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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: Chapter 31 Two Sisters 1

Chapter 31: Chapter 31 Two Sisters 1

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Dylan Summers looked at Yolanda Summers.

Yolanda nodded, “It’s true, dad. That day we saw Purple Summers sneaking around outside the living room. We called out to her, and when she was discovered, she became furious and pushed Laura to the ground.”

They were trying to pin the blame on Purple with a plausible story.

Purple’s long eyelashes trembled slightly as she glanced at the sisters and remained silent.

The atmosphere in the living room was delicate.

Dylan took it all in.

As Laura’s sister, Yolanda would naturally side with her, so her words lacked impartiality and were hard to believe!

Looking at Purple’s silence and the helpless expression on her face, Dylan already had his answer in his heart.

He kept his face calm and didn’t say anything, feeling somewhat annoyed.

This wasn’t the first or second time the sisters had bullied Purple; as long as their childish fights didn’t cause serious harm, he didn’t bother to interfere, but they shouldn’t have involved him.

He felt that Yolanda and Laura were treating him like a fool, without showing the respect a father deserved.

Dylan, who prided himself on his dignity, didn’t get angry easily. He looked at Purple and his face remained calm. “Is that what happened?”

Purple shook her head lightly, her voice soft and timid like a little girl’s. “I went to offer incense to the third sister-in-law, and on the way back, I bumped into Yolanda and Laura outside the living room. I… I wanted to leave, but Laura wouldn’t let me. She yelled ‘ugly ghost, stop!’, but I was really scared, so I didn’t stop…”

As she spoke, she looked up at Dylan timidly and said, “That’s when she fell…”

It was normal for Purple to want to avoid the sisters since she was often bullied by them.

“You’re lying, you pushed me!” Laura, furious and stomping her feet, stood up and wanted to fight Purple.

“Enough!” Unable to bear it any more, Dylan rebuked Laura’s outburst!

His anger caused the sisters to shrink back in unison.

Laura, both angry and aggrieved, didn’t dare to say anything else as she quietly shed tears next to her sister.

“Look at you now, all those books you read for nothing!” Dylan scolded Laura sternly, his voice incredibly harsh.

“Dad! It was her…” Laura tried to argue, but Yolanda pulled her back and gave her a warning look.

Laura had no choice but to remain silent, biting her lip and giving Purple a resentful glare.

Dylan’s expression softened slightly, and he spoke gently to Purple, “Laura fell hard this time, and she must have misunderstood, thinking you pushed her. Purple, don’t be afraid. Even if Laura is my daughter, if she does something wrong, I won’t be biased.”

Though he said it was Laura’s fault, he didn’t make her apologize.

It seems that even though Dylan believed Laura fell on her own, he was still somewhat irritated with her. Purple thought silently.

She said softly, “Big brother, don’t blame Laura. I was wrong too. If I hadn’t run away, maybe she wouldn’t have fallen…”

She appeared to be concerned for the Summers sisters’ sake.

Dylan was relieved and praised her for being well-behaved and sensible. “Alright, you can go back now, so your mother doesn’t worry.”

Purple nodded and turned to leave.

Once Purple left, Laura, with tears in her eyes, said to Dylan, “Dad, you have to believe me. It really was Purple who pushed me.”

She tugged at Yolanda’s side. “Sis, tell dad it was all because of Purple…”

Yolanda ignored her sister’s plea and stood quietly to the side.

Dylan looked at Laura with a calm face, barely suppressing his anger. “Do you really think Purple could push you? She’s a year younger than you!”

Laura was already seventeen. She was tall but not slender, perhaps because of her large frame, so if she indulged slightly in eating, she would appear tall and sturdy, without a girl’s gracefulness.

Compared to the exquisite beauty of Purple, Laura was just too sturdy… No one would believe Purple could push her.

Moreover, Purple had injured her wrist.

However, they didn’t know that Purple was no longer Purple; as a former prosecutor, she often had to deal with criminals, so basic defense techniques like grappling and fighting skills were second nature. It wouldn’t matter if she had slit her wrist, let alone broken an arm; she would still be more than a match for a girl like Laura..

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