Chapter 33: Is She Your Girlfriend?

The message was sent for more than two hours before there was a response.

Lu Yunxiao: [Fine.]

Bai Bing: [I saw the trending searches online. I didn't expect this matter to cause such a commotion. No one has disturbed your life recently, right?]

Lu Yunxiao: [No.]

Bai Bing: [Then you and Miss Jiang…]

Lu Yunxiao didn't reply for a long time. Bai Bing couldn't help but send another WeChat message. [Our television station is also very concerned about your matters. The station head wants me to ask you if this matter is true or… If it's true, can our television station write a first-hand report for you?]

Lu Yunxiao: [No need.]

Bai Bing: [Alright, let me know if you need help. After all, I'm in the media too. I can help you a little. Of course, it's good that you don't need help.]

Lu Yunxiao thanked her politely and distantly. Bai Bing looked at the few replies on the screen and felt a little uncomfortable. However, on second thought, she had known Lu Yunxiao for so many years. He had always been a person who did not like to talk, let alone chat online.

At this moment, the quiet person in her heart was sitting at her desk and reading documents. Jiang Youyi was lying on the wide sofa in his office, playing "King of Glory" on her cell phone. She was in high spirits.

"I'm speechless. Can the jungler not lead the way?" Jiang Youyi started the mic bravely.

Lu Yunxiao glanced at her. "Are you planning to stay with me forever?"

"At least after dinner," Jiang Youyi replied as she operated the hero on her cell phone. She had just been cheated of an astronomical lunch by the other party. She couldn't get over this hurdle and was waiting for dinner to get back at him.

Lu Yunxiao smiled helplessly and looked at the time on his watch. "It's indeed time for dinner. It's getting late."

Hearing his words, Jiang Youyi quickened her pace. "I want to eat Australian lobster." She had already thought about it. As long as Lu Yunxiao asked her what she wanted to eat, she would say that she wanted to eat Australian lobster. With her appetite, it would not be a problem for her to eat Australian lobster that cost more than 10,000 yuan. It could be considered as venting her anger.

"Auron, alright. I'll get the helper to buy them now."

"Get the helper to buy them?" Jiang Youyi was stunned.

"Yes, my father asked me to go home for dinner tonight. Coincidentally, you're here, so come back with me to meet him. If those paparazzi guarding the entrance of the corporation see us now, they'll definitely write even more explosive news tomorrow. However, it'll be hard on you then. If the fans are impulsive, they might not just smash eggs on your head."

"I suddenly feel that I'm not hungry at all. I'll make a move first." Jiang Youyi slipped away without another word.

She did want to eat Australian lobsters, but she could forget about meeting Lu Yunxiao's parents. She had long heard that Lu Yunxiao's father, Lu Guo'an, the president of Qihe Corporation, was a very scary person. It was said that he did not even shed a tear at his wife's funeral. Moreover, Jiang Youyi and Lu Yunxiao could only be considered to be in a cooperative relationship, so there was no need to meet his parents.

"President Lu, is she your girlfriend?" The young male assistant asked curiously as he watched Jiang Youyi sweep past like the wind.

"Have you finished your work?" Lu Yunxiao glanced at his assistant coldly. "The workload I arranged for you is too little, right?"

The male assistant broke out in cold sweat from his stare and shook his head repeatedly. "…I suddenly forgot that I still have some work to do. I'll go get busy first."

It was already dark outside when she left Qihe Corporation. Jiang Youyi called a taxi on her cell phone. Her family was present today. Her brother, sister-in-law and parents were having a lively meal.

"Youyi, have you eaten?" Seeing her return, her sister-in-law got up to scoop rice for her.

"I haven't eaten yet. I'm starving." Jiang Youyi pouted at her sister-in-law pitifully.

"I'll go, Young Madam." Sister Fang had worked in the Jiang Family for many years and treated the three children no different from her biological children.

Jiang Youyi smiled and nodded. She sat down beside her sister-in-law and waited for dinner.

"Have you been too idle recently? You don't have to get married anymore. Don't you plan to find something to do in the company?" Jiang Nian asked.

"Aren't you happy that I'm not fighting with you for the family assets?" Jiang Youyi teased him.

"I'd rather you fight for it." Jiang Nian really couldn't do anything to her.

"Youyi, your brother isn't joking with you. The company is really short of manpower recently. Your brother and I plan to have a child this year or next year. If I get pregnant, I won't be at ease leaving the work in my hands to others. Why don't you follow me to study finance now? You can help us then." Her sister-in-law, Wang Yuqing, was originally the company's finance manager. She came to the company for an internship right after graduating from university. At that time, Jiang Nian had just taken over the family business. The two young people were similar in age and usually worked well together. They got together after a while.

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