Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 34 - Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Stirring Up Trouble Again

Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Stirring Up Trouble Again

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In the past decade or so, Qiao Changshun had seen plenty of Zhu Cuiying’s domineering unruliness and irrational behavior, especially just now when she had tried to pin a theft on Xiaomai, venting her wrath as if she would like to tear Xiaomai apart alive.

But now, Xiaomai claimed that Zhu Cuiying has been beaten and couldn’t move a muscle!


Seeing Qiao Changshun’s wide-eyed, tongue-tied astonishment, Xiaomai explained, “Grandfather Tong has taken our side and ensured justice for me. He also issued a decree preventing further speculation about our family.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Changshun became even more astonished.

Had Tong Tiehu really helped his family this much?

“I was puzzled too, but if Grandfather Tong is willing to help us, that’s a good thing,” said Xiaomai.

Qiao Changshun’s brows furrowed into a knot, “Perhaps because we hadn’t considered asking him to establish justice before…”

Throughout the past years, when the Sun Family and Zhu Cuiying had come to create a commotion and seize properties, they had swallowed their grievances.

They never asked, so Tong Tiehu never got involved?

“That’s most likely the reason,” Xiaomai nodded.

At her response, Qiao Changshun’s face further crumpled but he remained silent.

Seeing his distress, Xiaomai ceased speaking with him and instead discussed with Dami what to have for lunch.

As they walked and talked, the three of them soon arrived home.

Qiao Changshun opened the courtyard door, and Xiaomai and Dami ran to the kitchen together, each pouring a bowl of well water.

They had been thirsty since returning from the town. The sweet well water flowed down their throats bringing great satisfaction.

After placing the bamboo basket down, Xiaomai took out the flour. She asked Qiao Changshun to start the fire, and quickly baked twelve pancake-sized flatbreads.

Pure white flour, without any bran, added with plenty of oil, plus Xiaomai’s excellent cooking skills – made twelve pancakes. Each of them had four, satisfying them thoroughly.

Dami, holding a pancake in her small hand, was nibbling at it and smiling at Xiaomai, her mouth round and puffed up, looking rather adorable.

“Why are you laughing?” Xiaomai asked in wonder.

“The pancakes are delicious, hence 1 feel like laughing!” Dami’s answer was loud and clear.

“Then your sister will make you laugh every day,” Xiaomai said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Great!” The smile on Dami’s face widened.

Qiao Changshun watched his two children from the side, the wrinkles on his face relaxed slightly.

After gobbling down four pancakes and drinking another bowl of boiled water, both Xiaomai and Dami were feeling full.

Especially Dami, his little belly was puffed out. He was patting his belly while asking Xiaomai, “Sister, does it look like the bamboo ball that dad wove?”

“Yes!” Xiaomai laughed and patted his little belly, “Go rest for a while, we are going up the mountain to gather firewood later.”

The earthen stove consumed a lot of firewood. They needed to stew chicken and boil soy milk in the evening, so their home was short of firewood.

“Ok!” said Dami, and then he went to find a rope and a carrying basket.

Going up the mountain, not only to collect firewood, but also to forage for wild vegetables and mushrooms.

Xiaomai also brought out a small grinding stone, instructing Qiao Changshun to grind soy milk like grinding sweet potato chunks.

“Understood, you two go ahead up the mountain,” Qiao Changshun nodded.

After giving a few more instructions, Xiaomai prepared to leave the house with Dami.

Just as they opened the courtyard door, a large, yellow hand full of wrinkles reached out and almost struck Xiaomai’s face.

Startled, she swiftly pulled Dami back to dodge.

At that moment, the courtyard gate was kicked open, and in strode Madam Sun with a thunderous expression on her face.

Following behind her was Zhu Cuiying.

Of course, Zhu Cuiying was lying on a wooden plank, being carried in..

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