Chapter 15: I Won't Talk Anymore

The Internet revealed that there was a president's private elevator in the 100-story skyscraper of Qihe Corporation that ordinary employees had never seen before. Jiang Youyi actually dared to scam him when even ordinary middle-level employees under him could not meet him?

"As a friend, I have to remind you to choose a way to die as soon as possible."

"I don't want to die."

"This isn't a matter of whether you want to or not. Lu Yunxiao definitely won't let you off. Why don't we do this? I'll book a plane ticket for you and you can go overseas? He won't be able to find you overseas, right? When he forgets about this, you can come back secretly."

Although Zhong Xiaohui had never interacted with Lu Yunxiao, she had heard many legends about him. She had even heard that Lu Yunxiao had been the president of the corporation at a young age. Ever since he took office, many senior executives of the corporation had disappeared for no reason, so many people guessed that those people might not be in this world anymore. It was best to stay far away from a dangerous man like him.

"Are you biased against him?"

"It's not prejudice. I really don't think he's someone we can afford to offend."

"Have you seen too many marketing accounts?" Jiang Youyi couldn't help but laugh when she saw her nervous expression.

"Sister, get this straight. Which crazy marketing account dares to expose his information? I just said that their family is quite complicated. Moreover, he's a ruthless person who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. You'd better be careful."

To be honest, Jiang Youyi did not take Zhong Xiaohui's words to heart. Moreover, she only said that she liked Lu Yunxiao at the wedding that day. To be honest, there were countless women in Ocean City who liked him. There were girls writing essays to confess to him on social media every day. Did he have to clean up every one of them?

Besides, the two of them had met yesterday. The two of them… chatted quite happily, right? Of course, chatting happily was just Jiang Youyi's imagination. A certain big shot who had been labeled a good person did not feel happy…

Jiang Youyi's Weibo on her wedding day had fallen into chaos. There was even an extreme female fan who got a wedding dress from somewhere and wore it to the entrance of Qihe Corporation. She shouted through a loudspeaker, "Lu Yunxiao, I've loved you for many years. Please give me a chance." Such a dramatic and ridiculous thing was caused by Jiang Youyi's words.

At the same time, Lu Yunxiao, who was being discussed by the two best friends, was soaking in an open-air hot spring in the suburbs of Ocean City. Deer's Cry Hot Springs was Lu Yunxiao's favorite place to relax. Its behind-the-scenes boss was Lu Yunxiao's good friend, Wang Jiangbei, a rich man who had no desire to earn money.

There was also a person called Lin Feng with them today. His family was in the investment industry and he was also a very interesting person.

"Jiangbei, did you see the news about Brother Xiao? He has completely become a hot topic in Ocean City." Lin Feng scrolled through Weibo and asked in a low voice.

"Hasn't he always been a hot topic in Ocean City?" Wang Jiangbei smiled.

"It's different this time. Xu Yuning's girlfriend called off the engagement in public at the wedding. She even said that the person she really loved was Brother Xiao. It was too exciting. You don't know how the Xu Family's faces turned green at that time." Lin Feng had always disliked the Xu Family's actions. When he found out about this, his first reaction was to think that their family deserved it.

After laughing, he asked fearlessly, "Brother Xiao, you and Xu Yuning's little girlfriend, no, she's already your ex-girlfriend. When did the two of you hook up?"

"Have you lived long enough? How dare you ask him such things?" Wang Jiangbei held a cigarette between his fingers and chuckled.

Lin Feng's face was full of determination. "This is called sacrificing myself for knowledge. Brother Xiao doesn't even have a female animal by his side all these years, let alone a woman. Everyone is saying that Brother Xiao likes men. Now, Brother Xiao can finally avenge his previous humiliation. So, Brother Xiao, when did the two of you hook up?"

Even Wang Jiangbei wanted to kick Lin Feng, let alone Lu Yunxiao. The private pool fell into a strange silence. After a few minutes, Lu Yunxiao slowly opened his eyes and glanced at Lin Feng's face. He asked, "What color do you like?"

"Black… Why are you suddenly asking this?" Lin Feng did not know why.

"Nothing. I just wanted to give you a gift." Lu Yunxiao smiled faintly.

"Why are you suddenly giving me a gift for no reason? There's no need to spend money, right?"

"Silly, is he giving you a gift? He's customizing an urn for you!" Wang Jiangbei, who had always known Lu Yunxiao, suddenly laughed out loud.

"Brother, I know I was wrong. I won't say anything else." Lin Feng hurriedly apologized.

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