Chapter 149: Same Model?

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However, on the other side, Wu Chen could not fall asleep no matter what. There were many women around him, and there was no lack of beauties around him. He was even more powerful than Xu Yuning.

At most, Xu Yuning would never reject a woman who threw herself at him. However, Wu Chen was the kind of person who took the initiative. Be it a married, divorced, or a university student, as long as he wanted it, he could get it no matter what method he used.

Bi Sijie came to accompany Wu Chen tonight. She rarely came, but that did not mean that she would not come back. It was a marriage set by the family, and both families approved of them. Therefore, even if Wu Chen didn’t like her, he wouldn’t reject her. However, that was all in the past!

“Chen, what are you thinking about?” After taking a shower, Bi Sijie wrapped herself in a light blue towel and gracefully walked to Wu Chen’s side. When she saw Wu Chen lying on the bed in deep thought, she kissed Wu Chen’s face as she asked.

In the end, Wu Chen dodged it. Bi Sijie was stunned. She knew a little about the women outside, but no matter how much Wu Chen played outside, he would not refuse to be intimate with her.

What was going on today?

What she didn’t know was that Wu Chen was thinking about Jiang Youyi all the time. For some reason, Jiang Youyi’s face often appeared in his mind. On the day of the banquet, he had planned to interact with Jiang Youyi properly, but he did not interact much with her for the entire night. He knew that Lu Yunxiao might have taken a fancy to Jiang Youyi. However, he couldn’t care less. He couldn’t control himself now. He also wanted to be with Jiang Youyi.

Then, Wu Chen sent a WeChat message to his subordinates. No matter what, he had to get close to Jiang Youyi. Important things to say three times: I want to get in touch with Jiang Youyi, I want to get in touch with Jiang Youyi, I want to get in touch with Jiang Youyi!!

That night, Wu Chen did not have sex with Bi Sijie and left her alone. He was only thinking about Jiang Youyi.

Although he had a lot of money and had obtained many women, for some reason, he had an obsession with Jiang Youyi. Perhaps it was because Jiang Youyi had never taken him seriously. Therefore, what he couldn’t get was always the best.

The next morning, the Jiang family was as warm as usual. The family sat together for breakfast.

“Are you still going out today?”

“Yes! What’s wrong?” Jiang Youyi swallowed the sweet porridge in her mouth and looked at Jiang Nian.

“I talked to your sister-in-law last night and thought that the car you’re driving now is a little too old.”


“And I wanted to buy you a new car. Although we can’t compare to the Xu and Lu families, I can still buy you a decent car. I can’t always let you go out in such a shabby state.”

Jiang Nian was aloof and rarely gave gifts to his family, including his parents, let alone Jiang Youyi. When Jiang Youyi heard that Jiang Nian was going to buy her a car, she couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Brother, if you have something to ask of me, just say it.”

“I’m not begging you for anything. I just want to give you a car. If you don’t like it, I won’t give it to you.”

“I like it, I like it, I like it very much.” Jiang Youyi couldn’t waste such a good opportunity. How could she not want a free car?

“As long as you like it. Your brother rarely gives gifts. You have to seize the opportunity,” Mrs. Jiang reminded her at once.

“Of course, I have to seize the opportunity. I can’t let it go.” Jiang Youyi smiled sweetly.

“Your brother won’t give you a Chery, right?” Jiang Yunfei had always been calm. He did not expect that there would be times when he would tease Jiang Youyi.

Mrs. Jiang and Wang Yuqing covered their mouths and laughed.

“Chery it is. As long as it’s new, it’s fine. I’m not the one spending money. I’m willing to accept it.” Jiang Youyi didn’t care so much.

Jiang Nian smiled, thinking that his sister was really greedy. Not only was she greedy, but she was also a miser, the kind that could not bear to spend money on him. Then, Jiang Nian threw the car keys in front of Jiang Youyi.

Jiang Youyi looked at it. “Same model?” Wasn’t her brother too boring? She used to drive an Audi, and now he was giving her an Audi. Sigh! She wasn’t as happy as she was at the beginning.

Jiang Nian’s car was a BMW X6, while Wang Yuqing drove a red Cayenne. Her sister, Jiang Youtian, drove a nanny car with a driver. Because she had to bring her assistant, manager, and makeup artist every time she went out, she had to use that.

Jiang Youtian also had her own private car, but she did not drive it often. Moreover, that car was in the capital now. With Jiang Youtian’s status in the entertainment industry, she was already in the capital, so she rarely went home..

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