Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 40 - Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Stir up a Separation again!

Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Stir up a Separation again!

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The constant mantra that Qiao Xiaomai had exposed in front of everyone, especially the stark contrast between Qiao Changshun and Qiao Qinghe, was exactly as she had described it.

Sun Family immediately stamped her foot, raising her previously lower arm to slap Qiao Xiaomai. “You ungrateful girl, always talking back to your elders, are you tired of living!”

Qiao Xiaomai swiftly stands up and takes two steps back.

But her words won’t stop, “Grandma, don’t go around spouting nonsense about how much you love my dad. He can’t handle your kind of love!”

“You ungrateful wretch…!” Sun Family’s face darkens even more upon hearing these words. She was about to curse, but Qiao Qinghe’s stern shout interrupts her. “Enough! If you continue to make a fuss, I will move out and live on my own. I can’t control you, from now on we’ll split up, and you can do whatever you want!”

As soon as these words came out, Sun Family, who was baring her teeth and claws, seemed to be struck by lightning. Her body stiffens and she can’t believe it as she turns her head to look at Qiao Qinghe.

Qiao Qinghe takes a deep breath, his pitch-black eyes staring at Sun Family, he says word by word, “If you continue to make a fuss, I will move into Xiaowu’s house right now and split up!”

When a man comes of age in the village, a plot of land is allocated for him to build a new house for his future marriage.

Sun Junyan has already come of age, and he also has a plot of land in the village, but it is only a wasteland, without a house built.

But Qiao Qinghe would rather live in the desolate house without anything than live under the same roof with Sun Family, which shows the degree of his anger.

Sun Family finally comes to her senses, slapping her thigh, and instantly thought of sitting on the ground crying, “Oh my God…”

“Shut up! If you say another word, we’ll divorce!” Qiao Qinghe interrupts her.


For Sun Family, this is a lethal weapon. Once these words are spoken, the voice in Sun Family’s throat instantly disappears. She stares at Qiao Qinghe with her mouth agape, dumbfounded.

Seeing that Sun Family finally knows fear, Qiao Qinghe turns his gaze to Qiao Changfu, “Take your wife back home now! How dare you show your face after framing Xiaomai and having her beaten!”

Having been scolded, Qiao Changfu feels wronged. He points at Zhu Cuiying who is lying on the wooden board, “Father, even if Cuiying is wrong, this wretch shouldn’t just stand by and watch her get beaten. Moreover, now Cuiying is beaten like this, this wretch must pay for Cuiying’s medicine.”

This is Sun Family and Zhu Cuiying’s main goal: to beat Qiao Xiaomai half to death, and then snatch the silver coins from Qiao Xiaomai’s vegetable selling.

Now Qiao Xiaomai’s complexion is rosy and she’s hopping around, while he’s panting heavily from exhaustion.

And Qiao Ying has taken a couple of kicks, and they haven’t even seen a single copper coin.

How could he leave!

“You!” Qiao Qinghe’s face turns even redder with anger at Qiao Changfu’s shamelessness. He looks at Qiao Dazhu crouching nearby, and exhales, “Dazhu, carry your mother back!”

Qiao Dazhu reacts with an ‘oh’, stands up, and steps over to Zhu Cuiying to carry her.

Qiao Dazhu is the eldest son of Zhu Cuiying and Qiao Changfu. At seventeen this year, he is of marriageable age. With his square face and large ears, he is honest and simple, and doesn’t take after Qiao Changfu and Zhu Cuiying at all.

He also feels that his parents are in the wrong, but his opposition is ineffective, so he can only obey.

Now the head of the Qiao Family has spoken, so he quickly hoist up Zhu Cuiying onto his back, completely ignoring his mother’s struggle.

Seeing this, Qiao Changfu quickly curses, “Stupid idiot, if you don’t get money from that wretch, what will you use to buy medicine for your mother?”

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