Chapter 41: Chapter 41: Key Threats

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“We do have some money,” retorted Qiao Dazhu with a gruff voice.

“What money? Not even enough for you to get married! Now put down your mother. This damn girl just sold some vegetables, she’s not lacking silver, you don’t need to pity her!” said Qiao Changfu, taking steps to pull Zhu Cuiying off Qiao Dazhu’s body.

Qiao Ying, who had been covering her mouth, finally couldn’t help but speak, “Big brother, look at the blood on our mother, then think about our family’s situation! You can’t even get married!”

Though she spoke, her right hand was still covering her mouth.

Qiao Xiaomai had caused her to fall and she bit her lip resulting in some bleeding.

Feeling slightly ashamed, she didn’t want Tong Sanlang to see her looking dishevelled, so she kept her mouth covered.

“This is not your place to speak! A maiden, who is yet to be married, causing trouble in your uncle’s house – have you no shame!” Qiao Qinghe retorted, glaring at her.

The word “married” was a sensitive subject for Qiao Ying who wanted to marry Tong Sanlang; she self-consciously looked at him.

Tong Sanlang’s handsome face was expressionless, not even giving her a glance.

However, Tong Tiehu did speak up, “Qinghe, you need to have some control over your household. Don’t mention village reputation, let’s talk about your son Junyan, he is a scholar, he highly values reputation. If these affairs get out, how would he hold his head high among his peers?”

When he remarked on ‘them’, Tiehu pointed at everyone – the Sun Family, Qiao Changfu, Zhu Cuiying, and Qiao Ying – with a stern expression on his face.

His frivolous finger-pointing stunned Qiao Ying, and shame surged up in her heart. She lowered her head and ran home, her mouth still covered.

She had not only lost face in front of Tong Sanlang but also in front of Tong Tiehu. Marrying Sanlang seems even more difficult now!

As Qiao Ying ran away, Tong Tiehu continued to speak. In an earnest tone, he said, “Qinghe, Junyan is just a student now, but his mother and uncle are already causing so much chaos. If he becomes an official, wouldn’t they bully everyone under his jurisdiction?”

“The current emperor rules with benevolence and values a person’s character more than their talent. With family members like these, even if Junyan has the capability to be an official, thinking about the people under his rule, the emperor will not let him become one.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Qinghe’s face grew serious, while the Sun Family and Qiao Changfu uncontrollably shivered, faces coloured with fear.

Seeing this, Tong Tiehu huffed, “Don’t think I’m just babbling nonsense. If you don’t believe it, ask Junyan when he comes back!”

The Sun family had never thought the situation could escalate so severely. She looked at Qiao Qinghe in horror.

Qiao Qinghe’s face was more solemn than ever, “Get lost!”

The Sun family did not utter a word; she obediently left.

Qiao Dazhu also left, carrying Zhu Cuiying on his back.

Zhu Cuiying, who was initially trying to struggle, became quiet after hearing this. She laid down on Qiao Dazhu’s back without making a sound.

Only Qiao Changfu was left. His lips quivered, trying to say something, but Qiao Qinghe chastised him, “Get lost!”

“Dad, this month’s filial piety money…”

“I’ll give it to grandfather,” Qiao Xiaomai said as she ran back to the courtyard, took out a hundred copper coins from her pocket, held them in her hands, and gave them to Qiao Qinghe.

Qiao Qinghe frowned, hesitated for a moment, but finally accepted the money.

Seeing this, Qiao Changfu no longer had a reason to stay. He left reluctantly.

“Thank you, Elder Tong!” Once the troublemakers left, Qiao Xiaomai immediately bowed and thanked Tong Tiehu.

Having such a village chief is wonderful!

Seeing a sense of loss on Qiao Qinghe’s face, Qiao Xiaomai immediately bowed again, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

At her words, Qiao Qinghe’s expression became complex. He was the reason for the chaos in the first place, but now Qiao Xiaomai was thanking him..

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