Chapter 1: Annulment In Public

Ocean City, Wanhe Banquet VIP Lounge.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to." The person who spoke had a cold voice and a firm tone.

The groom glanced at the guests below the stage awkwardly and smiled. "Youyi, stop joking. Everyone is waiting."

Jiang Youyi looked coldly at her boyfriend, who had been in love with her for five years. The corners of her lips curled up slightly. "I'll say it again, Xu Yuning. I don't want to be your wife. Do you understand?"

Xu Yuning frowned slightly and finally realized that something was wrong. However, the person opposite him did not give him a chance to ask why. Jiang Youyi decisively pulled off the white veil on her head and threw it to the ground in front of all the guests. She snatched the microphone from the dumbfounded host and took a deep breath before continuing, "I'm sorry, everyone. Today's wedding is over. I'm deeply sorry for wasting everyone's time, but I can't force myself to marry someone I don't love at all. Yes, I don't love Xu Yuning at all. The person I love is Lu Yunxiao!"

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone was shocked… Who did she say she liked? Lu Yunxiao? Was there a mistake? Everyone in Ocean City probably knew Lu Yunxiao's name.

As the young master of the top influential Lu Family in Ocean City, Lu Yunxiao was mysterious, low-key, and focused. He had been in the business world for more than 10 years. There were all kinds of beauties around him, but he had never liked them. Everyone privately said that Lu Yunxiao was not interested in women.

No matter how they looked at it, Jiang Youyi was nothing special. When did she get involved with Lu Yunxiao?

Jiang Youyi's words were like throwing a stone into a calm lake without any explanation, causing huge waves. In particular, the parents sitting on both sides of the stage had ugly expressions.

Jiang Youyi's father, Jiang Yunfei, clenched his fists and suppressed his anger. He asked his wife beside him, "Is Jiang Youyi crazy? What is she doing?" Mrs. Jiang shook her head in shock. She had no idea at all.

"Youyi, stop fooling around. Let's talk at home after the wedding." Xu Yuning's expression was tense as he lowered his voice.

Jiang Youyi mocked him and said, "Xu Yuning, let's break up." As soon as she finished speaking, the bride, Jiang Youyi, left the auditorium under everyone's confused gazes. Her actions were clearly a slap to the Xu Family's face in front of the influential people in Ocean City.

More than 10 minutes later, the video of the wedding ignited the trending searches:

"The marriage between the two noble families of Ocean City. The bride broke off the engagement and fled the scene."

"Actress Jiang Youtian's younger sister announced at her wedding that she loved someone else."

"The third daughter of Ocean City's wealthy Jiang Family slapped the Xu Family's face in public."

In a short period of time, this messy wedding became a hot topic in the entire Ocean City's media. Jiang Youyi's name was on the trending list.

After Jiang Youyi escaped from the hotel, she quickly changed her high heels into light sports shoes. She also changed out of her high-end wedding dress into a simple sportswear. She left the hotel in her low-key black Volvo and drove towards the sea.

Three days ago, Jiang Youyi had an extremely strange dream. In the dream, less than two months after she married her boyfriend, Xu Yuning, whom she had been in love with for five years, his mistress came to her door aggressively and told her that she was already pregnant with Xu Yuning's child, asking her to give up her position.

Later on, Jiang Youyi decisively proposed a divorce. When the assets were divided, she realized that the corporation under Xu Yuning's name had long been in debt. All his assets had been transferred overseas, and as his legal wife, she had to bear tens of millions of yuan of debt for him to get a divorce. What was even more ironic was that after the divorce, the Xu Family turned the tables and suddenly announced to all the media that Jiang Youyi's relationship with Xu Yuning had broken down because of Jiang Youyi's physiological defects. The Xu Family could not have no descendants, so Xu Yuning found a woman outside. Other than that, they even released an edited footage.

Jiang Youyi's father defended his daughter and was knocked out by Xu Yuning's vicious mother with an ashtray. He was resuscitated for a day and a night. Later on… Jiang Youyi sat in the hospital corridor and fell asleep exhausted. When she woke up, she realized that she had already transmigrated back to the three days before she married Xu Yuning. It was ridiculous.

At first, Jiang Youyi thought that it was just a nightmare, until the trajectory of the matter completely overlapped with the dream. In order to confirm the authenticity of the dream, Jiang Youyi specially got a private detective to investigate Xu Yuning. As expected, she realized that he really had a mistress. Moreover, the mistress had just gone to the hospital for a prenatal checkup. It was no longer a coincidence that there were so many coincidences.

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