Chapter 39: Looking For Trouble

To be honest, if Zhang Meng and Xu Yuning did not rush to cause trouble, she did not intend to have any more interactions with this adulterous couple, especially Zhang Meng. Jiang Youyi really could not be bothered with her. If she insisted on coming up to court death, she could not be blamed.

Speaking of her and Zhang Meng, it was indeed many years ago. At that time, she had just returned from overseas and was about 18 years old. She met Xu Yuning in the same year. After that, Xu Yuning started to pursue her fiercely. At that time, the Jiang Family's kitchen maid, Mrs. Zeng, said that she had a relative who wanted to come to the city to earn some tuition fees during the summer break. She asked Mrs. Jiang if she could arrange some work for her.

The Jiang Family did not lack the money to hire a helper. Moreover, Mother Jiang heard that this little girl was about the same age as her youngest daughter. She could not bear it and let her come. When Zhang Meng came to the Jiang Family to be a helper, she was just in her first year. She usually stayed in the kitchen and did some trivial work. It was not tiring. At that time, she was still called Zhang Xue.

She worked efficiently, and Mrs. Jiang liked her very much. However, she gradually gave herself away and tried to seduce Jiang Nian with ill intentions several times. She was discovered by Jiang Youyi. Jiang Youyi told her mother to chase her away from home.

Ever since then, Zhang Meng had started to hate her. Later on, she saved up money and had plastic surgery on her entire face. She looked much better than before and changed her name to deliberately get close to Xu Yuning.

Hence, even Xu Yuning would not believe that all of this was a coincidence, right?

In the car on the way back, Zhang Meng explained as she cried, "Yuning, Jiang Youyi deliberately sowed discord between us. Don't believe her."

"Don't believe her? Your face and your name are all fake. Tell me, what else is real about you?"

"I changed my name a long time ago. I did plastic surgery because my classmates bullied me when I was in school. That's why I saved up money to do plastic surgery. I didn't lie to you on purpose. I just haven't thought of when to confess to you. Really."

"You used to be a helper in the Jiang Family, so you knew me a long time ago, right? Did you approach me to take revenge on Youyi?"

"No, I haven't been in the Jiang Family for long. I haven't even seen you before. How can I know you? Moreover, the two of us have been together for so long. Can't you feel my sincerity towards you? Yuning." Zhang Meng's intestines were turning green with regret. She shouldn't have provoked Jiang Youyi.

She had wanted to disgust Jiang Youyi, but now, she had gone for wool and come home shorn. Even Xu Yuning's last bit of guilt towards her was gone by her.

"Then why did you hide it from me? Why didn't you tell me that you knew each other long ago?" Xu Yuning punched the steering wheel and roared. He now felt that he had been played by this weak-looking woman in front of him. At the thought that he was about to marry Youyi and all of this had been ruined by this woman in front of him, he wished he could kill her.

"It's really not what you think. Let me explain to you, okay?"

"Get lost, now!"

Xu Yuning could no longer control his anger. He had long had enough of being mocked and ridiculed by the Jiang Family these few days. He had used his warm face to stick to the Jiang Family's cold butt. When did he, Xu Yuning, need to be so humble? And all of this was because of her! That b*tch!

He braked and stopped the car by the roadside, chasing Zhang Meng out of the car.

"I've already given you the money. Please don't appear in my life again. I feel sick just looking at you now."

"Yuning, don't say that…"

"Get lost!"

Xu Yuning had grown up with a golden spoon in his mouth. After so many years, who didn't call him Young Master Xu when they saw him? He felt disgusted at the thought that he had actually slept with the former helper of the Jiang Family. He wasn't discriminating against the profession of a helper. He just felt that Zhang Meng, who had schemed to get close to him, was disgusting.

What was even more unacceptable to him was that Jiang Youyi clearly knew about this long ago, but she didn't say it earlier or later. She just had to expose this today, turning him into a fool. A fool who was played around by others.

Jiang Youyi was in a hurry to attend the appointment just now. If she hadn't agreed to go shopping with Zhong Xiaohui long ago, she actually wouldn't mind chatting with that adulterous couple.

As soon as the two of them met, Zhong Xiaohui grabbed her hand excitedly. "Sister, you're f*cking more awesome than female celebrities now. Your sister hasn't been on the trending searches as much as you have! You're on the trending searches again, do you know?!"

"Don't mess with me…" Jiang Youyi was dumbfounded.

Zhong Xiaohui turned on her cell phone and handed it to Jiang Youyi. "Look."

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