Chapter 35: The Lame Man

W: [You've succeeded. I'm indeed very interested in you now.]

Jiang Youyi's head was about to explode. She was already beginning to suspect that Second Sister had specially sent this person to mess with her. Could it be to take revenge on her cat for peeing on her blanket last month? Where did she find such a weirdo? Such a lame person could become an idol celebrity???

W: [To be honest, you're very beautiful. You're my type.]

Jiang Youyi: [Just average looks. Thank you for your praise.]

W: [At eight o'clock tomorrow night, make time. I'll take you on a date. Send me the address and I'll get my assistant to pick you up. But remember, you can't take photos when we eat.]

Jiang Youyi: [I'm sorry, I don't have time.]

W: [Then when are you free? The day after tomorrow, or next week? Let's meet as soon as possible. I'm going out to film after a while, and you won't be able to see me.]

Jiang Youyi: [… Let's have a meal next time when my sister is around. I'm not used to eating alone with strangers.]

W: [We're not strangers after meeting. We can develop further.]

Jiang Youyi: [I'm sorry, I don't want to date you.]

W: [We haven't interacted with each other yet. How do you know that you don't want to? What if you fall in love with me later?]

Jiang Youyi: […]

W: [Do you want to give us a chance?]

W: [Are you still there?]

Jiang Youyi sent Jiang Youtian a WeChat message without stopping. [Second Sister, there seems to be something wrong with this person's brain.]

Jiang Youtian: [Wu Di is a pure and straight man. His EQ is a little poor, but his character is very good. Usually, whether it's the directors or actors who have worked with him, they think that he's a very down-to-earth person. Try interacting with him first. At least I can guarantee you that he's definitely better than that scumbag Xu Yuning.]

Jiang Youyi: [I don't want to date.]

Jiang Youtian: [Then you guys can chat first. I have work to do. I won't talk to you anymore.]

Jiang Youyi choked speechlessly. She could only lie on the bed and wave at the kitten. "I'm so tired. Burpee, why do I feel that things have become more complicated after being reborn?"

"Meow, meow. (?_?)" The kitten couldn't be bothered with her and swaggered to the sofa to lie down.

At the same time, at the Lu Family's main residence.

"Hubby, what do you think of Bai Bing?" Du Meihong was wearing a silk nightdress. She knelt on the bed and massaged Lu Guo'an's shoulders.

"Bai Bing? Why are you suddenly asking this?" Lu Guo'an turned to look at her.

"Isn't the matter between Yunxiao and Miss Jiang a hot topic recently? Bingbing might be afraid that they would make the act real. That day, she came to ask me if what happened between Yunxiao and Miss Jiang was real. I think this child is quite pitiful. She has liked Yunxiao for so many years, but she gave up such a good opportunity to go overseas for Yunxiao. If she didn't want to be with Yunxiao, she would have been promoted to a bigger platform long ago. There would be no need for her to stay in Ocean City TV Station."

"She came to you?"

"Yes, she was quite worried that day," Du Meihong said as she went to the cloakroom to find the bag Bai Bing had given her. "She even gave me a bag that cost more than 300,000 yuan. It doesn't matter if it's money or not. It's just that there aren't many of these bags in the country. She specially begged someone to buy it for me." The smartest thing about Du Meihong was that she never played tricks in front of Lu Guo'an.

She knew very well that living by Lu Guo'an's side, being petty was no different from pushing herself into a fire pit. It was too easy for him to find out anything. There was no point in lying. Instead, if you told the truth, you might be able to gain his favor.

As expected, Lu Guo'an looked at his bag with a complicated gaze. "She's really attentive to Yunxiao."

"As elders, we all know how much that child likes Yunxiao. With our family's conditions, we naturally don't lack this bag from her. It's just that I'm in a difficult position. If I reject her, it'll be equivalent to rejecting her in Bingbing's eyes. After all, I'm not Yunxiao's biological mother. I don't dare to rashly make decisions for him, so I thought of coming back to ask for your opinion. What do you think of Bingbing? If you don't like her, I'll buy something of about the same price and return the favor."

Lu Guo'an sighed. After a long while, he leaned against the head of the bed and said, "It's not that I like her or not. The Bai Family is very well-behaved, but they don't have a big plan. Bai Bing has been studying well since she was young, her personality is good, and her looks are even better. Only her job allows her to interact with everyone. I don't want Yunxiao's future wife to be such a person who shows her face outside all day long."

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