Chapter 32: How Have You Been?

"The two of them…" Seeing that Du Meihong was hesitating and unwilling to speak, Bai Bing took out a carrier bag from behind her. "Auntie, I saw you post on your WeChat Moments some time ago asking which sales associate had this limited edition crocodile skin. Coincidentally, I have a friend who is the overall person-in-charge of this brand in Shanghai, so I asked her to buy one for me. This is for you."

"Aiya, how can I accept such an expensive gift from you? Take it back quickly." Du Meihong refused, but her eyes were greedy and refused to move away from her bag.

"Auntie, this bag was carried by you at your age. It's useless for me to take it back. Just treat it as a gift from me, a junior. I'll be unhappy if you don't accept it."

"Then I won't stand on ceremony. I've really made you spend a lot of money." She had already accepted the gift, so she naturally couldn't hold back anymore. She had to give her the information she needed.

Du Meihong looked around and lowered her voice. "I've been married to his father for so many years, but I've never seen Yunxiao with any woman. But who knew that he would be associated with that young lady from the Jiang Family for no reason? To be honest, if it weren't for the fact that the two of them have been causing an uproar on the Internet recently, I wouldn't have known that there was such a family in Ocean City. I've never heard of them."

Du Meihong was Lu Yunxiao's stepmother in name. In her eyes, the Jiang Family was a small family and did not belong to the same world as her family. It was normal for her to look down on the Jiang Family. With the Jiang Family's financial resources, they were indeed not in the same social circle as the Lu Family.

"I've never heard of this Jiang Family either. I only found out after reading the news that she's Jiang Youtian's younger sister," Bai Bing said.

"I know Jiang Youtian. Isn't she the one who acted in the television drama? This happened too suddenly, especially when Yunxiao posted a Weibo response later. His father and I didn't expect him to do this. He has always been afraid of trouble. We all thought that his account had been hacked. Later on, we found out that he posted it himself."

"So Brother Yunxiao knew that woman before?" Bai Bing looked worried.

"I don't think so. I've never heard Yunxiao mention this person before. As for why Yunxiao is so close to her now, your uncle and I don't know the reason. You also know that that child has always been independent and has never listened to me or his father. Bingbing, let me give you a piece of advice. If you really like Yunxiao, you have to seize the time to fight for him. You can't continue to be so passive."

"Auntie, of course I really like Brother Yunxiao. I've only liked him for so many years." Bai Bing had always been an arrogant person. She had a good family background since she was young and her life had always been smooth-sailing. Until now, she had become a famous host on the television station. Her reputation was not inferior to Jiang Youtian, a female celebrity. Now, she had almost become a famous person in the country. The netizens even affectionately called her the nation's younger sister.

The men wooing her were about to line up overseas, but she had not been in a relationship all these years. She had been waiting for Lu Yunxiao to turn around and look at her. She thought that the two of them could slowly cultivate their relationship as childhood friends. Unexpectedly, someone suddenly appeared out of nowhere. That was why she was anxious.

"Since you like it, there's nothing else to say. What has your mother been busy with recently?"

"She's arranging flowers at home and reading magazines. She's not busy," Bai Bing replied obediently.

"How about this? Auntie will get my helpers to prepare some seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood at home tomorrow. Call your parents over for a simple meal. Your parents are old acquaintances with us. Moreover, Yunxiao grew up under their noses. We haven't eaten together for so many years. We can take this opportunity to gather and create a chance for you young people to be alone."

"Auntie, I'll have to trouble you then." Bai Bing could finally relax a little. Du Meihong was indeed knowledgeable about the ways of the world. It was not in vain that she had asked someone to buy this Hermes exotic leather bag that cost more than 300,000 yuan.

"Child, why are you being so polite to Auntie?" Du Meihong said with a smile. She naturally could persuade Lu Yunxiao alone. However, no matter how unwilling Lu Yunxiao was to go home, he had to consider his father's face. She would lie to Lu Guo'an when they got home tonight. When the time came, she would get Lu Guo'an to call him home for dinner.

The gathering was settled just like that. However, Bai Bing was still a little nervous when she returned. She had Lu Yunxiao's contact number. Hence, after thinking about it, she still sent him a WeChat message.

Bai Bing: [Yunxiao, how have you been recently?]

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