Chapter 2: You're The Child's Father

Her phone suddenly rang. Jiang Youyi pulled herself out of her thoughts. She looked at the screen. It was Xu Yuning. Jiang Youyi had broken off the engagement in front of all the influential people in Ocean City. The Xu Family had already become the target of everyone's criticism. Of course, all of this was nothing compared to the harm the Xu Family had caused her before she transmigrated.

As for Xu Yuning, she had already taken revenge. She did not want to have anything to do with him anymore.

"Why isn't she answering her phone?" Xu Yuning's father looked displeased.

Xu Yuning shook his head weakly. He had yet to recover from the shock of being dumped by Jiang Youyi. He did not know what was wrong with Jiang Youyi. Why did she stop loving him just like that?

"I've already said that that wretched girl is not suitable for marriage at all! What about you? You didn't turn back and insisted on chasing her for so many years. You spoiled her so much that she doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Who does she think she is? How dare she embarrass our family in public? She doesn't even look at herself. Be it her family background or background, she's not worthy of you at all. Jiang Youyi's mother is just an actress after all. She was a lowly person in ancient times…" Mrs. Xu chattered on, venting her dissatisfaction with Jiang Youyi.

"Mom, stop talking." Although Jiang Youyi had embarrassed their family in public, the strange thing was that Xu Yuning could not be angry with her. All he could think about now was to quickly find Jiang Youyi and let her continue her wedding with him.

He still remembered that at the business gala in Ocean City five years ago, Xu Yuning fell in love with the 18-year-old Jiang Youyi at first sight and started a fierce pursuit of her. Xu Yuning pursued her vigorously, and everyone in Ocean City knew about them.

It was impossible to pretend to like someone, but Jiang Youyi's concept of relationships was conservative and old-fashioned. She wouldn't let him touch her before they got married. How could a man his age stand it? Hence, he did have a few women outside. He thought that every man would do this. After all, everyone in the influential circle in Ocean City was the same. Could it be that Jiang Youyi had discovered something?

Just as he was panicking, a WeChat message suddenly popped up on his phone.

[Is Little Deer Awake?: Yuning, I saw the news online. Are you alright now?]

Xu Yuning was in no mood to pay attention to her. Just as he was about to turn off his cell phone, he saw the second message.

[Is Little Deer Awake?: Yuning, there's something I've been wondering if I should tell you. But after I thought about it, it's not fair to me to hide this from you. I'm pregnant with your baby.]

[Xu Yuning: Are you kidding me?]

[Is Little Deer Awake?: The child has just been seven weeks. My period hasn't come for a long time. In addition, I vomited whatever I ate recently, so I went to the hospital for a checkup. Do you still remember that this child was conceived the last time we were at the clubhouse…]

Xu Yuning scratched his head in frustration when he saw this WeChat message. No matter how much he played outside, there would always be only one woman in his heart, and that was Jiang Youyi. He had originally planned to break up with all the women he had outside after getting married. It was not even his woman who sent him this WeChat message. She was at most a one-night stand.

Perhaps they were anxious when they saw that Xu Yuning did not reply for a long time.

[Is Little Deer Awake?: Yuning, don't feel burdened. I won't threaten you with the child. It's just that as the child's father, I think you have the right to know. If you don't want this child, I'll go to the hospital to abort him after a while. I won't cling to you. Just live your life with Jiang Youyi.]

Since the woman was taking a step back, Xu Yuning could not lose his temper. He only replied coldly, [We'll talk about it the next time we meet.]

A shrewd smile appeared on the woman's face when she received the WeChat message. She muttered to herself, "Jiang Youyi, why did you run away at the last minute? I even specially prepared a big gift for you. I wanted to give it to you when you were married."

On the other hand, Jiang Youyi was driving on the ocean road. She was overjoyed when she thought of the Xu Family's expression in the banquet hall just now.

Unexpectedly, a black Rolls-Royce suddenly blocked her way at the bend in front of her. She honked twice.

When the car heard this, not only did it not make way for her, but a middle-aged man in a suit walked out of the driver's seat and knocked on her window.

Puzzled, Jiang Youyi rolled down half of the car window and looked at the person in front of her. "Hello, what's the matter?"

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