Chapter 150: Creating a Chance Encounter

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“It’s a sports car,” Wang Yuqing reminded her.

“Really?” Jiang Youyi was surprised and delighted.

“Of course. You’re my biological sister, so of course I’m giving you the best.” As Jiang Nian spoke, he knocked Jiang Youyi’s head.

“Really, why are you so good to me? I’ll be touched.” Jiang Youyi made an embarrassed expression, but she was actually overjoyed.

Following Jiang Nian’s gaze, she actually saw an Audi R8. It was the type that Jiang Youyi had always liked. Actually, she had wanted to get it for a long time, but she had never had the time. Her family thought that she didn’t have that much money and couldn’t afford it, so Jiang Nian gave it to her. But in fact… Forget it! Let’s not talk about it anymore. The entire family is happy now. Why is she talking about those useless things?

“Don’t just be touched. Try it after breakfast and see how it feels.” Jiang Nian reminded her.

“I feel that it must be good. This is a car my brother bought for me. Others might not feel so good.” Jiang Youyi chuckled happily.

Jiang Youyi had returned from overseas for a long time, but she often went out to play and did not stay at home. Her family did not have much feelings for her.

However, ever since she broke up with Xu Yuning, her family had started to care about her. Perhaps they felt that she would feel uncomfortable after breaking up with Xu Yuning, so they took special care of her.

Furthermore, she was the youngest in the family. It was only right for her to receive more care. In the end, it was because she performed very well at the banquet and didn’t embarrass the Jiang family. She even earned honor. Her family admired her, so they naturally had to treat her better because she was worth it.

Sometimes, it was like this. Whether the people around you treated you well or not often stemmed from you. Just like Jiang Youyi, how could her family bear to let her suffer?

You’re a housewife. You can’t live a decent life.

As a helper, you have to be responsible for buying groceries and cooking.

If you were insensible, naturally, no one would like you.

Seeing that Jiang Youyi was happy, Jiang Nian couldn’t help but tease her. “It’s over, it’s over. Two million yuan is gone just like that.”

“It’s okay. I’ll give you some reimbursement.”

“How much?”

“Tens of thousands! And it’s in installments. I can’t give it all at once.” Jiang Youyi was also amused.

“Alright, alright. I admit that I’m unlucky.” Jiang Nian waved his hand.

“But… Brother, I’m so confused! This is just the New Year. Why did you give me a car?”

Jiang Nian could not help but sigh. “I just don’t want others to look down on you.”

Wang Yuqing continued, “Originally, your brother rarely paid attention to entertainment news, but because of you, he’s been watching it often recently. There’s a group of people who always say that our family is small and shabby. They say that the car you drive is unpopular. Moreover, your brother heard that you were also mocked for being shabby at the banquet. He’s very upset.”

“Don’t listen to them. They don’t understand.”

“It’s another matter if they understand or not. In any case, I can’t let you be so shabby. Don’t drive the old model in the past. I’ve already asked your sister-in-law to sell it in a 4.S shop. You can drive this sports car now. Although we’re not rich, we can’t be disgraced as members of the Jiang family. No matter who is managing the family matters, we can’t let you or your second sister suffer. Even if my son inherits the family business in the future, we can’t mistreat you.”

“Does Sister have one too?” Jiang Youyi asked tentatively with a smile.

“Don’t worry about your sister. She has plenty of money and can’t use more. Just worry about yourself,” Jiang Nian reminded her.

Mrs. Jiang nodded in agreement. “You can drive this car at your age. Aren’t you going to start a business? You definitely have to meet people. If you don’t drive a good car, others will look down on you. Also, Mrs. Xu was so domineering previously. Fortunately, you didn’t marry Xu Yuning. Otherwise, I don’t know what kind of life you’ll be living now.”

“Mom, don’t mention the Xu family. I’m eating now! Otherwise, I’ll vomit easily.” She didn’t want to hear the name she hated so early in the morning, so she hurriedly stopped Mrs. Jiang. “Brother, Sister-in-law, you’re the best!”

Jiang Youyi received the car and hurriedly flattered them. This was a car that cost more than two million yuan. Even her sister-in-law did not drive such an expensive car. Then, the family went out one by one. Jiang Youyi was the last to go out. She drove her new car and prepared to try the feeling of driving a sports car on the road.

At the same time, Wu Chen’s subordinate called Wu Chen.

“Boss Wu, Boss Wu, Jiang Youyi drove out in an Audi.. Where are we going to create a chance encounter?”

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