Chapter 36: Set Up The Marriage Early

"Hubby, your worries are reasonable, but this is not a big problem," Du Meihong said softly.

"Yes, work is indeed not a big problem. I've already gotten someone to investigate the young ladies from these families in Ocean City. They are wild in private. Bai Bing has always been quite clean. If she marries Yunxiao, it will be easier." No matter what, she still felt that Bai Bing was fine.

Lu Guo'an had always been proud and arrogant. There were very few people who could receive his praise. It was already not bad to hear such an evaluation from him.

"Then you have to have a good chat with Yunxiao when you have time. He's not young anymore. It's not good for him not to fall in love. Let the two children interact more and settle the marriage as soon as possible."

"Yes, I'll tell him about this when I'm free."

"Then I'll ask Bingbing's parents to come to our house for a casual meal tomorrow. What do you think?"

"You've already accepted her gift, so it's only right for you to treat her to a meal. Prepare a few more dishes when the time comes. Regardless of whether the two children are fated or not, don't neglect her."

Du Meihong smiled and clung to his arm. "If you find it troublesome, I'll return the bag. I'm already so old. Do I still care about a bag? Seriously."

"Alright, I was just teasing you." Lu Guo'an smiled and scratched the tip of her nose.

At middle age, power and money were no longer important. It was the happiest thing to have his family by his side. Lu Yunxiao was his only child, and he had high hopes for him.

As for Du Meihong, she was just a tool for entertainment when he was lonely. The reason why Lu Guo'an gave her a status was purely because he was not someone who liked to hang out with women. In business, a man would not be able to achieve anything if he was obsessed with women.

The next morning, Jiang Youyi made an appointment with Zhong Xiaohui last night to go shopping together. She had just left the house in her white BMW when she was forced to stop by a flashy Lamborghini. Just by looking at the license plate, she knew that it was Xu Yuning's car.

Jiang Youyi honked impatiently a few times and had no intention of getting out of the car. To her surprise, Zhang Meng got out of the passenger seat of the Lamborghini first.

The moment she saw Zhang Meng, she finally could not remain calm. The memories of her previous life were still vivid in her mind. Zhang Meng came to her door with a big belly to show off and collaborated with Xu Yuning's mother to plot against her and her parents.

Jiang Youyi suppressed the anger in her heart and pushed open the car door to get out of the car. At this moment, Xu Yuning also got out of the car and stood beside Zhang Meng with a solemn expression. Zhang Meng slowly walked towards Jiang Youyi. When she was about a meter away from her, she suddenly knelt in front of Jiang Youyi with a plop.

Zhang Meng cried before she could speak. "Miss Jiang, it's all my fault. I hurt you and ruined your relationship with Yuning. I don't expect you to forgive me. I just hope that you won't hate Yuning. This has nothing to do with him. I seduced him."

Jiang Youyi felt a chill run down her spine when she heard her familiar voice. This woman was much more difficult to deal with than Xu Yuning.

Jiang Youyi walked up to her step by step and looked down at her. She actually wanted to laugh.

"Don't cry… Let's talk things out. You can't be too agitated with your health." Xu Yuning couldn't bear to see her like this. Before she came, Zhang Meng told Xu Yuning that it was her fault that Miss Jiang couldn't forgive him. She wanted to personally apologize to Jiang Youyi and ask her not to misunderstand Xu Yuning.

Ever since Xu Yuning saw the contents of the trending searches, he had been distracted. He really did not know what to do to make Jiang Youyi give him another chance. He did not reject Zhang Meng's suggestion.

However, he did not expect Zhang Meng to apologize to Jiang Youyi on the road.

He already felt very guilty for letting Zhang Meng abort the child. He could not accept letting another woman kneel down to another woman for him. Zhang Meng had just had an abortion and her body was weak. She could not even say a complete sentence in the car just now. Moreover, the doctor had instructed her not to be too agitated. Otherwise, it was very likely to cause irreversible damage to her body.

Even if he did not like Zhang Meng, he did not want to make things difficult for a woman. Hence, the first thing Xu Yuning said after getting out of the car was getting her not to apologize to Jiang Youyi. He felt sorry for this woman who had a relationship with him and had just aborted his baby.

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