Chapter 38: I'll Never Get Up

If the Xu Family sent a few more media outlets to capture this scene at this moment, once the video was posted online, the netizens would say that Jiang Youyi was aggressive and wanted to force her to her death.

However, only the person involved knew the truth.

Jiang Youyi let out a long sigh. "Zhang Meng, stop kneeling."

"If Miss Jiang refuses to forgive us, I won't get up for the rest of my life. I'd rather kneel here until I die. As long as the two of you can live happily, I won't hesitate to sacrifice my life."

Look, what a loving couple. What a touching relationship.

"I'll forgive you if you stand up."

Zhang Meng was in disbelief when she heard that. She looked at Jiang Youyi in a daze and even forgot to continue crying. Xu Yuning was also stunned. Youyi forgave her?

"You don't have to be so surprised. You've already knelt down and apologized to me. Of course I have to forgive you."

"But…" The situation had suddenly turned around, and Zhang Meng did not know what to say. Her original plan was to kneel in front of Jiang Youyi and beg bitterly, angering her so that she would completely give up on Xu Yuning and say more heartless words. This way, Xu Yuning would slowly stop thinking about her. He should turn back after hitting a wall with Jiang Youyi, right?

Unexpectedly, Jiang Youyi was still mocking her a second ago, but she suddenly said that she forgave her the next second. This shouldn't be the case. She had already come looking for her, so how could she forgive her?

Jiang Youyi did not play by the rules and ruined Zhang Meng's plan, making Xu Yuning dumbfounded.

Jiang Youyi walked forward with a gentle gaze and helped Zhang Meng up. Then, she persuaded gently, "You just did the procedure. Your body is weak now. Don't kneel. Nothing is more important than your body, understand?"

"Miss… Jiang." Zhang Meng couldn't get used to Jiang Youyi like this. She was even a little nervous.

"What Xu Yuning said made sense just now. This isn't your fault alone. Although the two of you have let me down, you're still a woman after all. Why should a woman make things difficult for a woman? Don't you think so?" Jiang Youyi looked at her with sincerity and concern. "I'm not looking at anything else. On account that we've known each other for a long time, I can't bear to see you continue kneeling. Get up."

At this point, Zhang Meng's expression changed completely.

Xu Yuning suddenly reacted and asked in confusion, "Youyi, the two of you knew each other long ago?"

"That's right. She loves you so much, but she didn't even tell you about this?" Jiang Youyi had also learned to play dumb.

"Zhang Meng, did you know each other before?" Xu Yuning stared at the woman kneeling on the ground and asked coldly. Zhang Meng had never told him that she knew Jiang Youyi long ago. He met this woman on the night of the company's team building. At that time, he only thought that their meeting was a coincidence.

Even when he was with Zhang Meng, he often mentioned his girlfriend, Jiang Youyi. However, Zhang Meng always pretended to be very interested in Jiang Youyi and even asked him what kind of person Miss Jiang was to make him love her wholeheartedly. She never revealed that she knew her.

What was Zhang Meng hiding?

"Yuning, let me explain. It's not what you think…" Zhang Meng never expected Jiang Youyi to say that she knew her here. She was much smarter than she thought. She even thought that Jiang Youyi had forgotten about her long ago. After all, it had been too long since that year. Moreover, she did not look like this back then, nor was her name Zhang Meng.

"Let me explain for her. She worked as a helper in our house for a period of time. At that time, she didn't call herself by her current name, right, Zhang Xue?" Jiang Youyi exposed her last cover mercilessly.

When Xu Yuning heard that, he looked at the woman in front of him in disbelief. He looked as if he had been electrocuted and his eyes were dull.

"Alright, since the matter has been resolved, you can leave."

"Youyi, then our marriage… Didn't you say that you forgave me just now?" After Xu Yuning came back to his senses, he took a few steps forward and wanted to hold Jiang Youyi's hand.

"Xu Yuning, did you hear wrongly? I said that I forgave Zhang Xue, but I didn't say that I forgave you."

Xu Yuning stood on the spot awkwardly, not daring to go forward.

"Your performance was very exciting, especially Zhang Xue. It's indeed a waste of your talent to be a helper. You're more suitable to be an actress. Good luck. I think highly of you." Jiang Youyi smiled and turned around to return to her car. She stepped on the accelerator and left the two of them. The wind and dust blew on their faces.

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