Chapter 20: I Will Satisfy You

There were even people who scolded her at Jiang Youtian's account. Jiang Youyi really did not understand why Lu Yunxiao posted this Weibo post. If it was just to let her be scolded, wouldn't he be disturbed too? Moreover, didn't they already agree on it in the car that day? Why was it like this again?

As she was thinking, her brain suddenly twitched. She uncontrollably commented under Lu Yunxiao's Weibo post—[Some people appear in your life like gifts. I don't know what I like about you. I only know that at the thought of you, my heart suddenly lit up, and I felt filled with happiness.]

Jiang Youyi admitted that she wanted to fight with that man with resentment. The two of them had already agreed, but he suddenly posted on Weibo to make things difficult for her. Wasn't that his fault? Jiang Youyi had never been a weak person, and she wouldn't feel humble just because someone's status was higher than hers.

After all, in her eyes, money and power had nothing to do with her. She didn't have anything to ask of him, so I naturally don't have to be afraid of him. Coincidentally, it was also because of her strong personality that Xu Yuning couldn't succeed in gaslighting her many times in the past five years. Instead, he was restrained by Jiang Youyi.

On the other hand, after Jiang Youtian spoke to her manager, she began to try all kinds of methods to contact Lu Yunxiao himself. However, she was rejected without hesitation. Seeing that the other party was determined, her heart turned cold.

FAt this moment, she thought of someone—Lin Feng, the young master of Perfect Pictures. She had long heard that Lu Yunxiao had two good friends in Ocean City. One was the new king of real estate, Wang Jiangbei, and the other was the vice-president of Perfect Pictures, Lin Feng. Only these two people could talk to him.

Previously, she had interacted with Lin Feng at a movie's pre-screening and even left their contact details. Jiang Youtian hurriedly found his number and called him. However, she did not expect her sister to cause so much trouble in the time it took her to make a call.

Jiang Youyi thought that Lu Yunxiao would ignore her after she replied. After all, he was a busy president. Such a big shot shouldn't continue to argue with her, right?

However, in a few seconds, Jiang Youyi received another reply from him. He was probably worried that she wouldn't be able to see it, so he deliberately tagged her. Lu Yunxiao: [Since you like me so much, I'll satisfy you. @Jiang Youyi.]

Jiang Youyi: ??? As expected, the Weibo server was paralyzed again. The technical young man, who had already gotten off work, pitifully returned to the company to work overtime. Countless girls cried that they had fallen out of love. Only Jiang Youyi wanted to leave this world quietly…

Her cell phone rang non-stop, causing it to run out of battery. All the aunties and friends ran over to ask. Jiang Youyi was frightened and ran back to her room, not daring to show her face. However, she was still very timid. She secretly sent a private message to Young Master Lu—[Shameless people are invincible, alright?]

In the Xu Family's courtyard, Xu Pingping looked at the content on the screen in shock before sending it to her brother. Xu Yuning's eyes darkened after reading it.

"Brother, could it be that Sister Youyi really likes Lu Yunxiao? That's why she insisted on breaking up with you…"

"No, she's just angry with me and wants to take revenge on me. She won't like anyone else."

"Revenge on you? She doesn't have to use such a method, right?" Xu Pingping felt that her brother was really hopeless in love.

Although he said that, Xu Yuning could not calm down anymore. Knowing that all his contact details had been blocked and deleted, he took his sister's cell phone and kept calling Jiang Youyi.

"Young Master, Old Master wants you to meet him in the study," the helper at home stood at the door and said softly.

"Got it." Hearing the busy tone on the other end of the phone, Xu Yuning hung up unwillingly and walked downstairs absent-mindedly. His mind was filled with Jiang Youyi's Weibo post about her confession to Lu Yunxiao. His heart ached and he felt embarrassed. He had known Jiang Youyi for five years, but she had never said such words to him to express her feelings.

But she and Lu Yunxiao had clearly never met before. Youyi, am I not as good as a stranger whom I've never met in the five years I've been by your side?

Xu Yuning was not in the mood to listen to his father now, but he still obediently walked to sit opposite him.

"We can't keep that woman's child outside." Xu Yuning looked up and realized who the woman his father was talking about was.

"Why can't we keep him? Our son is already so old and should be at the age to start a family and start a career. Even if he's not married, it's not a problem for him to have a child. If it's a boy, we can bring him back and raise him. It's not like we don't have money." Mrs. Xu knew that she might have a grandson and she was very happy.

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