Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Shameless

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Qiao Qinghe rarely lost his temper, and seeing his face turn stern, Madame Sun subconsciously shrank back.

However, thinking of the two things Xiaomai had done today, her fear immediately turned into anger. She put her hands on her hips, stiffened her neck and yelled at Qiao Qinghe, “Clearly it’s this wicked girl, black-hearted and evil-hearted, inciting others to beat her own aunt, and even planning to stir up trouble at the academy in town so that Xiaowu can’t study. Look around, in all the eight or ten villages around, which girl is so vicious!”

“She dares to do this just because we chided her a bit, next time will she straight up attack people with a knife? If we don’t beat her hard today, instill fear in her, who knows what she’ll do in the future!”

“Shut up! If it weren’t for Cuiying falsely accusing her of stealing silver first, why would she go looking for the Village Chief! You only saw Cuiying getting beaten, didn’t you see how Cuiying was spreading rumors and trying to ruin her first?” Qiao Qinghe was even angrier, his face turning a little red due to fury.

“Junyan is about to be engaged, yet you are stirring up trouble here. Aren’t you afraid that your actions will tarnish Junyan’s reputation at the academy someday?”

“Repeatedly behaving disrespectfully, are you not afraid that the Village Chief will punish you too!”

If the previous sentence was not enough to make Madame Sun take things seriously, the last sentence certainly made her heart jump.

Madame Sun was stunned and she incredulously looked at Tong Tiehu.

Tong Tiehu pulled a stern face, saying solemnly, “As long as you violate the ‘Daqi Law’, regardless if you’re old or a child, you’ll be punished! And it’s not just punishment, if it exceeds what I as a Village Chief can manage, you’ll be sent to the government office to face justice!”

His voice was cold, his gaze sharp. Coupled with his intimidating aura and respect for ‘Daqi Law’ and the government office, all of this caused Madame Sun to shiver imperceptibly.

With both the Village Chief, and her head of household giving her stern looks, the fear in Madame Sun’s heart rose again.

However, upon thinking about the two things Xiaomai had done today, she remained stubborn, “What law am I violating by hitting my own granddaughter? This wicked girl dares to set her sights on my Junyan, even killing her won’t alleviate my anger!”

“Fine, then kill her. Afterwards, you’ll be caned fifty times and locked up for three years! With a mother in prison, I’d like to see how Xiaowu will continue studying at the academy!”

Madame Sun gritted her teeth, apparently this was the consequence of killing someone!

However, Qiao Xiaomai felt a chill in her heart, oh crap! So this was the consequence of killing someone.

God, the Protection Policy for Minors is really necessary here!

However, upon thinking that the age of adulthood here was fifteen, Xiaomai couldn’t help but curse again, being a parent sure is great!

“Who said I actually wanted to kill her? I was just speaking out of anger, I’ve always been most fond of Changsun, she’s Changsun’s daughter, could 1 really kill her?” Madame Sun snorted, her arrogant air somewhat deflated.

Qiao Xiaomai

This woman’s shamelessness was far worse than her previous stepmother’s.

“If you really cared about my dad, would you publicize his unfilial deeds throughout the village? If you really cared about my dad, would you have exploited him all these years? Controlling the food, keeping him neither full nor starving, clinging to him like a leech sucking his blood, is that something a loving mother would do?”

“My dad is not even thirty-five yet, but standing next to my grandpa, he looks older than my grandpa. Grandma, is this what you call caring for him?”

“In front of Elder Tong, how could you have the audacity to utter such words?!”

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