8 Chapter 8: Fight Back
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Qiao Xiaomai “…”

Because Jiang Zhuangzhuang liked the original owner and the original owner’s appearance didn’t look much like a virtuous woman, she got a nickname called Qiao Fox, given by those who secretly wanted to marry Jiang Zhuangzhuang.

Qiao Xiaomai didn’t mind, this nickname was a roundabout recognition of the original owner’s looks. Qiao Fox sounded better than Qiao Ugly Monster.

But under the present circumstances….

Qiao Xiaomai looked at Zhu Cuiying’s contemptuous eyes, and the mole on her face, blinked and said, “What you think inside is what you see outside. Aunt, it turns out that what you have on your mind is all about seducing men, huh?”

“You!” Zhu Cuiying’s face changed, and she cursed, “I guess Dami deliberately fell into the river today and tempted Tong Sanlang to save her, giving you this vixen an opportunity to take the initiative to make ingratiating moves!”

“No wonder you never wanted to marry stupid Jiang Zhuangzhuang’s son; turns out you set your sights on Tong Sanlang. Well planned indeed!”

Qiao Xiaomai “…”

Pure imagination is a disease that needs to be treated!

The expression on her little face suddenly darkened, saying, “Aunt, if you say Dami deliberately fell into the water, then show me the evidence, otherwise, I will take this matter to the Village Chief.”

The negative impact this incident had on Zhuang Lühe and herself was huge. If Zhu Cuiying could conjure up so much in front of her, Heaven knows what she might say behind her back.

This matter must be clarified today!

Zhu Cuiying snorted, “Anyone with clear eyes can see the intentions of you siblings. Do you guys really believe that others are blind?!”

Just as Qiao Xiaomai was about to retort, a voice was heard from behind the iron gate. The tone was very cold, “Aunt Zhu, it turns out that you know more about this matter than I do. Did you witness the time they were discussing this?”

With that, Tong Sanlang’s tall figure appeared in the doorway, his handsome face as grim as water.

Seeing Tong Sanlang, Qiao Xiaomai swallowed the words she was about to say.

Zhu Cuiying was startled, she turned around and seeing the grim face of Tong Sanlang, quickly restrained the hateful expression on her face and forced a smile, “Sanlang, how come you are out? I was just joking with this girl.”


Qiao Xiaomai rolled her eyes when she heard this and asked, “Aunt, when my father jokes with my cousin and cousin sister, does he also start by saying my cousin is sly and my cousin sister is seducing men?”

“What are you talking about, you girl!” Zhu Cuiying’s face changed.

“I was following your lead in joking.” Qiao Xiaomai stared at her innocently.

Being reproached by Qiao Xiaomai in front of Tong Sanlang, Zhu Cuiying was somewhat annoyed and embarrassed “I just casually said a few words and you are making a big deal out of it. I am your elder after all, is this how you talk to your elders?”

Before Qiao Xiaomai could respond to her words, Tong Sanlang spoke first, “Aunt Zhu, Xiaomai just mentioned the issue at hand, you are the one making a big fuss out of it and teaching her a lesson. She is your niece after all, is this how you joke with your niece?”

Zhu Cuiying “…”

She never expected that Tong Sanlang would use her own reasoning against her.

“Sanlang, I…”

“Aunt Zhu, no need to say more. If you can’t correct your gossiping habit, you shouldn’t come to the Tong’s house in the future. I, Tong Sanlang, can’t stand your fabrications,” Tong Sanlang’s face was grave, his words shocked Zhu Cuiying.

She often visited the Tong family, because she had important things to do!

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