Chapter 40: The Man Who Always Causes Trouble

A big verified account on Weibo posted on Weibo—[Amy Cheung wrote in "Missing": "Love is the endless longing for each other. It's a worry that can never be let go. It's a willing bond." To women, once they completely fell in love with a man, they could not control their emotions. They would always inadvertently reveal their adoration and appear especially gentle and affectionate.

Actually, when a woman was really aroused, her words and actions would change. It could be seen with a little observation.

For example, she would always pester you to chat. Her words were filled with true love. Not only were her words moving, but she was also gentle and cute.

Or, as long as she interacted with you, she would quietly approach you and take the initiative to have some physical contact with you, hoping to develop an intimate relationship as soon as possible.

Another example was that every time she went on a date with you, she would deliberately dress up exquisitely and beautifully, making your eyes light up and making you especially intoxicated.

Whenever men realized that a woman had such behavior, they had to dote on her with their hearts to avoid missing out on true love.

At the end of the day, women like you mostly have these three expressions. Don't realize it later.]

What was worse was that Lu Yunxiao reposted this Weibo post and tagged her again. He even said—[It's too troublesome to guess, so do you like me or not?]

As soon as Lu Yunxiao posted on Weibo, he firmly reserved the number one position on the trending searches. Fans and onlookers began to comment and repost crazily. Jiang Youyi's Weibo fell again.

Jiang Youyi looked at the comments on the screen and her mind was about to explode. What hornet's nest had she stirred up?

Jiang Youyi was furious. She turned on WeChat and questioned the fellow who caused trouble.

Jiang Youyi: [What exactly do you want?]

Lu Yunxiao: [What are you talking about? I don't understand.]

Jiang Youyi: [Can you stop pretending?]

Lu Yunxiao: [I really don't know what you're talking about.]

Jiang Youyi: [I did agree to work with you, but this doesn't include you getting me up on the trending searches time and time again, okay? It's fine if you disturb me alone, but now, even my family is disturbed by your fanatic fans. You've already seriously affected my life, understand?]

Lu Yunxiao: [I'm just asking the question in my heart. Didn't you say that you liked me in front of everyone?]

Jiang Youyi: […So what? Don't you already know why?]

Lu Yunxiao: [But you're just saying it and haven't put it into practice. The relationship experts have already said that your behavior is called making empty promises. To put it more seriously, you're a scumbag.]

Jiang Youyi: [Are you addicted to playing? What exactly do you want?!]

Lu Yunxiao: [If you like me, take action.]

Jiang Youyi: [What do you want me to do? If not, I'll go to your office and kowtow to you. Is that okay?]

Lu Yunxiao: [If you want, that's fine too.]

Jiang Youyi: [Why didn't I realize that you were so shameless in the past? Aren't you afraid of shortening your lifespan if I kowtow to you?]

Lu Yunxiao: [Jiang Youyi, I want to eat the bento you sent over within an hour. I don't accept couriers or takeout delivery. You have to send it to my office personally. If it's time and the takeout doesn't arrive…]

Jiang Youyi: [Can you stop fooling around? Lu Yunxiao, get your secretary to go downstairs and buy whatever you want to eat! Can I reimburse you?!]

Lu Yunxiao: [If the takeaway doesn't arrive when the time comes, I'll continue to tag you on Weibo.]

Jiang Youyi: [F*ck, do your fans know how shameless you are?]

Lu Yunxiao: [I don't eat coriander, garlic, onions, ginger, or peppers. I hope that the bento will still be warm when you send it to me, because my stomach will hurt when I eat cold food.]

Jiang Youyi: [Do you need me to chew the rice and feed it to you?]

Lu Yunxiao: [Is this also part of our play? I can accept it.]

Jiang Youyi gritted her teeth on the other end of the phone. If not for the fact that they were too far away, she would have flown over and elbowed him. Were all the richest men so shameless? It seemed that his assets were accumulated by freeloading, right?

"Youyi, should we go to Myriad City first or your mall? If we go to your house, can we get a discount on everything we buy? Hahaha.

"Xiaohui… I'm afraid… I'm going to stand you up again." Jiang Youyi felt embarrassed when she said this.

"Ah? Did something happen?"

"I'm going to… send food to a dog," Jiang Youyi said through gritted teeth.

"When did you get a dog?" Zhong Xiaohui suddenly saw the conversation between Jiang Youyi and Lu Yunxiao on her cell phone. She quickly realized what was going on. "Are you really going to send food to Lu Yunxiao?"

"I have to go. Otherwise, he'll spout nonsense online again. I've been annoyed to death by those fans these few days." Jiang Youyi no longer wanted to experience the feeling of being surrounded and thrown eggs. Hence, the urgent matter now was to pacify the man who was always causing trouble.

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