Chapter 5: She's Not That Kind of Person

Jiang Youyi returned to her room. After washing up, she changed into plain white pajamas and got into bed. The first thing she did after getting into bed was to turn on her cell phone. In order to prevent Xu Yuning from calling, she had been on flight mode. Now, she only connected her cell phone to Wifi and logged into WeChat.

She clicked on WeChat and saw more than 100 messages. They were all from her relatives and friends. After all, everyone knew that she had broken off the engagement.

[Big Brother: Youyi, pick up the phone quickly. Dad and Mom have been looking for you like crazy. Can we talk at home?]

[Sister-in-law: Youyi, let's not get married if you don't want to. Your brother and I support your decision.]

[Second Sister: Jiang Youyi, I heard that you ran away from the marriage? You're quite bold. You'd better find a place to hide quickly. I think Dad won't be appeased unless he beats you up.]

[Good Friend, Xiaohui: Jiang Youyi?! Even if you want to escape from the wedding, you have to bring me along, right? I only went to the toilet when I heard that you broke off the engagement. You're too sudden!!!]

[Cousin, Chen Hao: Youyi, what's wrong? Are you really going to break up with Xu Yuning? Rumor has it that the Xu Family is angry and is thinking of ways to deal with you.]

Jiang Youyi looked at them one by one and chose to reply to her cousin first.

[Jiang Youyi: Cousin, who did you hear it from?]

Chen Hao replied almost instantly.

[Youyi, you've finally returned to WeChat. Where are you now? Are you alright?]

[Jiang Youyi: I'm going home. I'm fine.]

[Chen Hao: It's good that you're fine. You scared us to death. I heard from the people around me that Mr. Xu is furious and might expose your scandals to the media. He seems to want to cut off the business cooperation between the two families and ask the other partners not to have any more contact with your family.]

[Jiang Youyi: I understand. Thank you, Sister.]

[Chen Hao: Why are you still so polite to me? However, Youyi, I still have to advise you. The Xu Family is indeed an existence we can't afford to provoke in Ocean City. Moreover, I think Xu Yuning really likes you very much. Even if there's any misunderstanding between the two of you, can't you just talk it over? There's no need to break up. As for his parents, they probably won't make things difficult for you on account of their son.]

[Jiang Youyi: Sister, don't worry. I know what to do.]

Seeing that Jiang Youyi was determined, Chen Hao could not persuade her anymore. After all, marriage was ultimately her own business.

In Ocean City, in a Chinese Jiangnan-style courtyard, Xu Yuning sat alone in the empty living room and smoked silently. His other hand was still fiddling with his cell phone. He called hundreds of times, but he only received a cold mechanical female voice every time. He did not know if Jiang Youyi had blacklisted his number or turned off her cell phone.

She had long blacklisted his WeChat account and he could not send a single message to her.

"Jiang Youyi, how dare she! Why doesn't she take a look at their Jiang Family's status? If my son hadn't fallen for her blind, their family wouldn't even be worthy of carrying our Xu Family's shoes!" Mrs. Xu scolded at the top of her lungs.

The Xu Family had been glorious in Ocean City for more than 100 years. They had been running their business well since Xu Yuning's great-grandfather's generation. Hence, there were many big families who wanted to marry their daughters into their family. As parents, they did not expect their son to be blind enough to take a fancy to the ordinary third daughter of the Jiang Family. This marriage was originally out of her reach. If their son had not threatened them with his life back then, they would not have allowed him to marry such a woman from a small family no matter what.

Now, this woman actually dared to break off the engagement in front of so many influential people in Ocean City. She completely reduced their Xu Family to a gossip topic and joke of the other aristocratic families!

"Yuning, what exactly happened between the two of you?" Mr. Xu had been in the business world for many years after all, so he was much calmer than Mrs. Xu.

Xu Yuning shook his head, his heart still in a mess.

"Brother, say something! How did you make Sister Youyi unhappy? Is there a misunderstanding between the two of you? She's already determined not to see you. Why don't I look for her? I'll help you coax her," Xu Yuning's sister, Xu Pingping, advised softly.

Before Xu Yuning could speak, Mrs. Xu had already started to fly into a rage. "No one is allowed to look for that woman! Don't you think that things have not turned ugly enough? Isn't it enough that your brother has been that little b*tch's bootlicker for five years? Why are you talking like this now? How did I give birth to such a pair of useless children like you?!"

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