Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 35 - Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Teaching You How to be a Person

Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Teaching You How to be a Person

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The ones carrying Zhu Cuiying were Qiao Changfu and his son, Qiao Dazhu. Behind them trailed Qiao Ying.

Upon seeing Qiao Xiaomai, the Sun Family and Qiao Changfu almost simultaneously opened their mouths to berate her, “You despicable girl, aren’t you going to apologize to your aunt right now!”

Qiao Ying’s face darkened like a stormy sky, she glared viciously at Qiao Xiaomai, also lashing out, “You wretch, kneel and kowtow to my mother!”

Qiao Xiaomai looked around at them all. Of the four people present, other than Qiao Dazhu, Sun Family, Qiao Changfu, and Qiao Ying all looked as if they could consume her out of sheer malice.

She curled up the corners of her mouth, giggling softly. A pair of adorable dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth, drawing noticeable attention. “She falsely accused me of stealing silver, yet now you demand 1 apologize, where’s the logic in that?”

“If it weren’t for you, how could your aunt have been beaten!” Sun Family’s face darkened, her thin body charging animately towards Qiao Xiaomai, her expression was fierce. “Getting others to attack your aunt, wasn’t that clever of you!”

“You wretched creature, I’ll knock you dead!”

Qiao Xiaomai quickly dodged, “She was beaten because she lied about me stealing silver, this is what she deserved! If you don’t believe it, go ask the Village Chief. What are you doing flexing your power in my home!”

On hearing the mention of the Village Chief, The Sun Family exploded, “You think the Village Chief will protect you? Today, 1 will beat you half to death and let’s see what he has to say!”

Sun Family was extremely intolerant of Qiao Xiaomai using Tong Tiehu to intimidate others. Did she really think that brown-nosing the village chief would grant her protection?

Humph, she was eager to test if this Protective Charm truly worked!

Watching the ferocious Sun Family charging over, Qiao Xiaomai couldn’t help but curse in her mind. As long as grandparents and parents do not abuse their children to death, it would be alright as Tong Sanlang had said!

Zhu Cuiying couldn’t suppress her with the moral duty of filial piety, but Sun Family could!

Letting go of Qiao Dami’s hand, Qiao Xiaomai quickly commanded, “Go fetch Grandfather Tong, tell him grandma wants to kill me!”

Qiao Dami acknowledged and ran towards the Village Chairman’s house.

Qiao Ying, who was standing at the doorway, seeing this, lifted her leg to chase, “Qiao Dami, you stay where you are!”

Qiao Xiaomai in front of everyone wouldn’t dare to fight back against Sun Family, but she had no such qualms about Qiao Ying. She took a few quick steps, grabbed Qiao Ying by the hair, and gave her a kick in the back.

Iler strength was quite impressive. Qiao Ying let out a cry of surprise, her body lurched forward a few steps and she fell face-forward into the dirt.

“I’m your cousin and you dare to call me a slut, this kick serves as a lesson on how to behave.” Qiao Xiaomai squinted her eyes; they sparkled with a cold light.

She had struggled for over ten years to kick her stepmother out of the house, but before she could take any big leap, she was met with the hardships of Sun Family and Zhu Cuiying!

A sleeping tiger doesn’t show its power, do they really think she’s dough that can be kneaded at will!

A ball of fire seemed to be about to explode in her chest. She turned around abruptly and glared at the charging Sun Family, shouting loudly, “Grandma, if you dare touch a single hair on my head, tomorrow I’ll go to Bailu Academy in the town to find Uncle’s teacher! I’ll publicize all the atrocious things you’ve done to my parents!”

“If you’re not afraid of disgracing uncle, then by all means, go ahead and make a scene!”

The ‘uncle’ Qiao Xiaomai was referring to is Sun Junyan, the youngest son of the Sun Family, who has always been her pride and joy. Now Qiao Xiaomai was using Sun Junyan as a threat.

It was more effective than Tong Tiehu.

The response was apparent. Sun Family froze for a moment, then suddenly exploded, even her hair seemed to stand on end.

[It will be explained why Sun Junyan carries the surname ‘Sun’ later a_a]

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