Chapter 75: Chapter 75: Hypocrite

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Anger and scorn filled Qiao Xiaomai’s words, which the spectators all clearly observed.

But this didn’t include the Sun family.

The recipe that earns ten taels of silver a day was sold by Qiao Xiaomai for only thirty taels. This upset her more than being sliced flesh from the bone. “You prodigal!” she cried.

She jumped up and rushed towards Qiao Xiaomai, determined to beat her until she barely had a breath left. Anything less wouldn’t satisfy her rage!

Qiao Xiaomai glanced at the Sun family’s woman, face grimy from scouring beneath the bed, the hearth, and the chicken coop, and scoffed silently, “What does it matter to you how much silver 1 sell it for? 1 came up with the recipe!”

As she said this, she signaled to the onlookers to make way for her to leave.

She couldn’t lay a hand on the Sun family’s woman, but she didn’t want to just stand there and take a beating, either. Her only option was to run.

Upon hearing Qiao Xiaomai’s words, the woman from Sun family was even more furious. “You little bitch, as long as your surname is Qiao, everything you have belongs to the Qiao Family. How dare you squander our silver! 1’11 beat you to death, you spend-thrift!”

Qiao Xiaomai silently cursed in her heart and kept moving.

“Bitch, stop right there!” the Sun family woman chased relentlessly.

Just as Qiao Xiaomai was about to bolt towards the Tong family’s place, she saw a group from the Qiao family appear at the corner of her street.

At the front, walking briskly, were Sun Junyan and Qiao Changfu, looking anxious.

Qiao Xiaomai:

These people have all been summoned!

At this moment, Sun Junyan also spotted Qiao Xiaomai and hastened his steps. “Xiaomai!”

Qiao Xiaomai took a deep breath and stopped moving.

In the original owner’s memory, Sun Junyan was a gentleman. However, after her careful observation, she discovered that the word ‘fake’ needed to be added before ‘gentleman’.

The Sun family woman was a true villain, ruthless, and easily seen through.

But Sun Junyan was subtly siphoning from behind her, making her do all the dirty work while he played the good guy.

However, a fake gentleman had one advantage. Like now, he would certainly stop the Sun family woman from going berserk.

Her speculation was correct. When Sun Junyan saw the Sun family woman, he quickened his pace and tried to calm her down. “Mother, stop!”

His words were more effective than those of Qiao Qinghe. The aggressive Sun family woman stopped when she heard his voice. She was still fuming, gruffly saying, “Xiaowu, this little bitch just sold her cold jelly noodle recipe to Ji Wei Ju for thirty taels!”

A recipe which could earn ten taels a day was sold by this bitch for only thirty!

Sun Junyan was stunned.

The people from the Qiao family behind him were also stunned.

Then, they all showed a pained expression. The golden mountain of silver, just like that, was gone?

Sun Junyan quickly snapped out of it. His brow furrowed as he looked at Qiao Xiaomai. “Xiaomai, you should have discussed this with your grandparents first.”

Qiao Xiaomai laughed coldly. “My grandmother wants to sell me to the brothel, my aunt wants to take over my house, and Shopkeeper He bought my recipe when I had nowhere to turn. Discuss? Should I discuss several dozens of taels of silver with you?”

“Uncle Wu, 1 would be really stupid if I discussed things with them.”

Sun Junyan’s brows furrowed deeper upon hearing this. “When did this happen?”

“Ask Grandmother.” Qiao Xiaomai pointed her chin toward the Sun family woman.

The Sun family woman wanted to spring up and slap her again.. “You wench, quit talking nonsense and go get the silver back from Ji Wei Ju! I won’t let it end like this if that shopkeeper dares to swindle people like this!”

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