Chapter 38: Chapter 38 The Family

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Qiao Xiaomai tolerated it and stepped onto the oxcart.

At this point, Qiao Changfu finally came rushing over. He waved to Qiao Xiaomai while greeting Tong Sanlang, “Sanlang, why are you here?”

Tong Sanlang’s handsome face was cold. He raised his hand, accurately catching Qiao Changfu’s descending arm, “Uncle Changfu, my grandfather asked me to take Miss Qiao home. If there’s any issue, let the old man decide after we get back.”

As he finished speaking, he forcefully pushed Qiao Changfu away.

Staggering backwards a few steps, Qiao Changfu looked incredulously at Tong Sanlang, “Sanlang, are you really interested in this damned girl?”

Qiao Xiaomai,”…”

Indeed, he and Zhu Cuiying think alike!

Tong Sanlang did not answer, but grabbed the reins again, turning the oxcart towards Anping Village.

Qiao Changfu yelled from behind, “Her mother ran off with another man and cuckolded Changsun. Aren’t you afraid that she’ll do the same to you in the future?”

Qiao Xiaomai,”…”

She put a hand over her face.


This is so embarrassing!

Tong Sanlang, as stoic as ever, whipped the ox, quickening their pace.

The oxcart kicked up dust, spraying it all over Qiao Changfu’s face.

At this point, Lady Sun came over. Her face was pale from exhaustion, she didn’t even have the energy to scold Qiao Xiaomai, “Sanlang, you ”

Before she could utter the words “Stop and let me get on”, Tong Sanlang whipped the ox once more.

The sharp whip sound rang out, and the ox pulling the cart started to run even faster.

As a result, more dust was kicked up, again covering Lady Sun’s face.

With a mouthful of dirt, Lady Sun quickly spat onto the ground.

By the time she lifted her head again, Tong Sanlang and Qiao Xiaomai were already far away.

Just about to scold, Qiao Changfu walked over, wondering, “Mother, do you think Tong Sanlang could have really taken a liking to that wretched girl?”

Whether it is his daughter Qiao Ying or his younger sister Qiao Meipan, it would be good if either could marry Tong Sanlang.

Upon hearing this, Lady Sun spat harshly onto the ground, “A toad wants to eat swan meat, this wretched girl wants to latch onto the Tong Family, no way!” “Let’s go, back home!”

With a cold laugh, ideas of punishing Qiao Xiaomai flashed through Lady Sun’s mind as she walked towards Anping Village.

When she and Qiao Changfu arrived at Qiao Xiaomai’s house, Qiao Xiaomai was leisurely drinking sweet well water from a bowl, sitting on a small stool. Her peach-blossom eyes were bright and moist, her cheeks flushed, a stark contrast to them, covered in dust and dirt.

Lady Sun immediately exploded in anger again, taking a step forward, she tried to strike Qiao Xiaomai, “You damned girl…”

“Old woman, stop!” A stern voice rang out, startling Lady Sun into immobility.

It was Qiao Qinghe, the head of the Qiao family.

Unlike the gaunt Lady Sun, Qiao Qinghe was tall and handsome. Even as a middle-aged village man who toils in the fields, his inherent gentle demeanor made him stand out in a crowd.

“Head of the family, when did you arrive?” Lady Sun laughed dryly, lowering her raised arm.

Earlier, she got so angry, focusing only on Qiao Xiaomai and hadn’t even noticed Qiao Qinghe’s presence.

Qiao Qinghe snorted coldly, scolding, “If 1 hadn’t come over, would you really have beaten Xiaomai to death?!”

When Qiao Xiaomai was mentioned, Lady Sun’s lowered voice immediately raised again, “It’s clearly that girl with a wicked heart trying to harm our Xiaowu, what do you mean by this?!”

“Enough, go home. Aren’t you ashamed enough yet!” Qiao Qinghe raised his voice, showing unprecedented harshness in his expression..

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