Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 7 - 7 Chapter 7: You Are Deliberately Seducing

7 Chapter 7: You Are Deliberately Seducing
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Qiao Xiaomai poured the snails into the pot to cook them for a while. Once the meat was cooked, she removed the snails from the pot. After that, she carefully removed the snail meat, pairing it with a small amount of chopped pork, and added salt and other seasonings to the mince.

She then stuffed the seasoned mince back into the snail shells.

Indeed, she intended to make Brewed Snail.

For the Qiao family, who usually relied on boiled vegetables for their meals, this dish was incredibly intricate. Qiao Dami watched Qiao Xiaomai’s movements with wide eyes, breathing in the delicate fragrance wafting from the kitchen, constantly swallowing his saliva.

“Sister, you are making such a good dish?” he asked.

Snail was a type of meat dish, combined with pork, it must be really delicious!

Qiao Xiaomai turned around and looked at him, and smiled, “Brother Tong saved you. Of course, we have to offer our best to thank him. Besides, your sister will soon be able to earn enough pork.”

Three days ago, there was a wedding in the village. She and Zhuang Luhe helped to prepare the feast, and the host had given them two kilograms of pork as a thank-you gift. That was where the pork oil and the meat she’d just chopped came from.

Zhuang Luhe was frugal and usually only boiled her vegetables, adding very little salt. However, now that Luhe had left, the Qiao’s kitchen was under Xiaomai’s charge, and she could prepare food however she wished.

After hearing her explanation, Qiao Dami echoed in slight shame. He’d only thought about the pork and forgotten about Brother Tong’s kindness…

Qiao Xiaomai glanced at him again, knowing what he was thinking, and continued to instruct him while busying with her tasks.

When the minced meat was all stuffed back into the snail shells, she poured the meat-stuffed snails back into the pot and stewed them over low heat, adding seasonings such as green onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and Cornelian Cherry.

There were no chili peppers in this time and space, and any spice in their food came from ginger and Cornelian Cherry, which was difficult for the spice-loving Qiao Xiaomai to adjust to.

Although she had chili peppers in her space, she didn’t dare to bring them out, so she had to endure.

The Brewed Snail was quickly ready, and the aroma filled the entire kitchen. Qiao Changshun, who was grinding sweet potatoes at the kitchen door, couldn’t help but praise, “Your cooking skills have improved again.”

Meanwhile, Qiao Dami was staring intently at the large pot, his eyes burning with desire.

Qiao Xiaomai laughed and responded. When the soup in the pot was almost reduced, she lifted the lid and transferred the snails to a plate.

Just over thirty snails, enough for a plate. She picked up five with chopsticks and placed them in a bowl, “We’ll eat this when we get back. Now let’s quickly deliver this plate to Third Brother Tong before it gets cold.”

“Alright!” Qiao Dami responded brightly.

Then, Qiao Xiaomai put the plate of Brewed Snail into a small basket, called out to Qiao Changshun, then took Qiao Dami by the hand and headed towards the Village Chief’s home.

The Village Chief’s house was on the east side of Anping Village, and the tall brick-tiled house was very conspicuous. As Qiao Xiaomai led Qiao Dami there, they attracted many stares along the way.

In ancient times, entertainment was scarce, especially when it came to gossip like a wife running away with another man. Zhuang Luhe’s story spread through Anping Village at lightning speed.

Qiao Xiaomai appeared unaffected, carrying the basket in one hand, and holding Dami’s hand in the other, they arrived at the doorway to the Village Chief’s house in about fifteen minutes.

By this time, it was getting dark. As Qiao Xiaomai was about to knock on the metal door, it opened from the inside and Zhu Cuiying walked out.

Qiao Xiaomai frowned slightly, pulling Qiao Dami a few steps back.

Upon seeing Qiao Xiaomai and Qiao Dami, Zhu Cuiying was taken aback. Then, with a mocking tone, she said, “Well, what brings you here?”

“We are here to express our gratitude to Third Brother Tong for saving Dami.” Qiao Xiaomai replied softly, not wanting to stir up trouble at someone else’s doorstep.

“Tsk.” Zhu Cuiying looked Qiao Xiaomai up and down, then scoffed, “It seems like you’re using the excuse of expressing gratitude to lure in a good catch. With Third Brother Tong’s good qualities, how could a cunning vixen like you pass him up?”

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