Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Xiaomai, You’ve Grown Up

Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Xiaomai, You’ve Grown Up

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Sun Family initially intended to find their personal gold and silver mines and then severely beat Qiao Xiaomai.

Now that their gold and silver mines are gone, they no longer have the inclination to hit Qiao Xiaomai.

The shopkeeper of that particular taste house must’ve fooled Qiao Xiaomai.

The urgent priority is to recover that silver!

Qiao Xiaomai”…”

She didn’t believe the part about earning ten taels a day.

Besides, even if it were true, what of it?

At the time, Shopkeeper He resolved her family’s dilemma of not even daring to eat a filling meal, turning her from absolute poverty, her family, with not even a penny to their name, rapidly into a moderately wealthy unit—a family with dozens of taels of silver in savings.

She was very content.

The method of making cold jelly noodles wasn’t her original innovation; she was merely making money off the wisdom of her predecessors. The low initial offer was on her for underestimating the allure of those noodles, she didn’t blame Shopkeeper He.

Now Sun Family wants to retrieve the silver she allegedly duped from them—these people…

Are so foolish, she doesn’t even feel like cursing them.

“My things, my rules, you all stop wagging your fingers here. Dami has already gone to call the Village Chief. We’ll discuss everything when the Village Chief is here.”

In this state, Sun Family was even more seething and wanted to rush up and hit her, “You little harlot, as long as your last name is Qiao, you’re part of the Qiao Family!”

Always using Tong Tiehu to override others, she detested Sun Family’s approach.

“Mom, stop!” Sun Junyan hurriedly spoke up to prevent Sun Family’s actions, “We can discuss this inside the Courtyard.”

He was well-versed in the “Daqi Law”, Qiao Xiaomai’s family has already split and become an independent unit. The head of the household is Qiao Changshun. Although Sun Family is Qiao Changshun’s elder, her previous words were complete nonsense.

“We don’t need to go inside. We can discuss this out here, let everyone make their own judgment.” Qiao Xiaomai interrupted Sun Family, “Just now, my grandmother and younger aunt ransacked my house to look for the silver, they want to forcibly take our property, and that disorderly scene in the courtyard is proof of it.”

“This matter, it’s up to the Village Chief to decide. He is familiar with the “Daqi Law”, and he will surely ensure justice for us.”

These past few days, she has also taken the time to get through the “Daqi Law”. Sun Family and Qiao Meipan’s actions can be strictly construed as trespassing on private property and seizing others’ possessions, and these are not problems that can be settled with a mere beating.

Upon hearing these words, there was a flash of surprise in Sun Junyan’s eyes.

He restrained Sun Family with a look, who was about to lose her temper again. His gaze became sharper, “Xiaomai, your grandmother was just a little hasty because you didn’t realize the mistake you were making. After all, with so much silver going missing, she must have been both furious and anxious.”

Qiao Xiaomai raised her eyebrows. Look at how eloquent this guy is—managing to distort Sun Family’s thuggish behavior into concern for her.

“Uncle Wu, wait for the Village Chief to arrive.” She looked at Sun Junyan, her lips curling into a chilly, humorless smile.

Compared to before, Xiaomai had changed so much it was as if she had become a different person, and that made the surprised look in Sun Junyan’s eyes even brighter.


He remarked, “The ‘Daqi Law’ states that one cannot sue their grandparents.”

“I’m not suing. I’m just waiting for Grandpa Tong to settle this. All the decisions will be up to him.” Qiao Xiaomai denied the claim, her smile more sincere, “1 didn’t even mention the word ‘sue’. Uncle Wu, please don’t construe things according to your whims because you can read. I’m just a country girl—I can’t shoulder such grave accusations.”

Sun Junyan squinted, “Xiaomai, you’ve really grown up.”

“Or should I just wait for you all to suck me dry little by little?” Qiao Xiaomai asked, with a sly grin..

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