Chapter 27: Stay Away From Him

"You are indeed in the film industry. Your brain is extraordinary." Wang Jiangbei was amused by his words. "But I also want to ask what the two of you were doing upstairs." Wang Jiangbei crossed his arms and waited to hear the gossip.

"Are the two of you aunties at the village entrance?" Lu Yunxiao retorted. It seemed like he was determined to keep it a secret.

On the way back, the Jiang Family's chauffeur drove and the sisters sat in the back. Jiang Youtian was still a little afraid. "I was almost scared to death by you."

"I didn't expect him to be the person you wanted to see," Jiang Youyi said.

"He said you've met before?"

"Yes, we chatted in his car on the day of the wedding."

"What does he mean?"

"I don't think so. Anyway, he doesn't seem to care much about being scammed by me."

"Then when he carried you up just now…"

"It's just to resolve the misunderstanding. Sister, don't worry. He won't make things difficult for our family. Really." Jiang Youyi held Second Sister's hand and promised again.

"You're too rash. What if someone else takes revenge on you later? Have you thought of the consequences?"

"Sister, it won't happen again."

"Also, stay away from Lu Yunxiao in the future. Even if he's rich and powerful, our family won't let you jump into his fire pit. A complicated person like him isn't suitable for you."

"Sister, I'm so hungry." Jiang Youyi changed the topic, making Jiang Youtian sigh helplessly.

This matter came to an end.

When they reached home at night, Jiang Youtian, who could finally come back, was watching television and chatting with her parents in the living room. After Jiang Youyi went upstairs to wash up, she lay on the bed and played with her cell phone.

As she was playing, her cell phone suddenly rang. She looked at the screen. It was an unfamiliar number that had not been saved. The number arrangement did not look like a domestic number.

"Hello?" She picked it up and deliberately lowered her voice.

"Miss Jiang, Xu Yuning brought that woman to a private hospital an hour ago to abort the child. He even helped her with the resignation procedures at the Human Resources Department."

"Alright, thank you." Jiang Youyi hung up the phone, but she did not feel any pleasure after taking revenge.

In her previous life, Xu Yuning's affair caused her father to enter the ICU. Now that the engagement was annulled and Xu Yuning had aborted the child with the woman and removed her from the corporation, could this matter really end?

Wasn't her collaboration with Lu Yunxiao too radical and risky?

It was late at night, and the largest club in Ocean City was called the "Wakeful Dream". Xu Yuning was in a private room on the top floor, surrounded by a group of men and women who were drinking happily.

Everyone could tell that he was not in his best state tonight.

"Come, let's celebrate. CEO Xu is free again," a young rich second-generation heir jeered.

After downing the wine in his glass, the rich second-generation heir patted Xu Yuning's shoulder and said, "Yuning, there's no need to go that far. Jiang Youyi isn't a rare beauty. Even her sister is much more charming than her. If I were you, I would rather like her sister. However, she's just a passerby. Why do you have to worry? Moreover, a small family like the Jiang Family will only drag you down in the future in terms of career."

Xu Yuning suddenly thought of something. "Guo Ming, you're that person's opponent, so you should know him. Did you see the Weibo post he posted today? What exactly does he want to do to Jiang Youyi?"

Guo Ming smiled and put down the wine in his hand. He put his arm around Xu Yuning's shoulder. "You've asked the right person about this. I know him very well. Lu Yunxiao has been clean all these years and has never had any scandals with any woman. But this time, he actually took the initiative to post on Weibo. I think he and your little girlfriend, oh no, should be ex now. They should have known each other long ago. Otherwise, who would confess to a stranger they've never met for no reason?"

Guo Ming's words made sense. Zhang Meng had told him the same thing before. It was just that Xu Yuning was unwilling to believe it back then. Now that even Guo Ming said that, could it be that Youyi… really knew that person long ago?

At the thought of this, Xu Yuning felt even more depressed. He downed the wine in his glass in one gulp.

The next morning, when Jiang Youyi opened her eyes, Second Sister had already returned to the production team. However, her family was no longer surprised. After all, her work situation was special, and she often did not go home for months. Her brother and sister-in-law had also gone to the company.

When Jiang Youyi went downstairs for breakfast, she only saw her mother.

"Mom, has my dad left?"

"Your father has a friend here. He went out for breakfast with him."

"I see." Jiang Youyi nodded.

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