Chapter 19: Extortion On The Trending Searches

"Jiang Youyi, come here for a while."

"Okay." Hearing her second sister call her, she hurriedly followed her with small steps.

In order not to let her parents worry, Jiang Youtian brought her upstairs to her bedroom. After entering, Jiang Youtian handed her her cell phone. The lit screen was Lu Yunxiao's Weibo post. "What's going on between you and him?"

"We…" Jiang Youyi didn't know how to explain it to her.

"I heard from Big Brother that you mentioned him at the wedding. Do you really like this person?"

"I don't like him. I just casually said someone's name to take revenge on Xu Yuning," Jiang Youyi said honestly.

"Nonsense!" Jiang Youtian said resentfully, "It wasn't easy for you to escape from Xu Yuning's misery. Are you still sending yourself to the fire pit?"

"Second Sister, I really didn't think too much at that time. I really just said it casually. But why would he post such a thing on Weibo? Didn't he never respond to any scandals? So was his account hacked?" Jiang Youyi guessed tentatively.

Jiang Youtian was furious and put away her cell phone.

"Do you think their company's legal and public relations departments are stupid? If it was really a hacked account, they would have reacted long ago. Why did they let this Weibo post stay on the trending searches until now?"

"That… really…" Jiang Youyi lowered her head guiltily as she spoke. Especially when she saw Second Sister's furious expression, she knew that this Weibo post must have been posted by Lu Yunxiao himself.

"Youyi, you can like anyone, but you really can't like Lu Yunxiao. I won't hurt you."

"Sister, I know."

"I'll get someone to contact Lu Yunxiao and apologize to him on your behalf. If he's willing to let it go, I can film an advertisement for their company for free. I hope he won't stoop to your level." Jiang Youtian had always been a decisive person. As long as she thought that something was right, she would do it without hesitation and even ignore Jiang Youyi's attitude.

Actually, in the eyes of outsiders, the Jiang siblings' relationship was very ordinary. In the eyes of the family, the three of them were not close. After all, everyone had their own things to do. Jiang Nian already had his own small family, and Jiang Youtian was born aloof and quiet. She rarely contacted her family when she had nothing to do. As for Jiang Youyi, she had been separated from her family for eight years. Usually, she would feel awkward even when she asked about them. However, Jiang Youyi knew very well that no matter where her Second Sister and Big Brother were, they were always thinking about each other and her.

"Sister, there's no need to trouble you. I'll apologize to him myself."

"Don't look for him. Lu Yunxiao is too dangerous. As long as he wants to, he can bankrupt our Jiang Family in less than 24 hours and even chase us out of Ocean City." Jiang Youtian felt that Jiang Youyi had underestimated that decisive Young Master Lu.

"But I only said one sentence…" Jiang Youyi was very puzzled.

"Are you a fool? Lu Yunxiao has been in the business world for so many years. Many women have tried to climb into his bed but failed. Previously, there was even a small celebrity who wanted to sleep with him. She was suspended by the company the next day. You dragged him into your relationship with Xu Yuning in front of so many wealthy families in Ocean City. How could he let you off?"

"He didn't lose anything."

"Forget it. I can't explain it to you. Leave this to me." Jiang Youtian felt that her sister had gone crazy from studying overseas. Her brain was different from a normal person's, so she couldn't be bothered to explain it to her.

After Jiang Youtian went downstairs, Jiang Youyi sat in her bedroom and fiddled with her phone. There were already 99 WeChat messages asking her how she got involved with Lu Yunxiao.

The Weibo server had already collapsed, and Lu Yunxiao's Weibo post had more than a million likes and comments. There were even many people who commented under Jiang Youyi's previous Weibo.

[Aren't you disgusting? You're about to get married. Why do you like President Lu?]

[I think you're the one putting on an act for the entire wedding. You just want to rely on Lu Yunxiao's name to become popular!]

[Who is this woman? I've never heard of her before. Where did she suddenly appear from?]

[Previous poster, she's the sister of the big star, Jiang Youtian, but she looks very ordinary to me. I don't know why Young Master Xu is blind and likes her. I think Jiang Youtian and Young Master Lu are quite compatible.]

[Previous poster, Jiang Youtian is really top-notch beauty. She's barely worthy of President Lu.]

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