Chapter 18: What Do You Like About Me?

"Sister, you're back." Xu Yuning hurriedly went up to get close to her.

"Young Master Xu, I'm not worthy of you calling me sister." Jiang Youtian's expression was extremely cold, not giving him a good look.

After the negotiation between the Jiang Family and the Xu Family ended, Mrs. Jiang told her second daughter everything. At that time, Jiang Youtian was busy filming and hung up after a few hurried words. However, no one expected her to rush back the next day.

"Sister, I know I was wrong. That's why I'm here to apologize to Youyi today. I'm here to apologize to Youyi, Uncle, Auntie, and Big Brother on behalf of our entire family."

"Save it. Whether you're representing your entire family or not, has nothing to do with me. But I'm telling you on behalf of the entire Jiang Family now. Stay away from Jiang Youyi in the future. If I find you approaching her again, I'll break your legs immediately. Do you believe me? You keep saying that you love my sister, but you turned around and let another woman get pregnant with your child. Other than being despicable, I can't find a better adjective for you."

Jiang Youtian scolded Xu Yuning mercilessly. She did not even bother to look at him after that. She walked into the courtyard and locked the door. When she entered the courtyard, she bumped into Jiang Youyi, who had just walked out.

Jiang Youtian blocked her way. "You're not allowed to see him. Tell him to get lost as far as possible."

"Sister? Aren't you filming? Why are you suddenly back?" Jiang Youyi was puzzled.

"I can come back whenever I want."

"Then go in quickly. Dad and Mom are eating." Jiang Youyi raised her eyebrows at Jiang Youtian. "You're dressed so beautifully today. Your red lips are too imposing."

"Tiantian is back? I'll get Sister Fang to cook a few more of your favorite dishes." Mrs. Jiang was overjoyed to see her second daughter, whom she had not seen for a long time.

Jiang Yunfei was slightly stunned. "Isn't the production team very busy now?"

"My baby sister has already been bullied to this extent. As her older sister, how can I still be in the mood to work?" Jiang Youtian explained as she changed her shoes. "I've told the director that I stayed up late yesterday to film a lot of my scenes, so I made time."

"The matter between Youyi and Xu Yuning has been resolved. Your sister is not at a disadvantage," Jiang Yunfei said.

"I've long disliked that kid. You're just too innocent. You haven't been in a relationship for so many years and don't understand men at all, so you were deceived by him. However, since you stopped your losses in time, things aren't too bad. However, Jiang Youyi, I'm warning you. You're definitely not allowed to see that bastard Xu Yuning again." Jiang Youtian's personality was domineering, but her love for her sister was real.

Of course, Jiang Youyi could understand her good intentions. She nodded obediently. "Sister, you're right. Don't worry, I won't see him again."

The family of four was chatting happily when Jiang Youyi's phone suddenly rang. Jiang Youyi looked at the caller ID. It was Zhong Xiaohui. She hurriedly walked to the living room to answer the call.

"What's wrong, Xiaohui?"

"F*ck, the sky is falling! Hurry up and go on Weibo to take a look."

"Huh? What's wrong with my Weibo? I haven't logged in for a long time. I almost forgot my password," Jiang Youyi said in confusion.

"Aiya, I really don't know how to explain it to you. Anyway, something big happened. Go take a look yourself." Zhong Xiaohui's tone was anxious on the phone, making Jiang Youyi anxious. She hurriedly hung up the phone and clicked on Weibo. As she hadn't played Weibo for a long time, she had almost forgotten her password. In the end, she had to enter her password three times before she could successfully log in.

The moment she logged on, she was dumbfounded. Tens of thousands of private messages surged into her Weibo. She clicked on one of them dizzily and realized that the other party had sent her a link to Weibo. She clicked on it and realized that it was a Weibo post posted by Lu Yunxiao half an hour ago.

Lu Yunxiao said, "I'm really curious. I wonder what Third Miss Jiang likes about me?" Then, he tagged her.

Jiang Youyi was speechless. She tried her best not to curse in front of her parents. What was this man doing? Weren't they chatting nicely in his car that day? Not only did she explain that she unintentionally implicated him, but she also apologized sincerely and flattered him. She thought that he would just let this matter go because they were strangers to begin with.

Who would have thought that this person would suddenly go crazy?

Her first reaction when she saw this Weibo post was that Lu Yunxiao's account must have been hacked. That's right, why would he post such a thing on Weibo? It must have been hacked!

At this moment, Jiang Youtian also received a call from her manager. After all, she was from the entertainment industry and was very sensitive to such things.

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