Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 32 - Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Truth of the Rumors

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Truth of the Rumors

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As Tong Tiehu finished speaking, immediate echoes arose from the crowd.

“Village Chief, rest assured, everyone knows the character of Changsun’s couple well, we won’t listen to some people’s idle gossip.”

“Exactly, Village Chief, don’t be angry, although our village has many people, everyone is kind, don’t stoop to the level of a few spoil-sports!”

“Village Chief, you can’t be nice to such nuisances, feel free to teach them a lesson!”

Listening to these comments, Qiao Xiaomai showed a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Tong Tiehu’s prestige in the village was even higher than she had imagined!

When he heard the villagers’ comments, Tong Tiehu’s stern countenance lightened somewhat. “Rumors concerning Changsun’s couple end here. Inform others about this. I’ve said my piece. Anyone found gossiping again will not be let off lightly.”

The villagers all responded affirmatively.

“Alright, disperse. It’s noon already, go home and eat.” Tong Tiehu waved his hand signaling everyone to go home.

“Also, whoever lives near Changfu’s house, tell him to get his wife.” He added.

The villagers answered and then dispersed.

Earlier when Zhu Cuiying was chasing after Qiao Xiaomai, they were just spectators, remaining silent. However, now that the matter of the stolen silver was clarified, and Tong Tiehu made a statement about the gossip.

From now on, they were not allowed to spread rumors about Qiao Changshun’s family.

Only Tong Tiehu, Tong Sanlang, Qiao Xiaomai, Zhu Hongyun and Zhu Cuiying were left standing at the door.

Qiao Xiaomai thanked Tong Tiehu and Tong Sanlang, “Thank you, Grandpa Tong and Brother Sanlang!”

As she spoke, she bowed respectfully to the two.

Truly, her gratitude was heartfelt.

The rumor that Qiao Changshun broke his leg due to the retribution from Luhe’s unfilial piety had been circulating in Anping Village for half a year, it’s a complicated story.

During the summer of last year, Qiao Changshun sold eggs in the town and found a jade ornament on the street. He didn’t keep it for himself but waited for the owner to come back.

The owner was a wealthy man, seeing Changshun’s honesty rewarded him with fifty taels silver as a token of gratitude.

Some other villagers were with him at that time. When they returned to the village, this incident caused a sensation in Anping Village.

Fifty taels, that was a considerable sum!

The Sun family quickly learned of this. She went to their house claiming she needed to buy stationery for Sun Junyan and tried to take all fifty taels of silver.

The normally quiet and gentle Luhe surprisingly stood her ground. She only gave the Sun family twenty taels, and with the remaining thirty taels she built a brick house, bought furnishing for their home, and spent everything.

Because of this, the Sun family criticized Luhe vehemently and even gave her a severe beating, also publicized her and Qiao Changshun as unfilial, implying they would face retribution.

Not long after the house was built, Qiao Changshun broke his leg while building a house in the County Town, to pay for his medical treatment, all the newly acquired items were sold to buy medicine.

The payback came so swiftly, it was astonishing.

The Sun family strutted around like a victorious rooster, lambasting Qiao Changshun and Luhe, and out of jealousy, because the new house wasn’t hers, she beat Luhe again.

After the beating, she continued to spread rumors that Luhe’s unfilial actions resulted in Qiao Changshun’s leg injury.

This kind of thing, even in the future society could be believed, let alone here. Thus, in the past half a year, Qiao Changshun and Luhe endured countless strange and alarming looks..

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