Chapter 148: Accurate Hits

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“I don’t think Yunxiao would say that for no reason, right? Could it be that Miss Jiang said something bad to Yunxiao that caused him to misunderstand you? I’ve seen the news these few days, it’s said that Yunxiao lent his car to Miss Jiang. From the looks of it, they’re not ordinary.”

“Don’t keep reading the news. Most of what it says is fake. Did you contact Bai Bing after dinner that day?”

“No, we rarely contact each other.” Du Meihong was obviously lying, but she had to be careful not to let Lu Guo’an see anything.

“Take some time out and ask her out for a chat. Make her pay more attention to Yunxiao. No matter what, she has to snatch Yunxiao’s heart back. Our Lu family can’t marry a woman like the Jiang family’s girl.”

“Got it. I’ll do it.”

“Sigh! Chengbin doesn’t seem to come here much recently. If there’s nothing going on, let him visit!” Lu Guo’an said, but Du Meihong was extremely nervous. He suddenly mentioned Du Chengbin. Could it be that he knew something?

“Alright, he has something to do recently, so he came less often,” Du Meihong explained.

“What is he busy with?” Lu Guo’an asked.

With this question, Du Meihong became even more nervous. A few days ago, she had just asked Du Chengbin to deal with Jiang Youyi, but nothing had happened to her. She was still fine. She was afraid that Lu Guo’an would find out about this. If he did, her image in front of Lu Guo’an would be completely ruined.

“He said he wanted to do KTV. It seems like the renovation has already started. Kids like to study these things.”

“It’s good to have something to do. It won’t waste much money to open a KTV. If he lacks money, give him some, but you have to guarantee that he’s doing a serious business. He can’t break the law,” Lu Guo’an reminded her.

“No, Chengbin is a sensible child. My brother and sister are also dutiful people. They taught him to be down-to-earth since he was young. He won’t break the law.”

“Alright, let him do his best!”

Du Meihong did not know why Lu Guo’an suddenly mentioned Du Chengbin. She was a little nervous, so she sent Du Chengbin a WeChat message that night. However, Du Chengbin did not reply. Usually, he would accompany his lovers at night. How could he have the time to look at his phone?!

When Jiang Youyi returned to the bedroom after taking a shower, she saw that her phone was flashing. It seemed like someone had sent her a WeChat message. Then, she picked up her phone and sat on the bed to take a look.

It was from Lin Feng.

[Lin Feng: Jiang Youyi, is Jiang Youyi here?]

[Lin Feng: Reply after seeing it.]

[Lin Feng: Why aren’t you replying to me?]

[Jiang Youyi: What’s wrong?]

[Lin Feng: Oh my god, you finally replied to me. I’m going to be on fire.]

]Jiang Youyi: What fire?]

[Lin Feng: Something happened to me. I’m on the trending searches. Fourth place, save me quickly.]

[Jiang Youyi: Tell me in detail. I didn’t scroll through Weibo today.]

[Lin Feng: !!!]

[Lin Feng: Alright! I’ll tell you in detail.]

Then, Lin Feng told Jiang Youyi what happened with Lin Meirao. Just as Jiang Youyi had requested, he said it very carefully. Then, he said that he was in a difficult situation and did not dare to go home or go out. Wang Jiangbei and Lu Yunxiao would not help him.

[Jiang Youyi: But you should have found a professional to help you! Why me?]

[Lin Feng: Brother Lu asked me to look for you. He said that you have a lot of evil ideas. No, no. He said that you are smart and will definitely be able to solve it.]

[Jiang Youyi: ???]

[Lin Feng: You know that the person I like has always been your sister. I have a scandal with that woman. How can I woo your sister? Also, on account of how I protected you at the banquet, shouldn’t you help me now that I’m in trouble?]

Jiang Youyi couldn’t help but laugh. Indeed, Lin Feng had helped her a lot and was someone she could befriend.

[Jiang Youyi: Wait a moment. I’ll send you a message later.]

After about eight or nine minutes, Jiang Youyi sent a few photos to Lin Feng on WeChat. They were very clear.

[Lin Feng: As expected, Jiang Youyi! You can even get this.]

[Jiang Youyi: I think these photos are enough to solve your problem. Since she wants to create hype with you, but she’s meeting someone else at night at the same time, isn’t that a little bad? Go to the media and release these photos. I think the public will naturally know what’s going on. Since she has evil intentions, she can’t blame us for being ruthless.]

[Lin Feng: I knew I was right to look for you. I can rest assured now.]

[Jiang Youyi: You’re too kind. If such a thing happens again in the future, just look for me. I have accurate hits.]

[Lin Feng: Thank you so much. After I deal with this woman, I’ll treat you to delicious food.]

[Jiang Youyi: Why are you being so polite? Just take it that I’m repaying you.]

After settling this matter, Jiang Youyi fell asleep peacefully..

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