Chapter 14: How Dare You?

"Dad, Youyi isn't young anymore. She can handle it herself. By the way, where did you get all the evidence?" Jiang Nian asked curiously.

"It was… found by a random private detective."

"The two of you were getting along well previously. Why did you suddenly think of investigating him? You're not such a suspicious person," Jiang Nian asked.

"A friend of mine said that she saw them on the street once. She asked me to be careful, so I got someone to investigate."

"Child, you're too impulsive. Since you know what kind of person he is, why didn't you tell us earlier? Why did you have to wait until the wedding to cause such a scene and embarrass the Xu Family? Fortunately, Xu Hao is someone who knows what's good for him and he didn't argue with us. Otherwise, this city is so small and everyone will see each other frequently. That's not good." Jiang Yunfei had lived for so long and always felt that there was no need to be ruthless.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I was too impulsive." Jiang Youyi admitted her mistake obediently.

"That's enough. Why are you still blaming the child at a time like this? People like you are the saints that the Internet talks about. He's already riding on our heads and pooping, yet you're still letting your daughter be indifferent? Daughter, don't listen to your father. I don't think there's anything wrong with what you did!" Mrs. Jiang felt that her daughter did nothing wrong.

"Are you sure you want to break up with Xu Yuning? Don't tell me you'll soften your heart once he apologizes and admits his mistake?" Jiang Nian felt that the biggest problem with girls was that they were easily soft-hearted. They had all seen clearly how Xu Yuning had tried all means to woo Jiang Youyi in the past five years.

He was worried that his sister would soften her heart and be hurt by that scumbag again.

"Brother, don't worry. Since I already know that he's a pile of dog shit, he's still a pile of dog shit no matter how gorgeous he packages himself. I won't give him a chance to hurt me again."

"Haha, well said. I'm relieved." Jiang Nian laughed loudly. He was very satisfied with his sister's attitude and left with his wife.

Seeing that it was still early, Jiang Youyi went to look for her best friend, Zhong Xiaohui, who was the bridesmaid Jiang Youyi left behind on the day she escaped from the marriage.

Zhong Xiaohui's family was also a well-off family. Their family had a small business. Although they were not rich, they did not have to worry about food and clothing. The two of them had played together since they were seven or eight years old. Even when Jiang Youyi went overseas for eight years, the two of them contacted each other almost every day. Zhong Xiaohui even went overseas to visit her alone one summer vacation.

In Zhong Xiaohui's office, Jiang Youyi told her everything. Zhong Xiaohui was stunned when she heard it.

"Little ancestor, why didn't I realize that you were actually so valiant in the past?"

Jiang Youyi smiled and did not say anything.

Zhong Xiaohui pretended to be angry and glared at Jiang Youyi. "You still have the cheek to laugh? You stood me up the first time I was a bridesmaid in my life. Don't you know that I was dumbfounded at the scene!"

"I was wrong. Didn't I come to apologize to you personally? I'll treat you to delicious food to compensate you, okay?"

"You want to bribe me with just some food?" Zhong Xiaohui rolled her eyes at her.

"How about I treat you to a month's worth of food?"

"It's really not that good."

"What about three months?"

"I'll give you some face."

Zhong Xiaohui couldn't hold it in anymore and let Jiang Youyi coax her with a few words.

The two of them chatted for a while before Zhong Xiaohui suddenly thought of another man. "Baby, when did you meet Lu Yunxiao? Why didn't I know?"

"We don't know each other."

"Stop lying. Didn't you confess to him at the wedding?"

"Actually, I'm just spouting nonsense." Actually, Jiang Youyi was feeling very regretful. At that time, she only thought that Lu Yunxiao was someone the Xu Family couldn't afford to offend, so she said it casually. However, she forgot that Lu Yunxiao was also someone she couldn't afford to offend. There were so many people in Ocean City. She could have said anybody's name, but she had to mention that big shot's name. Wasn't she causing trouble for herself?

"Darn it… You're really bold. You came up with the biggest scam." Zhong Xiaohui admired her from the bottom of her heart and gave her a thumbs up. "But have you ever thought about what will happen if Lu Yunxiao gets angry and takes revenge on you?"

"I don't think so. He's so busy every day. Would he have the time to be angry with a small fry like me?" As she spoke, Jiang Youyi suddenly recalled the scene of her meeting with Lu Yunxiao that day. She had indeed never met Lu Yunxiao before that.

Lu Yunxiao was definitely the most mysterious existence in Ocean City. He was so mysterious that he had been sitting on the throne of the richest man for a few years. Most people still didn't know what he looked like. He never accepted media interviews or participated in public events. In fact, many employees in his company had never seen him before.

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