Chapter 9: I Realize That I Can't Do It At All

Zhang Meng hurriedly poured a glass of vodka and went behind Xu Yuning to massage his shoulders. "I know you've been troubled a lot recently, but since many things have happened, perhaps it's fate. If you don't take good care of your body, how can you resolve the rest?"

"Zhang Meng, you're a woman too. Help me think about it. Why did Youyi suddenly want to break up with me?"

Zhang Meng's expression changed slightly. She did not expect him to still be reluctant to part with Jiang Youyi at this point. However, the displeasure on her face quickly flashed past. At this moment, Xu Yuning turned around and saw a pitiful face.

"I'm just an ordinary worker. How would I dare to comment on Third Miss Jiang?"

"What's wrong with that? Just say what you want. It's fine." Xu Yuning did not hear the deeper meaning in her words at all.

Zhang Meng used her fair and slender fingers to massage Xu Yuning's shoulder gently as she said unintentionally, "Didn't Third Miss Jiang personally admit that she likes someone else? How can one person suddenly fall in love with another person in such a short period of time? I'm guessing that the two of them might have had an ambiguous relationship a long time ago. Third Miss Jiang might be deeply in love with him, so she wants to break up with you quickly so that she can be with that man."

"That's impossible. Youyi isn't a promiscuous woman." Xu Yuning wasn't a fool. As long as Jiang Youyi was in Ocean City for the past five years, he had been by her side almost every day. How could he not know what kind of person she was? Moreover, he knew very well who Jiang Youyi usually interacted with. She had never interacted with Lu Yunxiao in the past five years.

"You think too highly of her. If she's not that kind of person, why did she suddenly go back on her word and not get married when the two of you are about to get married? Moreover, why did she say that she likes Lu Yunxiao and not other men? It's because she likes the Lu Family's power. It's good to break up with such a woman. I don't think she's worthy of such an outstanding person like you." Zhang Meng looked at Xu Yuning with admiration. Since ancient times, men had always been the same. They liked to hear women flatter them.

However, Xu Yuning was not in the mood to be happy. The more he listened, the angrier he became. Even though he knew that nothing had happened between Jiang Youyi and Lu Yunxiao, he still felt disgusted.

"Doesn't the Lu Family just have a little money? I can give her what he can give Youyi. However, Youyi doesn't lack money to spend. She doesn't have to find anyone to be with for money. Do you think that Lu guy used dirty tricks to force Youyi to break up with me? Could Youyi have been forced to do so?" Xu Yuning started to hypnotize himself.

A dark look flashed across Zhang Meng's eyes. She wished she could slap him awake now. She, a woman with a figure and looks, was trying her best to please him. How could she not compare to Jiang Youyi, who dumped him mercilessly?

Other than her status as the third daughter of the Jiang Family, how could Jiang Youyi compare to her? Moreover, she was pregnant with his baby now. Didn't he care? Indeed, men were all cheap!

Zhang Meng felt indignant, but she did not show it on her face. She lowered her head and stopped talking, but her eyes suddenly turned red.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Yuning, do you not want our baby?"

At the mention of the child, Xu Yuning realized in shock that he had forgotten about this huge problem. Seeing that Xu Yuning was frowning and did not say anything for a long time, Zhang Meng's tears fell. "Yuning, I know that you like Third Miss Jiang. I also know that I'm not worthy of you. I've already thought about it. After the two of you get married, I'll hide my feelings for you in my heart and never disturb you again. However, I realized that I can't do it at all. The baby in my stomach grows day by day. I think every day that this is our child."

"We'll talk about the child in the future." Xu Yuning was just impulsive after drinking with her and did not have any feelings for her. He only hated himself for not being able to control his lower body and making such a woman with no status or family background pregnant with his child. He would never let her give birth to this child. Putting aside their family backgrounds, the only person he loved was Jiang Youyi.

"Alright, Yuning, I'll listen to you."

"I still have something on. I'll leave first. Go to bed early." At the mention of the child, Xu Yuning was not in the mood to stay any longer.

"It's so late. It's not safe for you to drive alone. Why don't you stay tonight? I can sleep in the guest room." Zhang Meng bit her lip, her wet eyes slightly red.

"No, I have something to do."

"Yuning, I…" Zhang Meng hesitated.

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