Chapter 28: Exploited By The Internet

Housekeeper Sister Fang walked out of the kitchen and brought her a bowl of century egg lean meat porridge. It was her favorite breakfast.

"Thank you for your hard work, Sister Fang."

"This is what I should do. Hurry up and eat. There's still a lot in the pot." Jiang Youyi's phone did not stop ringing as she ate breakfast. It was a WeChat notification.

She clicked on it and saw more than a dozen messages.

Jiang Youtian: [I'm going back to the production team. Stay at home obediently and don't cause trouble online. If the media contacts you, ignore them. Those people love to add fuel to the fire and spout nonsense.]

Zhong Xiaohui: [Sister, you're completely popular now. The Internet is filled with news about you and that big shot.]

Chen Hao: [Youyi, I heard that Xu Yuning's family seems to have given up on taking revenge on you. The public relations document that they wanted to slander you has also been revoked. I think Xu Yuning caused a scene in front of his parents.]

Jiang Youyi smiled helplessly. Her cousin did not know the inside story. The Xu Family did not let her off. It was just that she had thrown the evidence of Xu Yuning's affair in front of the two elders of the Xu Family, so they did not dare to act rashly.

How could they still have the cheek to continue slandering her for the sins that their son had committed? She had already let the Xu Family off for the sake of their five-year relationship.

Zhong Xiaohui said, "Have you seen the trending searches? I advise you not to watch them. The Internet is basically scolding you now. Why didn't I know that Lu Yunxiao had so many brainless fans in the past?"

Jiang Youyi finished a bowl of porridge unhurriedly before opening Weibo. Before Lu Yunxiao posted on Weibo, she only had six fans, and three of them were zombie fans. Moreover, she did not play Weibo much and usually only used Weibo as a tool to store photos.

The moment she logged on today, she almost thought that there was something wrong with her eyes. Her fans had increased by more than a million overnight. What did it mean to have more than a million fans? It was already equivalent to the number of fans of an 18th-tier celebrity. Also, the comments under Lu Yunxiao's Weibo post had already exceeded 50,000 and were still increasing.

The private messages exploded. She couldn't even finish reading them. Many people tagged her and reminded her to read the private messages. However, the strange thing was that everyone was clearly paying attention to her and Lu Yunxiao yesterday, but today, there were suddenly many female fans who cursed her without any explanation.

Jiang Youyi clicked on her comments section. A few top comments made it difficult for her to ignore—

Netizen 1: [Is this woman crazy? Not only did she break off the engagement in public, but she also took advantage of others' popularity. Is she shameless? Didn't your parents teach you how to be a person?]

Netizen 2: [Is Big Boss Lu someone you can scam? Why don't you weigh yourself first? The receptionist of Big Boss Lu Group is 100 times prettier than a woman like you who rides on his popularity. Don't even think about it.]

Netizen 3: [If there's only one woman in the world who's worthy of being a top CEO, I'll vote for Sister Bingbing selfishly. She's so beautiful that she doesn't look like a mortal. She's miles away from this woman who's trying to ride on her popularity.]

Netizen 4: [This woman is really stupid and bad. It's not easy for her to climb up the social ladder, but it's fine if she doesn't cherish it. She actually wants to continue climbing up another social ladder. Let me advise you nicely. You brought this upon yourself. It's not so easy to climb up the social ladder. Don't fall to your death when the time comes.]

Netizen 5: [I also think that Bai Bing and President Lu are the most compatible. One look and I can tell that Bai Bing is a well-educated young lady from a wealthy family. Who is this woman? She doesn't have looks, family background, or background. She's overestimating herself.]

Netizen 6: [To be honest, I saw the live-stream that day. This woman looks alright, but her character is too bad. I saw the news that she liked to hook rich second-generation heirs when she was studying abroad. Looks like she really won't change.]

Jiang Youyi's gaze swept past these comments one by one, and her heart did not waver at all. The moment she replied to the other Lu Yunxiao's Weibo, she thought of the current outcome. Or rather, she had thought of it now when she broke off the engagement.

However, she did not expect that in the end, these people were even unsatisfied to simply scold and curse her through the Internet. Instead, they found her department store and scattered flyers at the door.

More than a dozen girls scattered flyers at the entrance of the department store. There was only a blurry photo on the flyers and a line of words—"Jiang Youyi is throwing herself at a man. Shameless!"

Jiang Youyi realized belatedly that she had really been abused on the Internet this time.

Her parents usually did not watch entertainment news and did not know. Jiang Youyi secretly called her sister-in-law and asked about the situation in the department store before driving over immediately.

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