I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

Chapter 4: What Were You Thinking When You Called Off The Wedding?

Chapter 4: What Were You Thinking When You Called Off The Wedding?

Jiang Youyi wandered around outside until night time before returning home reluctantly. As soon as she entered, she saw her parents sitting on the sofa waiting for her. Mr. Jiang's face was dark, and Mrs. Jiang's expression was not good either.

"You still have the cheek to come back? You ran away in front of so many people. You didn't answer your mother's calls or text messages. Do you know how much trouble you caused? Do you know how embarrassed we were in front of those people?" Jiang Yunfei couldn't suppress the anger in his heart anymore and questioned Jiang Youyi loudly.

The Jiang Family could be considered a reputable family in Ocean City. The couple had two daughters and a son. Over the years, they had conscientiously accumulated a lot of family assets. Now, the company under their name was fully managed by their eldest son, Jiang Nian. Jiang Nian was steady and modest. He had already started a family last year.

Her second daughter, Jiang Youtian, was an A-list actress in the country. She had a good figure and a beautiful face. She had countless suitors, but she didn't fancy anyone, so she was still single.

Their third child was Jiang Youyi. Probably because her brother and sister were too outstanding, she seemed a little ordinary. Outsiders only knew that she had gone overseas to study since she was young and only returned to the country at the age of 18. If she had not gotten together with Xu Yuning, everyone would have forgotten that the Jiang Family had a third daughter.

It was precisely because Xu Yuning pursued her relentlessly after falling in love with her at first sight five years ago that the name Jiang Youyi appeared in the upper-class circle of Ocean City. However, who would have thought that she would dump Xu Yuning at the wedding?

"Yunfei, don't scare Youyi. What if the child has something difficult to say? Let her sit down and explain to you slowly," Mrs. Jiang comforted gently.

In this house, even Mr. Wang, who was guarding the door, knew that Old Master Jiang favored his second daughter, Jiang Youtian. Her status as a female celebrity made him, as a father, very proud. Madam preferred Eldest Young Master Jiang Nian. After all, he had always been the one shouldering the company's matters for his parents.

Only Jiang Youyi, the youngest, had stayed overseas for 10 years. After returning, her status in the Jiang Family was awkward, and she was not close to her parents, brother and sister. However, she was their child no matter what. They could not ignore such a huge incident.

Jiang Youyi calmly took the slippers from the housekeeper and changed into them. Then, she walked to her parents and stood still. "Dad, Mom, arrange a place to meet the Xu Family. I'll explain it to everyone when the time comes."

"Do you regret it now? What else do you have to explain? Yuning won't forgive you no matter what you say after what you did. You acted impulsively, and now, you've made us and the Xu Family lose face in Ocean City! You're too insensible!" Jiang Yunfei was so angry that his hands trembled. He thought that his daughter regretted it.

"I don't need the Xu Family's forgiveness. I just want to make things clear so that his family won't spout nonsense and distort the truth."

"Are you worried that they will spout nonsense now? What were you thinking when you called off the engagement? Look at your brother and sister. Which one of them made us so worried?"

Jiang Youyi did not want to explain too much. She had already thought of a countermeasure. "Dad, Mom, I'll go upstairs to rest first. Tell me when you have an appointment with the Xu Family."

"Jiang Youyi, you're too insensible!" Mr. Jiang scolded loudly.

"Aiya, that's enough. Youyi is an adult. She must have her own plans for whatever she does. Since she wants to meet the Xu Family, make an appointment with their family. Won't we know what's going on then?" Mrs. Jiang noticed Jiang Youyi's tired gaze and didn't want her husband to keep criticizing the child.

"You're the one who spoils this child. Look at her now. Does she look like a proper person?"

"Jiang Yunfei, touch your conscience and tell me, who has spoiled Youyi? She went overseas to study when she was 10 years old. Don't you know how pitiful it is to not have her parents by her side? We already owe her a lot. Now that something has happened, can we as parents still criticize her like outsiders? Besides, perhaps there's just a misunderstanding between the two of them. After all, she has been with Yuning for five years. Perhaps the two of them will reconcile after the misunderstanding is resolved."

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang saw how well Xu Yuning had treated Jiang Youyi in the past five years. Until now, they still thought that Jiang Youyi broke off the engagement in a fit of anger because the two of them had just had a small and harmless conflict.

When Jiang Yunfei heard his wife's words, he calmed down a lot. He sighed and picked up his cell phone to contact the Xu Family. Speaking of which, the two families could be considered in-laws. After all, the two children were only missing the last ring exchange ceremony and marriage certificate before they were officially husband and wife.

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