I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 124 - Chapter 124: Chapter 123: Yujing Taixu Order (4/5)

Chapter 124: Chapter 123: Yujing Taixu Order (4/5)

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This time, Han Yi was more prepared for death, he didn’t even feel any pain because it came so swiftly.

And also.

In his heart, he had a new understanding of the death in the Cave Heaven world. It was the resurrection of a player’s role.

He opened his eyes, not checking his own situation, but looking at the floating Facing Reality Imprint, and his face lit up with joy.

Last time he got the fragment of Taixu Order, the Facing Reality Imprint, had become a fixed red color, but at this moment, it had returned to a light ball of changing colors, and next to this light ball, another light ball about half its size was floating.

This light ball, apart from the size, had the same shape as the neighboring Facing Reality Imprint.

“Sure enough, there are two Facing Reality Imprints.”

“To be exact, one is the Facing Reality Imprint, the other is the Origin Qi, but the essence of both is the same.”

Han Yi pulled out another spare empty storage bag from his storage bag, thought for a bit, and put seven wind demon daggers, Shadow Bearing Sword, Spiritual Talisman, and some spirit stones into it.

Then with a thought, the extra small light ball floated towards him, and then landed on the specially prepared storage bag, the light ball disappeared.

The next moment, Han Yi raised his head, the original Facing Reality Imprint instantly transformed into a Taixu body, his divine soul transferred, the Taixu body took over the storage bag, hung it around his waist, and stepped into the light door.

In a blink of an eye, he was in another place, and after making sure of his surroundings, Han Yi lowered his guard. This time he also came to the Chi Mang Tribe, but not the same location as before, only about a kilometer off.

Han Yi didn’t rush to go find his way, instead, he looked at the storage bag at his waist, with a move of his divine consciousness, a black long sword fell into his hand.

Shadow Bearing Sword.


Six daggers appeared one after another, fell around him, floating in the air, like stars guarding the moon, they were guarding Han Yi’s side.

Han Yi’s face lit up with joy.

These two magical objects finally came in with him. With this, his strength was at least restored to ninety percent, he just lacked the top-grade magical tool, the Golden Light Shuttle, which was a bit regrettable.

And after advancing from the seventh level of Qi Cultivation to the eighth level, Han Yi can control six Wind Demon daggers at the same time, up from the original four. Han Yi brought the seventh dagger in for an emergency.

“In this case, even if 1 run into a legendary Qi Cultivator again, 1 can give it a shot.”

Han Yi had a measure in his heart. Each of the legendary cultivators was crowned a legend because each had their own path, holding their own will and belief, even capable of running face to face with the common Foundation Establishment stage.

At this moment.

An obscure voice sounded directly deep in his divine soul.

“The Yujing Order fell in Emperor Demon City!”

Ten words, each as if enough to collapse Han Yi’s divine soul under their weight. After the words, he suddenly stood up, his body trembling. It was only a moment later that he completely recovered.

“The Yujing Order?”

“Fell into Emperor Demon City?”

“What’s the difference between Taixu Order and Yujing Order?”

“This Emperor Demon City, judging by the name, should be a city built by Emperor Demon, the strongest of the twelve branches of the demon clan.”

Previously, Zuo Lie had told him that among the four different races in this world, the demon clan had twelve branches.

Emperor Demon, Blood Demon, Fire Demon, Black Demon, Evil Demon, Giant Demon, Yin Demon, Water Demon, Earth Demon, Golden Demon, Wind Demon, Rock Demon.

Among them, the other eleven branches respect Emperor Demon as the main stem.

The next moment, a figure stepped out of the void and appeared here, his face excited, he rushed towards the stone house where the shaman was.

On the other side of the Chi Mang Tribe, a ferocious voice suddenly erupted.

“Yujing Taixu Order, Yujing Taixu Order, ah, it has not appeared for so many years. This time, 1 am determined to snatch the fragments of the Taixu Order and forge a First-Class Immortal Foundation.”

This voice was majestic and vast, causing the void to vibrate continuously. Han Yi was also taken aback.

“Who is this legendary Qi Cultivator? During the time at the ancestral temple of the Black Demon Clan, 1 didn’t see this person among the sixteen legendary cultivators.”

Han Yi also detected a remark in the voice that just roared ‘Yujing Taixu Order’ wasn’t ordinary. The fact that it was crowned with the words ‘Yujing’ indicated its special quality because, after all, this Cave Heaven world was owned by the holy land of Yujing Mountain.

Han Yi put away his Wind Demon Dagger, carried the Shadow Bearing Sword on his back, and quickly rushed towards the stone house of the witch.

A moment later.

In front of the witch’s stone house, a large crowd gathered, dark and dense.

Han Yi saw Zuo Lie on the periphery, and quickly approached him. When Zuo Lie saw Han Yi, his eyes were filled with excitement.

“Daoist Han, it’s a rare opportunity, a once in a millennium opportunity.”

“The Yujing Taixu Order! This is the Yujing Taixu Order! An opportunity that comes once every few hundred years. The last time the Yujing Taixu Order appeared, according to the ancient books in the tower, was three hundred years ago. If 1 can obtain a small fragment, with my level of comprehension, I will reach an unprecedented height.”

“We must fight for it. We must fight for it.”

As a peak Qi cultivator, his current excitement was making him seem less like a composed and calm cultivator, which caught Han Yi off-guard.

He also had such times of excitement. When he first learned that the Blood Bone Spirit Flower could enhance his talent, he was pacing back and forth in his room, unable to sit still.

Han Yi understood this feeling, and at this moment, he was even more curious about the so-called ‘Yujing Taixu Order’.

Zuo Lie took a few deep breaths and finally managed to completely calm down.

With Zuo Lie’s explanation, Han Yi finally understood what the Yujing Taixu Order was.

It was essentially a type of Taixu Order. However, this special Taixu Order only appeared once every few hundred years, and every time it appeared, it would cause a frenzy among all those who have come.

The Yujing Taixu Order, every time it appears, nine pieces emerge together.

Unlike other Taixu Orders, the Yujing Taixu Order does not shatter. It is the most robust material in this Cave Heaven world.

Moreover, although the Yujing Taixu Order can also be traded with the witch, no one would waste it because, once the Yujing Taixu Order is brought to the external world, it can be handed over to the sacred place of Yujing Mountain in exchange for an opportunity, an opportunity to establish a First-Class Immortal Foundation.

“A First-Class Immortal Foundation?” Han Yi’s inner heart trembled fiercely.

When a Qi Cultivation Stage cultivator advances to the Foundation Establishment stage, they initiate the Immortal Path Foundation Building. The quality of the Immortal Foundation established will greatly affect the later cultivation, even to the point that most Nascent Soul Stage cultivators establish a First-Class Immortal Foundation when building the Immortal Path Foundation.

Han Yi hadn’t expected that the Taixu Order this time would be so special, indeed beyond his expectations.

However, he was not as excited as others.

To him, it was still too early to consider the Immortal Path Foundation Building, and even if he got the Yujing Taixu Order, it would be impossible for him to bring it out to Yujing Mountain to exchange for an opportunity to build a First-Class Immortal Foundation.

You should know that he is currently at the eighth level of Qi Cultivation. Even if his speed increases, it is impossible to advance to the Foundation Establishment stage without ten years. And if he owns the opportunity to establish a First-Class Immortal Foundation and the news leaks out, then the Blood God Sect, which is hostile to Xuandan Sect, will absolutely dispatch stronger cultivators to eradicate him.

Even if he hides in the Xuandan Sect, he can’t ensure his safety.

Moreover, it might not only be the Blood God Sect, but other sects in Shu State or Qianzhou might coerce him to give up this opportunity when the time comes, and Xuandan Sect might also not be able to withstand the pressure.

Why put oneself in the hot seat unnecessarily?

Han Yi’s thought was simple, whether it was the Yujing Taixu Order or ordinary Taixu Order. If he gets it, he will immediately find the witch of the original tribe and exchange for spiritual items that can improve talent, further strengthening his aptitude, and narrowing the gap with those talented cultivators.

His strength is not bad, but it’s not enough yet. He should still keep a low profile..

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