I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

Chapter 11: You Just Want to Go Back on Your Words, Right?

Chapter 11: You Just Want to Go Back on Your Words, Right?

"I don't agree. I refuse to break off the engagement!" Xu Yuning stood up. It had not been easy for him to woo Jiang Youyi. The two of them had only been together for a year. Although they usually did not see each other much, they did not have any conflicts. They were clearly getting along well. Why did they break up?

"Shut up." Xu Hao couldn't take it anymore and scolded him. He couldn't stand his son's humble appearance.

"Dad, Mom. I'm serious. I have to marry Youyi."

"Sit down!" Xu Hao was furious and his tone became harsher.

Mrs. Xu glanced at the betrothal gifts' list with a dark expression. Then, she looked up and said, "These are the betrothal gifts you returned to us. What about the mental damage compensation? Our family has been preparing for this wedding for half a year. The expenses of these wedding hotels are more than a million yuan. Just the wedding dress that Jiang Youyi wore yesterday from Paris costs more than a million yuan. You have to bear these losses, right? After all, you were the ones who proposed to break off the engagement. Although I know this money is not a small sum for you, you won't want to go back on your word, right?"

When the Jiang Family's parents heard this, they looked at each other and did not say anything.

"It's time for you to explain clearly why you have to cancel this marriage," Jiang Yunfei looked at his youngest daughter, Jiang Youyi, and said calmly.

Mrs. Xu stared at Jiang Youyi sharply. Actually, she had already thought about it before she came. There were only two outcomes to today's negotiations. First, the wedding would be canceled, and the Jiang Family would compensate them for all their financial losses, including mental damage. Second, if Jiang Youyi wanted to continue marrying into their family, the Jiang Family would have to compensate for the loss of the previous wedding. Moreover, after Jiang Youyi married into the Jiang Family, she could use this matter to take her daughter-in-law down a notch.

Anyway, since the Jiang Family made them embarrassed in front of so many people, the Jiang Family had to pay a higher price.

Jiang Youyi did not even look at Xu Yuning from the beginning to the end. She just listened to the elders' conversation calmly.

Hearing her father ask her to make things clear, she decisively took out a brown paper bag from her bag and placed it in front of Xu Hao. "Uncle, this is why I have to break off the engagement."

The rest of the Jiang Family did not know in advance, nor did they know what was in the brown paper bag. However, they all believed that Jiang Youyi was not someone who did whatever she wanted without considering the consequences. Since she insisted on breaking off the engagement, she must have her reasons.

That was why they could sit here calmly and negotiate with the Xu family.

Other than Jiang Yunfei, who felt that he had let the Xu Family down, everyone else was calm. Even Jiang Youyi's sister-in-law did not speak from the moment she saw the Xu Family after greeting them.

Even though Mrs. Xu was picky and kept saying that they were from a small family and were out of her league, she did not say anything. This bearing was not something ordinary people could compare to.

Xu Hao frowned slightly and opened the brown paper bag on the table.

"Brother, do you know what Sister Youyi gave Dad?" Xu Pingping was a little puzzled and asked Xu Yuning in a low voice.

Xu Yuning shook his head. He was also completely in the dark.

"What tricks are you up to now? I think you're just trying to renege on your debt!" Mrs. Xu said disdainfully.

Jiang Youyi raised her eyebrows. "I think there will be an outcome soon. Uncle Xu is a smart person. He will naturally understand."

The private room fell into a strange silence.

Xu Yuning's father was furious after taking a quick look at the materials in the brown paper bag. He slammed the things in front of Xu Yuning and scolded angrily, "This is what you did!"

"Dad… what's wrong?" Xu Yuning stood up in a daze and wanted to get the documents. However, his father slapped him without warning, causing his vision to darken.

"What are you doing?! Are you crazy? Why did you hit your son? Did he make a mistake? Let me tell you, don't be deceived by them!" After saying that, Mrs. Xu glared at Jiang Youyi fiercely. She thought that Jiang Youyi must have played a trick for Xu Hao to hit his son.

"Shut up! This is the good son you raised!" Xu Hao scolded angrily and bowed deeply to the Jiang Family's parents.

Jiang Yunfei and his wife were puzzled. Jiang Nian and his wife could not help but be stunned on the spot.

What was in that brown paper bag? It could actually make Xu Hao's attitude change 180 degrees?

"Brother Jiang, I didn't educate a good child. Our corporation has had too many things to do this year. I was busy with work every day and neglected to educate the child. That's why he fooled around with women outside behind Youyi's back and even made the other woman pregnant. Our family has let you down in this matter. We can understand if Youyi wants to break off the engagement."

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