Chapter 6: So You're Here To Get Food?

"Mom, calm down first. I've known Sister Youyi for five years. She's not that kind of person. There must be a misunderstanding here." Xu Pingping's words made Xu Yuning fall into deep thought. He felt that as a boyfriend, he had been obedient to Jiang Youyi for the past five years. He could even be said to have indulged her unconditionally. However, he could not understand why Jiang Youyi was so determined to break up with him.

"The two of you have been played around by that little b*tch Jiang Youyi! From the moment I saw her, I felt that she was not easy to deal with. Other than being good-looking, what other advantages does that little b*tch have? We can't let this matter go no matter what. The betrothal gift to their family must be returned in full. In addition, we have to make the Jiang Family apologize in public and let them compensate our family for the damage to our reputation! They asked for it!" Mrs. Xu couldn't take it lying down no matter what. She was determined to fall out with the Jiang Family now.

Actually, she had never liked Jiang Youyi, but her good-for-nothing son liked her very much. Perhaps mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were natural enemies. She was furious when she saw her son asking about that woman's well-being. Now that this marriage was ruined, it suited her wishes.

At this moment, Mr. Xu's cell phone rang. He picked it up and said a few words. After hanging up, Mr. Xu looked around at the people in the house. "It's Jiang Yunfei. Jiang Youyi just came home."

Hearing Jiang Youyi's news, Xu Yuning, who was originally dejected, stood up from the sofa and walked out.

"Come back here!" Mr. Xu's gaze was sharp.

"Dad, I have to ask her why, right?"

"Her father has already arranged to meet me at the Rose Garden at 12 noon tomorrow. You'll know why then. You're not allowed to go tonight." The Rose Garden was a private business club under the Xu Family. It was luxuriously decorated and was popular among the big shots.

Xu Yuning hesitated for more than 10 seconds when he heard this news. He looked up. "That meeting is yours. I have to see her tonight." With that, he turned around and left, ignoring the expressions of his parents.

"Xu Yuning! If you dare to walk out of this door today, I'll pretend that I don't have a son like you in the future!" Mrs. Xu shouted angrily from behind. However, Xu Yuning only paused slightly when he heard that. In the end, he still walked out of the villa resolutely.

On Ocean City's southern fourth ring district, in the villa area of Book Fragrance Park. Xu Yuning parked the car by the roadside and rushed into the Jiang Family villa. "Third Missy, Young Master Yuning is here to look for you. Old Master said that you must meet him today. He also said that running away is not a solution. You have to face what you want to do yourself bravely." The housekeeper, Sister Fang, knocked on the door softly.

Jiang Youyi sat in front of her dressing table and applied face cream. The person in the mirror had a flawless and exquisite face, but her eyes were slightly cold.

It was so quiet that no one seemed to be in the room. Just as Sister Fang was about to knock on the door again, she heard Jiang Youyi's calm voice. "Let him come up."

Xu Yuning was in a hurry to see her. He even forgot to wear his coat and only wore a thin short-sleeved shirt. Actually, no matter how one looked at it, Xu Yuning could be considered a proud young master. There had been countless women wooing him since he was young. In high school, there were even girls who resolutely gave up the opportunity to study abroad in order to get into the same university as him. However, after so many years, no woman could make him submit to her like Jiang Youyi.

He was actually a little nervous when he walked to Jiang Youyi's room. Although he had been wooing Jiang Youyi for more than four years, the two of them had only been together for a short year. He rarely had the chance to come to Jiang Youyi's house, let alone her room.

He stood at the door and knocked lightly. After getting her permission, he pushed the door open and entered. The moment he entered, he saw Jiang Youyi sitting in front of the dressing table in her pajamas, applying face cream. Even without makeup, it was enough to make Xu Yuning's eyes light up.

"Youyi." He couldn't explain why he wasn't angry at all.

Jiang Youyi looked up at him but did not say anything.

"Youyi, you can tell me what I did wrong or made you unhappy. I'll change. I've been looking for you for the entire day today, but I haven't eaten a bite until now."

"Oh, so you're here to ask for food?" Jiang Youyi's tone was cold and sarcastic, without any guilt.

Although Xu Yuning did not understand why she was so harsh, his inexplicable sixth sense told him that if he did not lower his head and coax her this time, it would probably be impossible for the two of them in the future. He hid his unhappiness and strode to Jiang Youyi. He squatted down and wanted to hold her hand.

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