Chapter 34: There's No Need For That

"Sister-in-law, I really don't understand those accounts."

"If you're not going to work, hurry up and get married. I've asked a few madams around me to help you find a suitable candidate. You just need to meet him," Mrs. Jiang said.

Her thoughts were very simple. A woman did not necessarily need to work. After she got married, she would stay at home to take care of her husband and children. Her life was quite good.

"Why are you urging her to get married? Isn't Xu Yuning's lesson enough?" Jiang Nian was a little unhappy.

"Brother, don't mention him."

"I wanted to ask you. What's going on today's trending searches? Those people are all at the entrance of the company." Of course, Jiang Nian knew that those fans were causing trouble at the entrance of the company. He had also heard his employees talk about Lu Yunxiao's interaction with his sister on Weibo.

"Uh, we have nothing to do with each other. He's Second Sister's friend. We were just joking."

"Your Second Sister's friend?" Father Jiang was stunned. "Why is your Second Sister involved again?"

"It's really Second Sister's friend, Dad. Second Sister brought me to their gathering, so we got to know each other. Isn't it normal for young people to joke now? You don't have to take it seriously. I'm full. Take your time." Jiang Youyi put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hand and hurriedly hid in her room.

In the eyes of the Jiang Family, although Jiang Youyi was usually a little unpredictable, there was no doubt that she was obedient and sensible. She was bold, but she had never had any conflicts with anyone since she was young. She was timid. She went overseas to study alone when she was 10 years old and lived in a foreign country for eight years.

If she was rebellious, she rarely talked back to her family. No matter what the elders said, she was usually very obedient. Even if she did not like it, she would never reject them fiercely. However, if she was obedient, she did not even inform her family before she broke off the engagement with Xu Yuning, catching everyone off guard. Hence, her family often felt that they could not figure out what she was thinking.

After taking a shower in the bathroom, she saw a WeChat notification on the screen. She clicked on it and saw that it was Second Sister.

Jiang Youtian: [I want to give you a handsome man. He'll definitely be your type.]

Jiang Youyi: [What the hell???]

Jiang Youtian: [I've already asked him to add you. Have a good chat with him.]

Before Jiang Youyi could refuse, she saw another friend request. It was a business card recommended by Second Sister.

Jiang Youyi: [Can I not add it?]

Jiang Youtian: [No, don't waste time.]

Jiang Youyi finally understood why Second Sister, who was clearly devastatingly beautiful, had never been in a relationship until now. With her domineering personality, ordinary men really could not handle her.

Jiang Youyi knew that she couldn't argue with her, so she could only agree to the friend request obediently.

Unexpectedly, the other party was even more enthusiastic than she had imagined.

W: [Hello, Little Sister Youyi, right?]

Jiang Youyi: [Yes, you are?]

W: [I'm friends with your Second Sister. You can call me Little Brother ~]

Jiang Youyi was speechless. Why did Second Sister introduce her to a lame man?

W: [I'm not joking with you anymore. I'm Wu Di. You should have heard of me, right?]

Jiang Youyi: [Sorry, I've never heard of you.]

W: [Don't you usually chase after celebrities? I was the male lead in the recent popular period drama, "The Tyrannical Prince Falls In Love With Me". Do you remember now?]

Jiang Youyi: [I've never seen it before.]

W: [Then you've seen the movie "With You When You Were Young, right? I'll act as the second male lead in it.]

Jiang Youyi: [I'm sorry, I rarely watch movies and television dramas.]

W: [… Don't tell me you still don't know about the advertisement for the "Clear" shampoo? I filmed it too.]

Jiang Youyi: [I'm sorry. I really don't usually go online to read these things.]

W: [Then you should know Chen Mengmeng, right? She's the popular star this year. Some time ago, our relationship dominated the trending searches for an entire week. Don't say that you haven't seen this before. Otherwise, I would really be very sad.]

Jiang Youyi: [I know Chen Mengmeng.]

W: [I knew it. She's my ex. She just broke up with me some time ago because our personalities didn't match.]

Jiang Youyi: [Really? I've never heard of her having a boyfriend.]

W: [… Why haven't you heard anything? Sister, do you live in ancient times?]

Jiang Youyi: [I'm sorry, I'm not usually interested in the entertainment industry.]

W: [Sister, I understand. You're pretending to be reserved, right? You're afraid that you'll make me think that you're as boring as other women if you act too agitated, right?]

Jiang Youyi: [There's really no need for what you're saying.]

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