changfu family’s fate will be your fate!”

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