Fortunate to Have You This Lifetime

Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Horcrux 2

Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Horcrux 2

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Dylan Summers lost his wife early in life and had only two daughters, Yolanda and Laura, whom he doted on. Now he had called for Purple to come, apparently to seek justice for his daughter.

Atra Blanc, fearing her daughter would be treated unfairly, insisted that she wait for Alexander Summers to come home before going.

Purple sneered.

Alexander never came home before late at night, did he? Even if he really rushed back according to Atra’s request, how long would it take on the road? What if there was a traffic jam?

Purple reassured Atra that nothing would happen, then followed the servant to the villa in front.

All the way there, the servant looked at her with sympathy.

Purple’s face was calm, her clear and bright eyes filled with a faint smile, looking innocent and cute, as if she had no idea that a big disaster was coming.

The servant sighed silently in his heart: Alas, Miss Purple is going to be bullied again.

The servants of the Summers Family all knew that the sisters were arrogant and domineering, and whoever offended them would be in big trouble!

As Purple walked into the living room, she felt a hostile gaze sweeping past her.

Without even thinking, she knew it must be Laura, and the person beside her who looked gleeful was Yolanda.

Purple didn’t care about these two and focused her attention on the man sitting on the couch.

Old Master Summers had been a womanizer all his life, resulting in a significant age gap between his sons.

The youngest, Alexander, was only twenty-four, while the eldest of the Summers family, Dylan, was already in his fifties.

He maintained himself well, with just a slightly plump figure, and his eyes and brows held a smile, giving off the appearance of a kind and amiable elder.

“Purple,” Dylan called to Purple with a warm smile and asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

Purple pursed her lips and gave a somewhat restrained smile, “I’m feeling better.”

Dylan said, “I’ve been away for a meeting in another province all this time, and I just learned about what happened to you. You mustn’t do such foolish things again. If you’re wronged outside, you need to tell your family and not take your own life as a joke.”

He did not mention the incident where his daughter got injured at all.

Laura sat next to him, dissatisfied, and playfully nudged Dylan with her elbow, only to be met with a stern glare from her father.

Laura pouted, her face unhappy.

Purple pretended not to notice and whispered, “I’m sorry to have worried everyone.”

Although these people didn’t care about Purple’s life or death, she still had to say the polite words on the surface.

As expected, Dylan smiled, like a loving father, “You’re young, and it’s inevitable to be impulsive sometimes. It’s good that you’re fine.”

After a pause, he glanced at his two daughters beside him and continued, “A few days ago, Laura fell and broke her lip. The doctor said if it had been any worse, her teeth might have become loose. It’s normal for young girls like you to have small fights and arguments at home, but if it comes to actual physical violence, that’s not proper.”

After saying this, Dylan looked at Purple with a somewhat stern gaze.

No wonder he was the director-general; his speech was well-balanced between kindness and discipline.

Purple, with her deer-like eyes filled with innocence and bewilderment, murmured, “Laura fell that hard…”

“Stop pretending! You clearly pushed me!”

Laura, enraged by Purple’s innocent act, shouted and tore at her injured lip, causing blood to flow from the cracked wound, and she cried out in pain.

Purple, startled, stepped back and raised her hand, saying, “Laura, my wound just healed, and my wrist is powerless. I couldn’t have pushed you.”

The news of Purple getting drunk and slitting her wrists outside had caused a stir in the entire Summers Family.

Her skin was fair and delicate, and the scar on her wrist was a shocking red, making her arm look even more fragile by comparison, as if it would break with a gentle twist. How could she possibly have pushed Laura, who was clearly taller and stronger than her?

No one believed it.

That included Dylan.

Anxious, Laura pointed to Yolanda and exclaimed, “Sister saw her push me with her own eyes!”

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