Chapter 10: It's Not Your Turn To Interrupt

Xu Yuning reacted and took out a card from the countless cards in his wallet and placed it on the coffee table. "This is my secondary card. There's a quota of 100,000 yuan a month. Buy something you like." With that, Xu Yuning turned around and left without any reluctance.

Zhang Meng looked at the credit card on the coffee table. There was no smile on her beautiful face. He wanted to send her away with just a few hundred thousand yuan? What a joke.

At noon the next day, in the Rose Garden.

The Jiang Family went to two cars. The driver drove the Alphard with Mr. and Mrs. Jiang, and Jiang Youyi. Jiang Youyi's brother, Jiang Nian, drove his Cayenne with his wife. There were a total of five people in the family.

"Chairman, the Jiang Family is here," the Rose Garden manager said as he walked into the private room. Before Chairman Xu could speak, Xu Yuning could not wait to get up and look around, wanting to find Jiang Youyi.

Other than Jiang Youyi's second sister, Jiang Youtian, who was busy with work and could not make it back in time, the other members of the Jiang Family were all present. It was enough to show how important today's meeting was.

On the Xu Family's side, other than Mr. and Mrs. Xu and Xu Yuning, Xu Yuning's sister, Xu Pingping, was also here. She was still in university and had specially applied for leave from the teacher to rush over today.

As soon as the two sides met, the atmosphere became tense. After all, it was his daughter who broke off the engagement first. Jiang Yunfei was in the wrong, so he was not so unyielding.

As soon as Jiang Youyi walked into the private room, Xu Yuning's gaze was fixed on her. Jiang Youyi was dressed especially simply today. She was wearing a coffee-colored windbreaker and jeans. Her long black hair was slightly curled and rested gently on her shoulders. There was only a layer of foundation on her face and no other makeup.

"Youyi…" Xu Yuning saw her and was about to go over when Mrs. Xu pulled him back. "Can you be more promising? She was spoiled by you."

"Brother, Mother makes sense. Don't waste this time. Let's see Sister Youyi's attitude," Xu Pingping advised.

The VIP room in the Rose Garden was decorated in an antique style. The fragrance was very faint, making people unconsciously relax.

The Jiang Family and the Xu Family sat around the dining table, not too close.

"Brother Xu, I'm really sorry. We also educated the child when we went back last night. Her impulsiveness caused trouble for everyone." Although Jiang Yunfei was also a businessman, the Jiang Family's business was less than a third of the Xu Family's. In terms of age and qualifications, it was not a loss for Jiang Yunfei to call Mr. Xu Big Brother.

Before Xu Hao could say anything, Mrs. Xu shouted, "We gave your family tens of millions of yuan as betrothal gifts. The wedding hotel started preparing half a year in advance. Now that the wedding has failed, can you resolve it with an apology?"

At this point, Mrs. Xu looked at Jiang Youyi critically. "At this point, I'll be honest. We didn't say anything when my son liked Jiang Youyi in the past. Actually, everyone knows very well that no matter how you look at it, you're the ones who took advantage of the Jiang Family to be in-laws with us."

"With Yuning's condition, it's not a problem for him to find any family he wants, but he has his heart set on marrying Jiang Youyi. As parents, our hearts ache for our son, so we let him be. However, your daughter running away from the marriage in public is equivalent to slapping our faces. Now, I finally understand that Jiang Youyi doesn't even have the most basic sense of responsibility. It's fine to cancel this marriage."

"Auntie Xu, your words are too harsh. My sister has been an obedient and sensible child since she was young. She must have her difficulties this time. You didn't even listen to my sister's explanation and you already concluded that she's an irresponsible person. Isn't that too arbitrary? Just as you said, if my sister's future mother-in-law is someone like you, I don't think it's necessary for her to marry you."

Jiang Youyi did not expect Jiang Nian to lose his patience before she could speak. She could not help but be a little surprised. Actually, she had not been close to her older brother and sister all these years. Everyone was busy with their own things. She did not expect her usually polite brother to have such a domineering side at the critical moment.

"It's not your place to interrupt the adults' conversation." Mrs. Xu's personality was already tricky, and now, she was even more aggressive and refused to let go of the Jiang Family's parents.

"We really want to apologize to you and talk things out with you. We don't want to quarrel," Mrs. Jiang said gently.

"Talk things out? Alright, return all the betrothal gifts to us."

"Of course. Since the marriage has been broken off, we will return the betrothal gifts to you intact. This is the betrothal gifts list. Take a look." Mrs. Jiang took out a printed list from her Himalayan bag and placed it in front of Mrs. Xu.

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